An Examination Horary: Will I pass the Diplomate in Anesthesiology Oral Revalida?

The querent asked me about passing her upcoming anesthesiology diplomat oral examination. It is noteworthy that two charts were cast for the same querent and the same question in a space of 5 months. She asked the second question days before her examination. The Chart Cast in August 2021 Considerations The Ascendant and its ruler.The... Continue Reading →

An E-Sports Horary: The Attempt to Interpret Tiered Competition Question Charts

The question is about a tournament in Axie (a token-crypto-based online gaming platform). In this game, the players breed and raise monsters/pets for battle. This is a tiered competition, where winners will advance to the next tier or cut until a sole winner emerges. There were two charts cast as the querent and I agreed... Continue Reading →

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