Bonatti: Will I occupy the besieged castle?

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In his Treatise 6: On Questions Bonatti discusses a horary chart whose outcome is not obvious on first glance (Dykes translation, p. 515).  Apparently Count Guido Novello was besieging the castle of his enemy, the Luccans, and he asked Bonatti whether he would be able to capture it. The data for the chart is 11 October 1261 (Julian) at 9:36 AM LMT in Lucca, Italy. Here is the chart with Alcabitius houses.


It is a Mars day during a Mercury hour. Mars rules war and is in detriment in Libra. Mars is also conjunct the South Node. Mercury rules the 7th of open enemies and occupies the unfortunate 12th house. Thus, the general astrological ambiance at the time of the question is rather negative, so the Count is probably worried about failure. The chart has an early Ascendant, so the situation is in its early stages and it may be…

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