Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Cancer

Cancer is the last sign we will interpret in this series. The serial will discuss the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Cancer. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst and Astroseek.

The Sun transits the sign of Cancer from June 21 to July 22, but the exact start and end depends on the year. Please note that because of the precession of the equinoxes, your zodiac sign is not the same as the constellation the ancients name them after.

Here, the Sun is in the domicile of the Moon and the exaltation of Jupiter. The planet of the self is also in a mute, phlegmatic (cold and moist), and fruitful sign. Cancer in a mute sign portends the native’s quietness and/or secretiveness. The qualities of Cancer and of its rulers show an abundance of cold and moisture, viz. Cancer is a cold and moist sign; the Moon is cold and moist; Jupiter is hot and moist. The abundance of such suggests the native’s phlegmatic personality. However, their temperament also portends the need for security and to establish strong personal boundaries. Likewise, the natives also need to learn to respect the boundaries of others. While the Sun does not suffer essential debilities, it is in a sign contrary to its nature, viz. The Sun is hot and dry with Cancer in a cold and wet sign. From this aspect and also because of the cyclical nature of the Moon, we see the natives’ predisposition to moodiness and fickleness. It is also worth mentioning Jupiter co-rules the Sun with it as the exaltation ruler of Cancer. From this planet and with Cancer, a fruitful sign, we attribute the natives’ intuitive, merciful, compassionate, and hospitable nature.

In Cancer, the Sun is peregrine, or it does not have an essential dignity, so we have to look into its ruler, the Moon, to interpret how the Sun expresses itself. Below is a list of the Sun in Cancer—Moon in X sign combinations.

  1. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Cancer: A nurturing personality. Natives born with this placement are Cancerians inside and out with the Moon powerful in her own domicile. These natives are naturally intuitive, hospitable, and helpful. However, these natives can also be clingy, sensitive, and moody. Natives’ emotional security comes from a powerful desire to belong in a loving, comfortable, and peaceful home and relationship. Those born at night will have the aforementioned traits pronounced.
  2. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Leo: Leading by nurturing. The Sun and Moon exchange signs, and this is called “Generosity” in traditional astrology. Unlike the mutual reception, generosity does not have any applying aspect. The family dynamics, as experienced by the native, are the core of their being and a source of security. Therefore, these natives may be close or distant from their families and this will strongly influence their personalities. People of this placement like to lead, nurture, and entertain. However, these people can be moody, clingy, and need constant reassurance. Natives are prone to drama and petulance.
  3. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Virgo: The precise nurse. Effectiveness and efficiency are the foundations of the native’s emotional security. These Cancerians are precise, organized, detail-oriented, communicative, and practical, but are rational and the onlookers could perceive them as cold and exacting because Mercury is the domicile and exaltation ruler of the Moon and with Virgo as a social and rational sign but also cold, dry, and barren. Those born during the day will have the aforementioned traits pronounced. While nocturnal births will have the intuition and emotion guiding the natives’ judgment. They are also more sensitive and compassionate than their diurnal counterparts.
  4. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Libra: The win-win diplomat. Harmony and peace are the sources of the natives’ emotional security, with Venus and Saturn ruling the Moon. Venus’ rulership over the Moon makes natives romantic. In this sanguine, social, human, and rational sign, they could be idealistic and effervescent. From the Moon’s nature and the qualities of Libra and Venus, these natives not only would like to see themselves happy and content but also the other party. However, the Sun suffers its fall in Libra, and with Saturn as the Moon’s co-ruler, there is often a challenge to this win-win ideal. Natives learned and/or have to learn to get what they want, they have to compromise or fight for what is truly theirs. With Venus as the ruler of the Moon, people born under this Sun-Moon combination are excellent hosts, diplomats, and entertainers. Those born during the day will have the decisiveness pronounced. An iron fist under the velvet glove, perhaps. The aforementioned traits are apparent in those born at night.
  5. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Scorpio: An intensive care bear. The Moon has an affinity over the sign by the element, with Scorpio, also a cold and moist sign. In this mute sign, the natives could be secretive. Perhaps they are immensely private about what they perceive as essential. Since the Moon falls in Scorpio and in the sign ruled by Mars (the planet of instability and disputes), natives with this placement will have their emotions and intuition on overdrive. These folks could be prone to overthinking and they need more reassurance and validation than any Sun in Cancer – Moon sign combination. Security comes from the feeling that someone will always be with them and everything will be all right. These people could be possessive and jealous, and they will fight to the death to protect the people they love and what is theirs. These natives are intense, focused, ambitious, hardworking, and persistent. Those born during the day are more liable to their passions, with Mars as the sect malefic. The natives of nocturnal births will have a calmer and pronounced empathetic disposition but are prone to moodiness.
  6. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Sagittarius: Empathetic philosopher. There is a familiarity between the Moon and Sagittarius because Jupiter, the domicile ruler of Sagittarius, is also the exaltation ruler of Cancer, the Moon’s domicile. However, the contra-antiscia (hidden opposition) relationship and the difference in the temperament, viz. Sagittarius is hot and dry while the Moon is cold and moist, which could endow interesting characteristics for the natives. Freedom and independence are the native’s source of emotional security. While these natives still find their joy in the comfort of their home and family, they also have a powerful desire to explore, travel, teach, and learn. Natives are intelligent, highly intuitive, and empathetic, but they are blunt and don’t beat around the bush, especially for the things they strongly believe in.
  7. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Capricorn: The dutiful caretaker. Capricorn is the Moon’s sign of detriment, so the Moon will express its signification according to the characteristics of Capricorn and its rulers, Saturn and Mars. The combination could manifest as natives having a troubled childhood where they learned early in life to take care of themselves. Perhaps they could have assumed responsibilities early, e.g. They may have looked after their siblings as both parents are working or they may have to raise their siblings. While this could be a challenging placement, Saturn and Mars ruling the Moon make natives resilient, realistic, serious, dutiful, and assertive, but astute in expressing their emotions. These natives are truly empathetic as they themselves have experienced the challenging plight of others. However, the onlookers could perceive them as cold and unfeeling. The essential debility of the Moon and the excessive coldness we attribute to Capricorn, Cancer, the Moon, and Saturn predisposes natives to feelings of alienation and loneliness. It is noteworthy the Moon opposes the Sun; from this, the natives could also experience a dilemma between duty and mercy.
  8. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Aquarius: The misunderstood humanitarian. The natives appear mysterious and secretive with the Moon in aversion to the Sun. Perhaps, to the onlookers, the natives are quirky or awkward. Aquarius as a social, vocal, and rational sign enhances and balances the Sun in Cancer’s sensitive but merciful and compassionate nature. With Saturn, as its ruler, these natives possess remarkable detachment and impartiality. Similar to those with the Moon in Capricorn, depression could be a problem with Saturn’s rulership over the Moon.
  9. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Pisces: A compassionate personality. The Moon once more is in a sign it has an affinity with, as Pisces is also a cold and moist sign. Unlike in Scorpio, the Moon is in a better place, with the benevolent planets ruling the sign and the Moon not suffering essential debilities. Natives, with this placement, are likely to be good-natured, intuitive, and empathetic. In a mute sign, they are secretive or could prefer a quiet environment. Jupiter’s rulership over the Moon endows a powerful desire to help, explore, travel, teach, and learn. The inclination towards the spirituality of the natives is remarkable. Venus’ influence augurs natives that are hospitable and talented in the visual arts, music, and theater. However, the combination could make natives gullible. The reality for these natives could be hard to swallow.
  10. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Aries: The Patriot. Essential dignities-wise, there is a mutual reception by exaltation and rulership with the Sun in the domicile of the Moon and the Moon in the exaltation of the Sun. The Moon in the exaltation of the Sun and the rulership of Mars portends an assertive or aggressive character. Aries, as one of the bestial signs, could augur a potential for violence. Perhaps this could manifest as excellent leadership or managerial traits. Similar to those with the Moon in Scorpio, natives will fight to the death to protect the people they care for and what are truly theirs. With the Sun in the domicile of the Moon, these natives could be your patriots. The Moon is in a sign contrary to its element, with Aries as hot and dry and likewise with the Sun with Cancer as cold and moist. These natives are passionate and this could bring to fruition their hopes and aspirations. However, if there is a lack of judgment, the recklessness could bring them into trouble with authorities.
  11. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Taurus: Elegance and grace exemplified. Taurus is the sign of the Moon’s exaltation and Venus’ domicile, so we expect the amplification of the Lunarian significations mixed with a Venusian flair. With the Moon powerful in this sign, the natives’ attention is on domestic affairs. These natives are your home buddies and they strive to build a financially stable and comfortable life. With Venus ruling the Moon, natives like to be surrounded by luxurious and beautiful things. They carry themselves with calm and elegance. Romance and sex are of utmost priority. If there is a lack of security, this placement portends possessiveness and jealousy. In this earthy and fixed sign, these people can be very stubborn. However, if the Moon suffers affliction, especially from Saturn, there is a predisposition of these natives to laziness and greed.
  12. The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Gemini: Your talk therapist. With Mercury ruling the Moon, the natives will strongly experience the fleetingness of emotions and their tendency to rationalize their feelings. In this social, rational, and vocal sign, these natives are clever, skillful, and communicative. Medieval texts suggest the Moon suffers an affliction in Gemini because it is in the Twelfth sign from its home, Cancer. From this, the natives with this combination could suffer from anxiety or restlessness. People born with this combination have an instinct for what the people surrounding them want to see and hear. It is through communication and socialization that natives attain security and comfort.

Regardless of one’s Sun sign, the Moon sign adds color and depth to the personality of the native. We associate the Moon and its condition with the native’s mind and emotional well-being. The influence of the Moon will be apparent for nocturnal nativities.

In this water sign, the Moon is powerful not only because she is at home, but it is also in its element and is the participating triplicity ruler of the sign. Natives with nocturnal nativities will strongly feel and people around them will see the traits of their Moon in Cancer, as the Moon is the primary nocturnal luminary. While for those natives born during the day, the Cancerian traits are subdued and will probably relate to their Sun signs better.

As the co-significator of the body and mind, people born under the Moon in Cancer are likely to possess a robust constitution and are naturally comfortable in their own skin. We judge otherwise if the Moon receives aspects from the malevolent planets: Mars and Saturn. With the Moon, as the nocturnal luminary in charge, it is also the co-significator of leaders and monarchies. For those born at night, especially with the Moon above the horizon and in its waxing phase, these Lunar Cancerians lean toward leadership. Those born with the Moon in Cancer are intuitive, caring, helpful, and protective, but also moody, assertive, domineering, and independent. Even with the males, these natives have a motherly personality. Similar to those with the Sun in Leo, they like attention, are image-conscious, and hate embarrassment. However, in a mute sign, these natives could prefer the peace of quiet.

Jupiter, as the exaltation ruler of the Moon, endows the natives with a larger-than-life perspective, optimism, compassion, and generosity. However, exaggeration and wastefulness can also be problems. Aside from the Moon in her abode, Jupiter’s influence makes the Lunar Cancerians lucky.

For Lunar Cancerians born during the day, Venus, the planet of peace, beauty, and romance, will be the primary triplicity ruler of their Moon sign. With the influence of Venus, the natives are creative, attentive, and diplomatic. These folks like to live comfortably. Romance and the sense of belonging are important to the natives. Mars, the planet of action and courage but also anger and aggression, will influence the Moon in Cancer for those of nocturnal births. The Moon in Cancer is powerful at night and Mars’ influence augurs a sharp intuition or powerful gut instinct. Mars also makes the natives of this Moon sign independent, assertive, and territorial. These natives are your protectors or patriots.

Modern astrology assigns the Ascendant as the facade of the native to the world. However, with traditional astrology, the Ascendant sign is your actual zodiac sign and the ruler’s placement will dictate how one looks like and behaves. With the Moon as the ruler of the Cancer Ascendant, we will delineate the characteristics of the natives from the Moon’s placement throughout the signs and houses.

  1. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Cancer: Using whole sign houses, the Moon is in the first house, signifying the body and the traits of the person itself. Natives, with this placement, have a strong and healthy constitution unless otherwise afflicted. The waxing moon in this sign makes natives accommodating and comfortable in their own skin. However, natives who are born with the waning moon, especially during the balsamic moon, portend a predisposition to low self-esteem and apathy. A planet in its own home is comfortable, thus it is in its natural state. These natives are confident, noble-minded, principled, and spiritual. They are transparent, which can be an asset or a liability, and don’t beat around the bush. For more information, one can read the aforementioned Moon in Cancer description in the previous segment.
  2. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Leo: The Moon is in the second sign from the Ascendant and it’s unable to manage the affairs of its home. Since the Ascendant rules the body and mind, there could be issues with health, especially with the Moon in a sign a contrary to its nature, viz. Leo is a hot, dry, and barren sign. With the Moon in the Second House, financial security motivates the natives or their life could revolve around issues with money. The Sun ruling the Second House suggests these people have a talent and could make money from leading or managing people. These people also excel in the marketing, sales, and entertainment industry. Natives born during the day will have the influence of the Sun even more powerful. While the natives could be confident, the placement highlights the need for validation and recognition to get emotional satisfaction. They are reliant and sensitive to what others think. These people have an instinct for leadership and are drawn toward executive roles. For those born at night, Jupiter adds its touch, making the natives philosophical, compassionate, and generous. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo from the previous segment.
  3. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Virgo: With Virgo a human sign, Mercury ruling the Moon by domicile and exaltation, and in the third sign from the Ascendant signifying communication, the natives with the Cancer Ascendant-Moon in Virgo are eloquent (in both spoken and written communication) and excel as entrepreneurs with Mercury also ruling trade and commerce. It is noteworthy that the Moon rejoices in the Third House, so this is a favorable placement for the Moon. For those born during the day, Venus’ influence over the Moon portends talent or an eye for the arts. Natives born at night will have the Moon influential with it as the nocturnal triplicity ruler of the sign. These natives are intuitive and helpful. They excel in service-oriented professions. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo from the previous segment.
  4. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Libra: With Venus and Saturn ruling the Moon, we see people with this combination as calm and docile because of the influence of friendly Venus and the stabilizing Saturn. In this human sign, they possess the gift of gab and make excellent orators, diplomats, arbiters, judges, and lawyers. Albeit the apparent gentleness, the Moon is in the fourth sign from the Ascendant, so natives with this combination are secretive and territorial. Natives are family-oriented and could be lucky in real estate matters. For those born during the day, Saturn takes the helm as the Moon’s ruler. Unlike the stereotypical Cancerian and, depending on the condition of Saturn, these natives are remote but focused, rational, and impartial. Mercury enhances the natives’ cleverness and communication skills as the Moon’s nocturnal triplicity ruler. However, it also exacerbates the natives’ fickleness and moodiness. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Libra from the previous segment.
  5. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Scorpio: Mars rules the Moon, so these natives are intimidating, have nerves and will-of-steel, and are courageous. These folks are highly perceptive and nothing can escape their probing eye. However, the Moon is in the sign of its fall in Scorpio, so these natives need constant reassurance. People with this placement don’t back down without a good fight. Since the Moon is in the fifth sign from the Ascendant, there are concerns and issues regarding romance and children. There is a strong inclination to gambling and risk-taking. People with this placement excel as pediatricians, child psychologists, politicians, traders, and professional gamblers. Natives born during the day portend the strong desire for romance with Venus ruling the Moon. With Mars as the sect malefic, they could be impulsive in matters of the heart and speculation. Mars takes the helm as the Moon’s ruler for those born at night. The aforementioned traits will be apparent for those with nocturnal births. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio from the previous segment.
  6. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Sagittarius: Jupiter rules the Moon and natives, with this placement, want to experience and enjoy life! These natives love to learn, explore, and are carefree. However, the Moon’s placement in the Sixth House could be a hindrance in fulfilling these desires. The Moon is in a sign contrary to its nature (Sagittarius is a hot and dry sign) in the Sixth House and averse from its home, which suggests natives need to have adequate rest and breaks as the placement predisposes natives to health issues. Jupiter, as the ruler of the house, portends respiratory diseases, blood-related disorders, or lifestyle diseases. The digestive system of the natives is vulnerable, so these natives have to take care of what they eat and drink. Natives make excellent accountants, nurses, doctors, police officers, military personnel, and other service-oriented professionals. For those born during the day, the Sun will endow the natives with leadership or administrative capabilities. Jupiter takes the helm as the Moon’s ruler for those born at night and this could mitigate the potential health challenges. These natives are intelligent, but also merciful and compassionate. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Sagittarius from the previous segment.
  7. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Capricorn: The Moon in the seventh sign from its home augurs the natives’ need to be in a relationship or partnership. It also opens the natives to disputes and disagreements with others, especially with Saturn and Mars ruling the Moon. Saturn and Mars make natives serious and cautious. They are also ambitious, responsible, hardworking, patient, persistent, organized, and methodical. Since the Moon is in the sign of his detriment in Capricorn, there is a coldness and toughness to their character. However, they are also prone to feelings of emptiness and isolation. People with this placement make excellent entrepreneurs, lawyers, and judges. For those born during the day, Venus will influence the Moon, so natives are keen on financial and material security. Natives cope with the feelings of loneliness by compartmentalizing emotions. Albeit being in detriment in Capricorn, the Moon gains triplicity rulership for nighttime charts. Natives are more empathetic than their diurnal counterparts but also become emotionally vulnerable. The need for romance and a sense of belonging are remarkable. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn from the previous segment.
  8. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Aquarius: In this social, rational, and vocal sign, natives are sociable, cerebral, and outspoken, especially for the causes they believe in. While natives may appear friendly and helpful, similar to those with the Moon in Capricorn, natives are remarkably distant and prone to feelings of isolation. The Moon’s presence in the fixed sign portends the native’s stubbornness. Saturn ruling the Moon also endows the natives’ interest in mathematics and the sciences. Natives, with this placement, stand out in unorthodox ways. With the Eighth House ruling taxes and debt, people with this placement display talents in handling other people’s money. Natives have also to be careful in handling their own finances. These natives make excellent credit analysts, investment bankers, insurance agents, tax collectors, paranormal investigators, forensic scientists, medical doctors, and other professions involving death and money. Saturn takes full control of the Moon for those born during the day. The listed traits above apply to those of the diurnal nativities. Mercury adds an influence to the Moon as the sign’s nocturnal triplicity ruler. These natives are eloquent, creative, flexible, and clever. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius from the previous segment.
  9. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Pisces: Jupiter and Venus color the personality of the native with this placement. The influence of Venus lends artistic talents to the native. They also have an inclination the philosophy and spirituality. If Jupiter and Venus are unafflicted, these people are kind-hearted, merciful, and empathetic, but also alluring and mysterious, and may convey an aura of otherworldliness. However, Jupiter ruling the Moon in a phlegmatic sign could make natives unrealistic and predisposes natives to weight gain. The Moon in the Ninth House, the house of higher learning, laws, and spirituality, endows the natives with the love for learning and teaching and is likely to be spiritual. As the house shows divinatory gifts, natives may be gifted astrologers, seers, or psychics. These natives could also excel as university professors, researchers, lawyers, judges, counselors, politicians, and administrators. The interest in creative pursuits and romance is apparent for those born during the day with Venus, also as the triplicity ruler. Natives born at night are highly intuitive and psychically permeable. Mars, as the nocturnal triplicity ruler, endows assertiveness and added allure. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces from the previous segment.
  10. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Aries: Mars and the Sun rule the Moon, suggesting the native’s bright, assertive, willful, and courageous personality. However, they can also be immensely competitive, impatient, impulsive, and irritable. The native’s leadership and managerial capabilities are remarkable. With the Moon in the Tenth House, people with these placements can easily climb the corporate and social ladder with their guts and the openness to take risks. These natives excel in highly competitive environments, such as business, sports, and politics. The Sun takes the helm as the Moon’s ruler for those born during the day, endowing natives with the inclination to take charge. Mars, as the sect malefic, predisposes the natives to disputes and is liable to their impulsiveness and short temper. Jupiter adds its touch as the Moon’s nocturnal triplicity ruler. The influence of Jupiter mellows down the above traits as it endows temperance through foresight. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries from the previous segment.
  11. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Taurus: With Venus ruling the Sun in the Eleventh House, these natives are friendly and have a wide social circle. They also exude vivacious wit that draws people towards them. These natives excel as architects, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, chefs, beauticians, jewelers, fashion designers, fashion models, and performers. Venus taking the helm as the Moon’s ruler for diurnal births augurs the natives’ desire for luxury, wealth, or at least financial stability. With the Moon powerful for nocturnal nativities, natives desire a comfortable and safe home. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus from the previous segment.
  12. Cancer Ascendant with the Moon in Gemini: The Moon in a human (social, rational, and vocal) and the mercurial sign makes natives clever and communicative. However, the Moon the Twelfth House makes natives introverted, secretive, and moody. Being averse from its home and depending on the condition of the Moon, the placement could portend anxiety and psychosomatic disorders. These natives excel in careers that are working behind the scene such as teaching, writing, counseling, and other service-oriented professions. Saturn adds its touch to those born during the day. His influence upon the Moon manifest as emotional stability and the natives’ love for solitude. Mercury becomes powerful as the Moon’s ruler for nocturnal births and this enhances the natives’ mental capabilities. A drawback of this is the mind could also go for an overdrive, amplifying restlessness and fickleness. For more information, one can also read the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini from the previous segment.

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