A Medical and Mundane Astrology Analysis of COVID-19

As a Registered Nurse, the astrology of diseases has always fascinated me. Medieval doctors who are trained astrologers approach diseases as an imbalance of the humors. Without the help of modern diagnostic tools, doctors look up to the stars for guidance. They cast a chart upon receiving the urine (yes, you've read that right, urine!).... Continue Reading →

The Defining Moment that is 2020: A Look into the Astrology of the New Decade Part 3

Welcome readers to the last part of the three-part series! In part two, I detailed the probable implications of the Aries and Cancer Ingress. In the Philippines, the ingresses' ascendants fall in cardinal signs that's why there is a need to cast another chart for the Libra Ingress. In this article, I will delineate the... Continue Reading →

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