A Medical Horary: What precipitated the hypertensive crisis?

The querent messaged me about a medical emergency involving a hypertensive crisis. He relayed that his blood pressure shot up to 190 as the systolic pressure (did not mention the diastolic pressure) and asked on where his health regimen went wrong. The client has a history of high blood pressure brought about by metabolic syndrome.... Continue Reading →

Gazing At The Crimson Yonder Mundane Astrology Series—The 2023 Forecasts/Predictions for the World, the USA, and the Philippines Part 1

The storms and the tremors emanating from the previous years continue to pummel, but with the upcoming year, it will be with immense and pulsating intensity. That force will blow off the proverbial lid of the long-simmering cauldron. For the unaware, this explosion is the flash point and will be in for a perplexing shock.... Continue Reading →

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