Natal Astrology Series: Mars In Your Birth Chart

Mars is the cosmic warrior, but we know it traditionally as the lesser malefic. Unlike the greater malefic Saturn, he is extremely hot and dry. His constructive qualities are more apparent at night as the cold balances his extreme heat. We see his harsh qualities during the day. He is the antithesis of Venus. Courage, passion, energy, competition, but also anger, rashness, accidents, and disputes belong to Mars.

In this series, we will interpret your Mars sign, Mars in the houses, and its aspects to your planets in the chart. If you are new to astrology, you can check your Mars’ placement by clicking the following sites, Astrodienst or Astroseek.

Mars’ sign is important when we want to determine what areas the natives are naturally passionate about or areas that are prone to disputes or conflicts. The extent of the influence it dispenses or the magnitude of harm it amplifies depends on Mars’ essential dignity, the houses it rules, and with it receiving your Ascendant ruler and/or the Moon. Mars is the diurnal malefic, so we see its challenging effects on those with daytime charts.

  1. Mars in Aries: Mars is in his diurnal domicile in Aries. He has also rulership by term in this sign. With Mars in its domicile and element, for Aries and Scorpio Ascendants, it can dispense its beneficence to a full extent, endowing natives with a robust constitution. In this sign, Mars shares the quality of hot and dry making natives active, competitive, and enthusiastic. In a movable sign, natives could be restless and/or capricious. Quick temper, impatience, and ruthlessness are apparent in diurnal births. The Sun’s rulership over Mars by exaltation and diurnal triplicity could manifest as excellent leadership skills or it could manifest as someone who is very bossy and/or haughty. Mars’ best qualities are on the fore for those born at night and with him above the horizon. The coolness of the night and Jupiter’s influence as the nocturnal triplicity ruler offers a grounding and constructive influence making natives more productive, understanding, calculating, and focused than their diurnal counterparts. Mars as the dignified ruler of difficult houses portends extreme experiences on the significations the houses suggest.
  2. Mars in Taurus: Mars is in the sign of his detriment with him opposite his nocturnal domicile, Scorpio. Here, Venus and the Moon rule Mars, so the condition of these planets will color the expression of this Mars placement. Natives move slowly with Mars in a cold and dry sign. There is a further slowing down of Mars with its rulers, both cold and wet. Mars in this earthy fixed sign augur a persistent and/or stubborn character. With Mars as the natural significator of anger and passion, natives when provoked, burn slowly. However, they suffer from explosive anger once they reach their saturation point. They are unstoppable once they decide to take action as its constructive manifestation. The rulership of Venus and the Moon portend the native’s inclination to comfort and security. Perhaps pleasure and luxury are potential motivators for the natives. For those born during the day, Venus takes the helm as Mars’ ruler, so wealth and/or luxury and romance and/or pleasure could motivate the natives. The motivation for the natives’ action is primarily comfort and/or emotional security with the Moon as the exaltation and nocturnal triplicity ruler of Mars. On the flip side, these natives could be challenging to motivate, so inertia could be a problem. However, if the goal is in line with their desires, these natives are unstoppable.
  3. Mars in Gemini: Mars, a hot and dry planet is in a hot and wet sign. He is also in a double-bodied, rational, vocal, and social sign. One manifestation of Mercury’s rulership and the combined qualities of Mars and Gemini is the quickness of wit and manual dexterity but also restlessness and volatility in temperament. Natives could suffer from impulsiveness and tactlessness resulting in mischief and/or physical injuries, especially for those born during the day with Mars as the sect malefic. However, the condition of Saturn, as Mars’ triplicity ruler, determines the mitigation of the challenging influence. The positive influence of an unafflicted Saturn and in aspect to Mars with reception manifests as tact, caution, and impartiality. These natives are likely to fight for a righteous cause. The challenging traits aforementioned are prominent for those with afflicted Saturn. Mercury takes the helm for those born at night with him not only as the domicile ruler but also as Mars’ triplicity ruler. His powerful influence over Mars and the coolness of the night make natives practical, grounded, calculating, and elusive. Thorough cunning could be a hallmark trait of the natives.
  4. Mars in Cancer: Cancer is the sign of Mars’ fall but there is mitigation to this affliction with him in his triplicity. Here, the Moon and Jupiter rule Mars. The Moon’s influence portends natives take action to satisfy a physical and emotional need/desire. Alternatively, the family and/or domestic affairs are the motivators of the natives. The planet of expansion ruling Mars could amplify or mitigate these needs and/or desires which could help or harm the native. Moisture predominates if we consider the qualities of Cancer, the Moon, and Jupiter, so it dampens Mars’ natural heat and dryness. The energy and motivation levels of the natives depend on their mood, their personal values, and/or upbringing. In a mute sign, natives are likely to keep quiet when angry. Perhaps natives express anger as passive-aggressive. For those born during the day, Venus makes natives romantic and/or pleasure-seeking with her as the diurnal triplicity ruler. Natives are liable to meltdowns and could become victims of their passions with Mars as the fallen sect malefic. For those born at night, there is a mitigation of Mars’ debility with him gaining nocturnal triplicity rulership. Natives are more prudent and deliberate than their diurnal counterparts.
  5. Mars in Leo: Leo, the Sun, and Mars all share the qualities of hot and dry. From these, we can say Mars is comfortable in the sign resulting in an ease of expression of Martial significations such as energy, courage, passion, enthusiasm, but also confrontation, and anger. Unlike Mars in the other fire signs, Mars in Leo natives are persistent with him in a fixed sign. There could be problems with violence with Mars in this bestial sign. The Sun’s rulership over Mars endows leadership potential to the natives. For those born during the day (especially if Mars suffers affliction), there is a predilection to arrogance, impatience, and anger because of the excessive heat. The coolness of the night and Jupiter’s influence as the sign’s nocturnal triplicity ruler mellows down Mars by endowing deliberateness, foresight, and purpose for action. These natives are your natural crusaders and managers.
  6. Mars in Virgo: Mercury once more rules this Mars as the domicile and exaltation ruler. He is also in a rational, social, and vocal sign endowing natives with a quick wit and physical dexterity. Unlike Mars in Gemini, natives with this Mars are naturally grounded and practical with Mars in a cold and dry sign. In a double-bodied sign, this Mars placement endows cunning. Imperfections and irrationality could irritate the natives. For those born during the day, the placement makes natives restless, hypercritical, and blunt. Venus as Mars’ daytime triplicity ruler could amplify this perfectionism. The best qualities of this Mars appear for those born at night. These natives are hardworking, strategic, and precise. The Moon’s influence on Mars as the nocturnal triplicity ruler makes them understanding and helpful. They are reliable in emergencies.
  7. Mars in Libra: In Libra, Mars is in the sign of his detriment, so it expresses martial significations according to his rulers and the qualities of the sign. With Venus (diplomacy) and Saturn (rationality) ruling Mars (anger and confrontation), natives excel as diplomats and are rational with their anger. In this human and social sign, these natives are likely to fight for a cause. The lack of impartiality and unfair treatment could irk the natives. Unlike Mars in Taurus where natives prefer to suffer in silence when provoked, natives express disappointment or anger but underhandedly or as passive-aggressive with Libra a vocal sign. Natives born during the day are rather restless, impulsive, and temperamental with Mars as the malefic of the sect. Once provoked, these natives could be extremely blunt. However, there is mitigation with Venus and Saturn in excellent condition and aspecting Mars from a good house. The better qualities of this Mars appear for those born at night with the coolness of the night and the nature of his rulers taming Mars’ excessive heat and dryness. Mercury as the nocturnal triplicity ruler of Mars adds rationality and quickness of wit. However, it also makes the natives cunning.
  8. Mars in Scorpio: Mars is in his nocturnal home and this makes him powerful. His best qualities are on the fore with Scorpio, a cold and wet sign balancing Mars’ excessive heat and dryness. For those born during the day, the natives are feisty, dominant, pushy, arrogant, and aggressive. These natives are bold, direct, fiercely competitive, impatient, and impulsive. However, they are more focused, willful, and obstinate than those with their Mars in Aries. With Mars as the sect malefic, natives may suffer from severe temper problems and can be very destructive when uncontrolled. Mars is even more powerful for those of nocturnal births as he is also the triplicity ruler of the sign. Unlike their diurnal counterparts, they are calm and controlled. They are fearsome competitors as they are excellent strategists and tacticians. As masters of blitzkrieg warfare, they catch their opponents off guard. Once they set their minds to a goal, these people are unstoppable. Mars as the dignified ruler of difficult houses portends extreme experiences on the significations the houses suggest.
  9. Mars in Sagittarius: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic rules Mars, and natives born under this placement are presented with opportunities and challenges regarding communication, education, beliefs, spirituality, law, and finances. People born under this placement are naturally eloquent and charming with half of Sagittarius belonging to human signs. These are your crusaders, wanderlusts, and daredevils. By temperament, Mars is compatible with Sagittarius because Mars, a naturally hot and dry planet is in a hot and dry sign. The placement augurs ease in the expression of Martial significations. For those born during the day, Jupiter, the sect benefic makes the native optimistic and straightforward, but Mars as the sect malefic makes natives prone to impulsiveness, hot-headedness, tactlessness, and wastefulness. For nocturnal nativities, natives are pensive and highly intelligent with Jupiter doubling down as its nighttime triplicity ruler. 
  10. Mars in Capricorn: Capricorn is the sign of Mars’ exaltation, so Mars’ best traits are on the fore. This placement makes natives ambitious workaholics as they are relentless in making their dreams a reality. Under Saturn’s watch, discipline is this Mars’ best trait. Natives of this placement are prudent, so these natives do not suffer fools gladly, and because of this, they are less likely to get into serious troubles. People born under this placement respect the established law and are likely to be fair in dealing with others. When provoked, these natives keep a cool and rational approach, but when pushed too far, these natives can turn cold and merciless. For those of diurnal births, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives can be arrogant, impatient, and ruthless, so people of this placement are prone to seemingly endless strife. In nocturnal births, the coolness of the night balances out Mars’ heat and dryness, and this endows the natives with outstanding emotional control. The natives have nerves of steel and are adept at handling crises or emotionally charged situations.
  11. Mars in Aquarius: With Mars in a human, social, and vocal sign, expect people of this placement to be outspoken, quarrelsome, and argumentative, especially for those born during the day. However, Saturn’s and the fixed air sign’s influence makes natives highly intelligent and impartial, but very stubborn, especially to the things they firmly believe in. Natives born under this placement are unpredictable as they oscillate between being engaging and impersonal, considerate and resentful, philanthropic and misanthropic. These natives are also your devil’s advocate and daredevils. For those born at night, natives are immensely creative and highly idealistic with Mercury’s influence as the nocturnal triplicity ruler. However, apathy and depression can be problems.
  12. Mars in Pisces: Mars is one of the triplicity rulers plus late in the sign, it gains term and decanate rulership, thus Mars’ essential dignity in Pisces is decent. Not only Mars is under Jupiter’s rulership but also Venus, as the sign’s exaltation ruler. The influence of the benefics on Mars makes it lucky and softer, but this does not make Mars wimp. The saying “Killing with Kindness” best describes people with this placement. For those of diurnal nativities, the heat of the day clears the fog, and this endows natives with a clearer perspective on things. The lifting of the veil enables natives to distinguish a friend from a foe. Natives display diplomacy with Venus taking the helm as the exaltation and triplicity ruler of Pisces. However, with Mars as the sect malefic, meltdowns can be a problem. Those of nocturnal nativities are calm, controlled, and mysterious. Natives are artistically gifted and generous but could be naïve. However, when push comes to shove, these natives are resilient and intelligent fighters. 

In this section, we will discuss Mars in the Houses. The placement of Mars by house will show where energy, courage, anger, and disputes are apparent.

  1. Mars in the Ascendant or the First House: People may see natives as intimidating. They are also quick, impatient, and assertive. If Mars suffers from affliction, natives are impulsive and could be prone to disputes, violence, and accidents. Mars in the Ascendant makes one slender or wiry. Some texts say that Mars, as a hot and dry planet, makes the natives hairy. There is a remarkable redness on their complexion and this becomes apparent when they are angry or stressed. Mars in the Ascendant is favorable for Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn Rising. For Aries and Scorpio Ascendant, Mars in the Ascendant portends a robust constitution. Capricorn Rising natives benefit from powerful/prominent friends and family members with Mars exalted in the Ascendant. The placement is also fortunate for real estate, mining, and agriculture. It could bring challenging circumstances for those born with Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, and Libra Ascendant. For those with Taurus Ascendant, the placement of Mars is unfavorable for marriage and partnerships with Mars in detriment and ruling the Seventh House (partnerships and marriage) and the Twelfth House (self-undoing, sorrows, and losses). However, there is a need to look at the aspects and reception between Venus and Mars. The harmonious aspect of Jupiter could soften the challenging placement. Mars rules the Sixth House (house of illnesses and hard labor) and the Eleventh House (friends, hopes, and dreams) for Gemini Ascendant. Unless Mars receives Mercury, the placement could bring health problems and disputes with friends, colleagues, and subordinates. Mars in the Ascendant for Cancer Rising brings mixed fortunes. Mars naturally falls into Cancer, but there is mitigation with Mars gaining essential dignity by triplicity and term. The favorable influence could be apparent for those born at night with Mars gaining triplicity rulership. There could be a success in careers involving speculation, sports, hospitality, entertainment, and children with Mars as the ruler of the Fifth House and the Tenth House. Disrepute and accidents could be problems for those born during the day and/or with Mars suffering further affliction. There is a need to evaluate the relationship between Mars and the Moon to get a better perspective of this placement. Mars rules the Third House and the Eighth House for those with Virgo Ascendant. The placement of Mars in the Ascendant for Virgo Rising could portend directness of speech. If there is a challenging aspect between Mars and Mercury, natives are prone to accidents and disputes, especially with siblings and/or relatives (it could be financial in nature) with Mars ruling the Third House and the Eighth House. Mars is in the sign of his detriment in Libra, so this could bring hard circumstances related to finances and partnerships to the natives with Mars ruling the Second House (finances) and the Seventh House (partnerships).
  2. Mars in the Second House: Mars in the Second House naturally makes natives predisposed to spend. However, this could also portend venture capitalists or those comfortable with high-risk speculation/gambling. The success and/or failure in financial matters depends on the relationship between Mars’ dignity and its dispositor with the ruler of the Ascendant. For those born during the day, Mars as the sect malefic makes the natives impulsive in financial matters. Those born at night natives are reflective and have a powerful instinct of where to put their money at.
  3. Mars in the Third House: The Chaldean order of planets suggests Mars is comfortable in this house. Mars’ placement here portends the directness of speech and the quickness of wit. These natives are your natural debaters. However, there could be disputes with siblings and relatives. Perhaps the siblings or relatives could be domineering and assertive. Natives may frequently experience frustrations and/or disruptions in communication and transportation.
  4. Mars in the Fourth House: Family disputes and/or domineering parent(s) are the common manifestations of this placement. It could also express as the natives being the domineering personality in the household. Personality-wise, natives do not express anger openly in public. Alternatively, the natives with this Mars placement could direct their energy on careers and/or hobbies related to real estate and home improvement.
  5. Mars in the Fifth House: The expression of martial significations is on matters related to romance, sex, speculation, children, and sports. Natives of this placement are naturally amorous. Pleasure and/or luxury could drive the natives. Depending on Mars’ condition, natives could be prone to impulsiveness in romance and speculation. Natives and their children could be naturally competitive in sports and games.
  6. Mars in the Sixth House: Mars rejoices in the Sixth House and this could bring about Mars’ best qualities. A constructive manifestation of this placement is the native’s predilection to being a workaholic. However, natives could be prone to anxiety and digestive problems. There could be potential disputes with subordinates and co-workers. They may have a career inclination in the healing and service profession.
  7. Mars in the Seventh House: There is a predisposition for natives to devote their time and energy to finding the right partner. However, they could attract partners that are domineering, assertive, or violent. Perhaps the natives themselves are argumentative and could bring to themselves conflict. The placement augurs disputes and conflicts related to marriage, partnership, and legalities. Activation through time-lord or by the hard transit of Saturn and the outer planets could portend a split in partnerships.
  8. Mars in the Eighth House: Unlike those with Mars in the Second House, the native’s partners could be spendthrifts. A harmonious aspect (especially with reception) to the Second House ruler portends financial gains. However, a challenging aspect of Mars in this house to the natal ruler of the Second House could portend financial loss from partners, taxes, loans, and debts. Squandering of will and inheritance is also likely. Natives may have a powerful interest or the desire to explore the bizarre, dangerous, and the occult. Mars afflicting the ruler of the Ascendant could bring dangers to the native’s life. If Mars is in a human and/or air sign (Gemini, Virgo, Libra, first-half of Sagittarius, and Aquarius), the dangers could come from criminal activity, sickness from corrupted air, dangers from consuming poultry products, and wind/air/flight-related incidents. With Mars in fire signs, incidents related to fire, burns, animal bites, and the occult. In water signs, drowning, floods, or poisoning. In earth signs, from starvation, consuming livestock, and earth-related calamities.
  9. Mars in the Ninth House: They are your natural crusaders and adventurers. Alternatively, these natives could be passionate learners, researchers, and teachers. If Mars is the significator of the profession and is connected to the Ascendant and its ruler, natives could become excellent lawyers, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers. They could have their careers involving foreign or long journeys. However, if Mars is in a poor condition, rules unfortunate houses, and afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, natives may suffer from hardships and losses overseas.
  10. Mars in the Tenth House: Mars is also comfortable here if we consider the Chaldean order of the planets. The placement of Mars in this house could make or break the native’s career and reputation. Natives possess the drive and determination in their respective careers and this could bring them success, especially if Mars is in excellent condition and receives the ruler of the Ascendant. The public could see them as assertive and domineering. However, if Mars is afflicted, the placement could augur problems with anger and ruthlessness and as a result, the natives may suffer from a tarnished reputation. Perhaps this could also manifest as having challenging and pushy superiors. With Mars influencing the career sector, natives could excel in careers in law, law enforcement, military, the food industry, chemistry, and medicine.
  11. Mars in the Eleventh House: Natives could be driven to make friends and expand their social circle. The friends of the natives could be assertive or someone who possesses a strong personality. Alternatively, the native’s friends or social circle could come from those professions attributed to Mars. If Mars afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, there could be disputes with friends. Gains from the native’s career could come and go.
  12. Mars in the Twelfth House: Natives may suffer from fluctuating energy levels, especially if Mars rules the Ascendant. They may have trouble asserting themselves and expressing frustration. However, they are effective at working behind the scenes. Natives could have a powerful interest in the occult, research, and the helping profession.

Mars inflames and this adds heat to the expression of planets. The planet also naturally cuts, so a planet that is in contact with Mars will have its significations sharpened or reduced. In this segment, we will discuss Mars’ aspects of your natal planets. Here, we will only use the Ptolemaic aspects and will not include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the interpretation.

  1. Natal Sun-Mars: In Thema Mundi, the Sun and Mars have a relatively friendly relationship. We can see the supportive and guarding relationship of Mars and the Sun as Mars aspects the Sun’s domicile, Leo, aspects all of Mars’ houses, viz. Aries trine (signifies perfect friendship) Leo and square Scorpio (signifies partial enmity). In Vedic texts, Mars is the Sun’s intimate confidant. They also share the qualities of hot and dry. Another testimony regarding the fruitful relationship between the Sun and Mars is the Sun’s exaltation in Aries. In Aries, the Sun receives preferment from Mars as seen in the multitude of essential dignity the Sun gains in the sign. The Sun also does not suffer essential debilities in the signs Mars rules. Even with difficult aspects, Mars and the Sun will always help each other. The difficult aspect between Mars-Sun suggests natives experience challenges and frustrations in assertiveness and self-expression. There is also a predilection to selfishness and narcissism. However, with self-awareness and time, natives are likely to develop the skill to overcome these challenges. With the Sun as the natural significator of the father in day charts, the native’s father could be domineering or have anger-related issues. In financial matters, the aspect manifests as susceptibility to the cycles of gains and loss. Natives with the Sun conjunct, trine, and sextile with Mars portend strong leadership and organizational skills. The native’s father could be a strong protector and a source of encouragement.
  2. Natal Moon-Mars: The Moon and Mars have a platonic relationship with respect to the Thema Mundi, viz. Cancer is trine Scorpio while Aries is square Cancer. Unlike the relationship between the Sun and Mars, there are relationship challenges between the Moon and Mars with Mars falling in the sign of Cancer while the Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. In addition, the Moon is naturally cold and wet while Mars is hot and dry. Emotional intensity and lability are the hallmark manifestation of the aforementioned relationship between the Moon and Mars. Since the Moon also has rulership over women and mothers, the Moon’s aspect to Mars colors and adds depth to the roles and characteristics of women in the native’s life. The hard aspects such as the conjunction, square, and opposition of the Moon and Mars suggest an overbearing mother or domineering woman surrounding the natives. The mother could be emotionally volatile. With the Moon ruling the body, the placement could augur restlessness or anxiety. The instability results in natives being emotionally reactive and having trust issues. There could also be problems regarding personal boundaries and limit setting. For those who have trine and sextile Mars suggests the natives are strong-minded and assertive. The native’s mother could be a strong protector and a source of encouragement.
  3. Natal Mercury-Mars: There are a lot of surprises between Mercury and Mars with respect to the Thema Mundi, viz. Aries is sextile Gemini and Virgo is sextile Scorpio; Aries is in antiscia (hidden conjunction) to Virgo but Scorpio is in aversion to Gemini. To put it simply, Mars and Mercury barely know each other, and their contact could result in a lot of uncertainties. Similar to the Moon-Mars contacts, Mercury-Mars contacts portend quickness but with it instability and volatility. Mars’ sharpness combined with Mercury’s adroitness makes natives coordinated, eloquent, strategic, and quick in processing information with Mercury’s conjunction, trine, and sextile with Mars. Depending on the signs where Mercury and Mars are at, these natives make excellent lawyers, marketing executives, surgeons, forensic scientists, athletes, and law enforcement professionals. Natives with Mercury square or opposing Mars suggest natives’ predisposition to restlessness, anxiety, disputes, and accidents. However, it could also show a lack of discretion and the tendency for cunning and deception.
  4. Natal Venus-Mars: Venus is the complete antithesis of Mars. Venus is the principle of peace and cooperation while Mars is of discord and division. By quality, Venus is cold and wet while Mars is hot and dry. Similar to Saturn and Jupiter, I think the quality of the signs Venus and Mars are in is crucial when we interpret their significations. Venus and Mars agree when they are conjunct and trine in the earth and water signs as both planets have powerful essential dignities and share triplicity rulership in these elements. Mars benefits while Venus suffers in fire signs as not only it is contrary to its quality but in the fiery sign of Aries is where he suffers a detriment. Venus has a slight upper hand over Mars with air element as moderately hot and wet. Mars also is in his sign of detriment in Libra. The conjunction, trine, and sextile of Venus and Mars make natives even-tempered and likable. Those with square and opposition could have trouble dealing with the opposite sex, romance, and reaching compromise.
  5. Natal Jupiter-Mars: Regarding the Thema Mundi, Jupiter and Mars have a mixed relationship. They are friends as they trine the houses they rule, viz. Sagittarius is in trine aspect to Aries while Scorpio trines Pisces, but also has a lot of differences with Scorpio in aversion to Sagittarius and Pisces in contra-antiscia (hidden opposition) to Aries. Regardless of the aspect, Mars-Jupiter contact in the natal chart makes natives adventurous, impulsive, reckless, but optimistic and lucky. These natives may also have explosive tempers. Things are quite easier and more peaceful for those with Mars trine or sextile Jupiter. They possess endless energy and potency. The combination produces excellent athletes, politicians, and military personnel. While hard aspects such as conjunction, square, and opposition make natives intense and aggressive. Anger and ruthlessness can be problems. Lack of control can lead to unwanted accidents or incidents.
  6. Natal Saturn-Mars: The aspect between these planets are challenging as they are the malefics. Although both share the quality of dryness, their primary qualities clash – Saturn is predominantly cold while Mars is predominantly hot. Regarding the Thema Mundi, they either help or harm each other as seen in the aspects of the signs they rule, viz. Scorpio sextile (signifies partial friendship) Capricorn; Aquarius sextile Aries; Capricorn square (signifies partial enmity) Aries and Scorpio square Aquarius). Albeit Mars and Saturn aspecting each other’s houses, the relationship by essential dignity between these planets sets it apart from the relationship between Saturn and Venus. Mars is in the sign of its exaltation and has term and face rulership in Capricorn, while Saturn suffers a fall in Aries and does not have a major essential dignity in Scorpio. It is only in Capricorn that Mars and Saturn perfectly cooperate. Regardless of the aspect, Mars-Saturn contact in the natal chart endows a dominant personality, a powerful will, and immense determination. These natives are resilient, and hardships even make them better. Things are quite easier and smooth flowing for those with Mars trine or sextile Saturn. They possess the remarkable discipline and organizational skills. The combination produces excellent tacticians and strategists. While hard aspects such as conjunction, square, and opposition make natives intense and aggressive. Anger and ruthlessness can be problems. Frustrations can result as Saturn holds back while Mars pushes.

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