Hi everyone! I’m EJ and an astrology enthusiast for a long time. I’ve been studying Astrology for 14 years now, and the interest started from the simple Sun sign bookmark I’ve bought.

Like many Capricorns, I’m skeptical of things predicting the future. However, this skepticism was my motivation to continue learning this art, and I believe science. This blog will show my interest and journey in Astrology and other esoteric sciences.

I’m a Registered Nurse by profession but left the field a long time ago. I’m currently taking up my Master’s in Business Administration. My field of interest is Traditional Astrology in particular Mundane, Horary, and Elective. I have a growing interest in Hellenistic, Medical, and Financial Astrology.

I hope you enjoy what I read and share on my blog. May all of us have the best days ahead!

Yours truly,
EJ the Astrology Junkie

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