Prepping for Your Saturn Return in Pisces

A Brief Background about Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is peregrine (in a foreign place) in Pisces, so it will depend on its rulers Jupiter and Venus for support. However, Saturn gains dignity by face in the first 10 degrees of Pisces and by term in the sign’s last 3 degrees. While Saturn may not have a major essential dignity in the sign, there is an affinity with Pisces as they share the quality of cold, thus Saturn is relatively comfortable in this sign. In mundane astrology, Saturn’s transit in Pisces could bring a lot of cold and moisture.

Who will have their first Saturn return in Pisces?

If you were born from May 21, 1993, to June 30, 1993, and January 28, 1994, to April 7, 1996, then you are having your first Saturn return. For beginners, Saturn return is the astrological transit, where Saturn returns to its original position at birth. However, Saturn’s return starts upon its entry into the sign. It will get intense as it transits the exact natal degree and will wane as it is about to leave the sign. Most people experiencing it consider Saturn returns as the coming of age and is a challenging time where things are changing and will never be the same. To read more about why Saturn’s return is challenging, please click here.

People born with Saturn in Pisces will start their Saturn return on March 7, 2023. There will be a short breather as it will enter Aries on May 25, 2025. However, Saturn’s return resumes once it will re-enter Pisces on September 1, 2025, and finally leaves the sign on February 13, 2026.

  • Pisces Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: This is a Saturn return in the Ascendant, so this could involve the body and mind. Since Saturn also rules the Eleventh House and Twelfth House, the effects will also be on the natives’ social life, hopes, and aspirations, but could also augur endings, losses, and secret enemies. Natives could experience fatigue and sudden loneliness. Depending on the lifestyle, the transit could portend health problems resulting in the need for confinement and/or retreat. There could be delays to what the natives strive for and the natives may take on heavy responsibilities. Friendships come and go during this time and may create hidden enemies. Feeling alienated or excluded from groups is not uncommon and secret enemies are at work, especially if Saturn in Pisces is in a superior square to one’s natal Jupiter or natal Jupiter opposes Saturn. Jupiter, in a superior aspect to Saturn, augurs overcoming challenging circumstances.
  • Aries Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Saturn could bring losses and sorrows to Eleventh House matters such as the natives’ social standing, hopes, and dreams; and Tenth House affairs, which are the career and reputation. If Mars is in a superior position to Saturn, there’s the opportunity to be in a position of power, but the test comes in yielding it properly. Those with Saturn in a superior position to Mars augur pressure and challenges from authority figures. Natal Mars, in opposition to Saturn’s return in Pisces, augurs power struggles with authority figures. As a result, social circles and relationship dynamics between the native and friends or colleagues change, which may help or harm the native.
  • Taurus Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: The effects of this Saturn return mainly are for Tenth House matters and Ninth House affairs as dictated by the influence of the significations of the Eleventh House. Career change and job opportunities abroad are a possibility with the help of friends or social connections. Natives may as well encounter challenges and delays for such because of the people they surround themselves with. If Venus is in a superior position to Saturn, there are opportunities and challenges pertaining to leadership and expanding the social network. Natives will probably play a mentorship or leadership role in a group or in the community. Saturn, in a superior position to Venus, portends pressure and challenges from authority figures and the social circle. Natives may also seek a mentor for guidance from friends. Venus opposing Saturn in Pisces portends a dilemma between career, studies, friendships, and love life. Natives may reflect on what could be their life’s purpose. There will be challenges in one’s spiritual beliefs and this could cause a change in the people they associate with.
  • Gemini Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Saturn brings challenges, delays, and improvement opportunities in Tenth House matters (career and reputation), in relation to Eighth House and Ninth House affairs. Natives may ponder and decide to pursue higher education to get a better chance of promotion and/or take advantage of better career opportunities. Perhaps natives could migrate for better opportunities. With the Eighth House affairs, natives may engage in foreign exchange trading or follow a career in finance. However, with the Eighth House signifying debts, the native must carefully consider where they put their money at. The consequence of such could affect their reputation. Natives should take extra precautions when traveling abroad with Saturn ruling the Eighth House. Mercury, in a superior position to Saturn, may bring about profit, especially if Saturn receives Mercury. Liabilities if Saturn is superior to Mercury. Mercury opposing Saturn may bring about hard losses.
  • Cancer Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: This is mainly a Ninth House Saturn return, but will also influence Seventh House and Eighth House matters. Saturn puts challenges and delays on foreign/long journeys and higher education. It could also augur a spiritual crisis that may cause the interest in occult matters. Natives that are into long-distance relationships could experience coldness and strains. Legal disputes related to financial matters may arise if natives aren’t careful. I discourage in the meantime business partnerships or any forms of partnerships regarding financial matters. The natal Moon, in a superior aspect to Saturn, shows the native can oversee and control the situation. Saturn, in a superior position, shows the partner controls the dynamics of the partnership. Natal Moon, opposite the transiting Saturn return, portends potential money-related lawsuits and/or danger overseas.
  • Leo Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Saturn could run into financial problems caused by work, an illness, or issues in partnerships and relationships. If the Sun is in a superior position to Saturn, and with Saturn receiving, it will probably result in a productive partnership and protection from illnesses. If there are losses, they could be minimized or averted. Saturn, in a superior position to the Sun or Saturn opposing the natal Sun, augurs the listed challenges and dangers.
  • Virgo Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: This Saturn return is mainly about the Seventh House but will also affect Fifth House and Sixth matters. There could be strains and challenges in the natives’ partnerships and relationships. Disputes with colleagues and co-workers are a possibility. Natives may be prone to illnesses, so they have to take preventive measures, especially since Saturn is the sign of Mercury’s detriment and fall. Since it will also influence Fifth House affairs, romance and sex might turn cold and unsatisfying. Responsibilities and challenges involving children are a possibility. There is protection from illnesses or promises of recovery if Mercury is in a superior position to Saturn, especially with reception. Saturn, in a superior position or Saturn opposing, augurs health-related concerns and a multitude of disputes.
  • Libra Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Sixth House matters are the focus of this Saturn return but also augur changes in Fourth House and Fifth House matters. Responsibilities at home and work, but also concerns about health, could dampen the fun, romance, and sex life. Responsibilities involving children are a possibility. If Venus is in a superior position to Saturn, natives will probably manage the responsibilities at home, work, and having fun. Natives feel fraught and have to choose and prioritize, which is important with Saturn in a superior position to Venus or Venus opposing Saturn.
  • Scorpio Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: The spotlight is on Fifth House affairs but will also augur changes pertaining to Third House and Fourth matters. Romance and sex could turn cold. Perhaps there could be challenges related to children and/or child-bearing/child-birth. It is a challenging period for speculative activities. Issues related to the Fourth House, such as the land, parents, and home, may arise. For those who are having their Second or Third Saturn return, there could be disputes between the native’s children in relation to real estate property inheritance. One may have to shoulder family problems. Since this Saturn return also has rulership over the Third House of siblings and relatives, disputes regarding properties may cause a strain in the relationship. Mars is in a superior position to Saturn, with Saturn receiving offers strength in handling and carrying the load. Saturn in a superior position to Mars or Mars opposing Saturn may bring about a long-term dispute.
  • Sagittarius Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Saturn’s return could bring at the fore Fourth House matters but also Second House and Third House affairs. In the Fourth House, Saturn augurs concerns related to real estate and domestic affairs. This also affects affairs related to the Second House of personal wealth and portends money issues with siblings or relatives. Jupiter, in a superior position to Saturn, especially with reception, makes compromise easier. With Saturn in a superior position to Jupiter or Jupiter opposing Saturn, both parties are resolute and this may lead to a long-term strain in the relationship.
  • Capricorn Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: Blocks/challenges in communication and concerns in transportation will be on the fore with Saturn’s return to the Third House. There could also be a relationship strain between the natives and the siblings and relatives, and this could arise from disputes regarding the finances. Since it also rules the First House, body, mental state, and health are also the concerns. Jupiter and Venus rule Saturn and their aspect to your natal Saturn could ease the challenging circumstances.
  • Aquarius Ascendant with natal Saturn in Pisces: The focus of this Saturn’s return is on the natives’ finances and/or movable assets. It is likely that there could be some financial strains that limit growth. Perhaps there could be delays in what one aspires for financially. Natives may need to work extra hard to get to a place where they want. Since Saturn rules the Ascendant and the Twelfth House, there could be unexpected expenses or financial losses because of health issues. The aspect of Jupiter and Venus could ease the difficulty.

Second and Third Saturn Return

People born from March 23, 1964, to September 16, 1964, and from December 16, 1964, to March 3, 1967, will have their second Saturn return. This Saturn return signifies the transition from adulthood to old age. While those people born from February 14, 1935, to April 25, 1937, and October 17, 1937, to January 14, 1938, will have their third Saturn return. Third Saturn returns remind us of the transience of life and the last chance to correct our wrongs before we pass to a higher state of being.


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