The Defining Moment that is 2020: A Look into the Astrology of the New Decade Part 1

Waves of creativity and innovation define the decade of 2010 to 2019. The people have challenged the status quo, as information has been accessible and easily disseminated through social media. There were significant milestones as research advanced the development in science and technology. Not only the future is taking shape in this period, but also... Continue Reading →

A Potent Saturn Return in Capricorn and the Year 2020

For those of us born on February 13, 1988, to February 6, 1991, we are currently under a transit called Saturn return in Capricorn. In Capricorn, Saturn has an essential dignity by being in its domicile. Saturn will still be in its domicile and triplicity in Aquarius by December 2020, so it’s a long powerful five to... Continue Reading →

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