The Metonic Return of 9/11 – Part III

Emersion: A Blog from Occursion Media on Somewhat Interesting Hidden and Cryptic Astrological Histories

If you have read Parts I and II, you are now ready to digest the most brazen part of the 9/11 fraud: Building 7.

I find it interesting that, all these years later, most folks I talk to don’t know about the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11. “There was a third building that collapsed, really? I never knew that!” But, this is excusable when we realize that Oprah never did a show about it.

If you require a primer on the this building, formally known as “7 World Trade Center,” here it is.

Briefly, Building 7 is the only skyscraper in the history of the universe to collapse due to some minor interior fires and some minor cosmetic damage to its exterior. Its collapse has been the subject of much controversy, and perhaps a central proof of the fraud that is 9/11, according to just about every…

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A Brief Introduction to (some) Vatican Astrology – Part III

Emersion: A Blog from Occursion Media on Somewhat Interesting Hidden and Cryptic Astrological Histories

In the last two installments of “(some) Vatican Astrology,” I posted the charts for two major Papal dicta on the Society of Jesus, also called the Jesuits.

I stated that there might have been some kind of “elective” astrology involved, as the two charts have certain astrological elements that would point to such astro-planning, centered on the two great chronocrators – Jupiter and Saturn.

A third chart for the Jesuits is the date of the Ascendente Domino, on May 24, 1584.  This is the final Papal Bull concerning the Jesuits before the Society was suppressed in 1773.

The Bull reaffirms the original mission of the Society, and offers some clarification on minor issues:

Ascendente Domino, a Bull issued by Gregory XIII, May 24, 1584, in favor of the Society of Jesus, to confirm the Constitution of the Society and the privileges already granted to it by Paul III, Julius…

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The World Shaking! Mundane Astrology Series – The 2021 Forecasts/Predictions for the World, USA and The Philippines Part 1

2020 was the defining moment that catalyzed humanity's potential soul evolution. Like every stage of change, the unfreezing is chaotic as it pushes everyone outside of the comfort zone and unleashes traits dormant in each person during normalcy. As we officially start the 2020s decade, the events unfolding will shake everyone to the core. In... Continue Reading →

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