Natal Astrology Series: Mercury In Your Birth Chart

Mercury plays a critical role in nativities as it is the significator of the native's mind, along with the Moon. The planet naturally signifies the rational part of the mind and communication. He also has rulership over trade and commerce, so Mercury's condition and placement could show talent in business and finance. As the significator... Continue Reading →

Natal Astrology Series: Venus In Your Birth Chart

Honored as the bestower of abundance and fertility but also the harbinger of carnage and destruction, cultures venerate Venus as either the deity of love and/or war. While Venus as a deity is polarizing on its attributes, in astrology, the ancients describe this planet as naturally benevolent. Traditional astrology describes it as the lesser fortune... Continue Reading →

Catriona Gray, the Capricorn Miss Universe

Here in the Philippines, beauty pageants are popular. Personally, I have been following beauty pageants, in particular, Miss Universe since 2010. Although there's a lot of debate on the relevance of beauty contests, what's interesting are the ladies that aspire to become beauty queens and what made them win. Ever since, after the top 5... Continue Reading →

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