The Foundation of Baghdad — Tropical versus Sidereal

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According to James Holden, the city of Baghdad was founded according the the principles of electional astrology to place the greater benefic Jupiter close to the Ascendant at approximately 2:40 PM LMT:

“...the 11th century astronomer/astrologer/scholar al-Bîrûnî has preserved the foundation chart of the city of Baghad.  The Caliph al-Mansûr (c.679-777) desired to build a new capital city.  He told his court astrologer, Nawbakht the Persian (c.679-777), to select a favorable time to begin construction. Nawbakht, with the assistance of the young Mâshâ’allâh (c.740-c.815) and other prominent astrologers of the time, selected the early afternoon of 4 Jumada I 145 A.H., which is equivalent to Saturday 31 July 762 in the Julian calendar.”

I have no idea whether 4 Jumada I 145 A.H. is accurately converted to July 31, 762 Julian.  Holden presents a chart in the tropical zodiac with Mars in early Gemini mutually…

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