Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Taurus

The series will delineate the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst or Astroseek. In this article, we will interpret the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Taurus.

The Sun transits the sign of Taurus from April 20 to May 20, but the exact start and end depends on the year. Please note that because of the precession of the equinoxes, your zodiac sign is not the same as the constellation the ancients name them after.

While Venus and Saturn rule Libra, Venus and the Moon rule Taurus. Although both signs are romantic and artistic (Venus’ rulership), Libra (air sign) is more cerebral and emotionally detached (Saturn’s influence), while Taurus (earth sign) is sensitive and more in touch with their bodily needs (the Moon’s influence). From these, Venus’ and the Moon’s influence make those with Sun in Taurus seek physical comfort and material security than Libra.

The qualities of Taurus and of its rulers, viz. Taurus is a cold and dry sign; Venus is cold and moist, while the Moon is also cold and moist, shows an abundance of cold and of binding moisture. From the abundance of cold aside from the fixed earth quality of the sign, we see the stereotypical Taurean stubbornness, and rigidness. However, it is also this cold that gives Taureans an amazing focus, persistence, and stamina. Patience, but also the slowness or the laziness is from the sign’s lack of heat, and is why the active, fiery, and dry Mars suffers its detriment. Possessiveness is the manifestation of the abundance of the binding moisture from its rulers.

Aside from Venus’ influence, we attribute the sign’s creativity to the Moon’s rulership. We can also say like Cancerians, Taureans are also the nurturers of the zodiac.

However, we cannot generalize people born under the signs of Sun in Taurus and Libra because it depends on the sign Venus occupies during birth. Interpreting charts with the Sun in Taurus and Libra are also tricky because of its ruler Venus. Like Mercury, Venus never goes faraway from the Sun. Unlike Mercury, we find Venus in almost two signs (because of its maximum elongation of 47° from the Sun) before, within and likewise two signs after your Sun sign. Therefore, when tackling these placements, we have to ruminate on Venus’s sign and house.

There are seven types of Taurus, depending on where Venus is at birth. Technically, for those born with Sun in Taurus, planet Venus can be in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer. However, for Taurus with Venus in Taurus, Venus can be on either side of the Sun, thus there is an additional set of interpretation.

  1. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Pisces: These Taureans are creative, romantic, and lucky with Venus in the sign of its exaltation. People with this placement are gentle, charming, and easy-going than the typical Taurus, thus, they can be widely popular. For those born at night, natives are creative, sensual and are likely to be hopeless romantics. Those born with this combination are excellent hosts, entertainers, mediators, and diplomats.
  2. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Aries: Although Venus is not in its best state in Aries, there is an ease to this affliction as there is generosity by domicile and exaltation. Venus is in the Sun’s exaltation, while the Sun is in Venus’ domicile. The Sun’s and Mars’ influence on Venus endows strong leadership talents to the natives. However, these Taureans are less patient and more liable to anger and quarrels. Natives excel in careers that involve strong leadership skills, a lot of action, and fire.
  3. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Taurus Oriental (Rises before the Sun): Taurus is Venus’ nocturnal home, and its influence becomes powerful with her oriental. For those born during the day, Venus takes the helm as she is also the triplicity ruler of the earth signs. Venus oriental makes these natives outgoing, vocal, persuasive, but people may also see them as pushy or arrogant. These natives are irresistible. For nocturnal births and with Venus as the dignified sect benefic, make natives fortunate, especially in romantic and sexual matters. Natives born at night are the femme fatale as they are attractive, diplomatic, secretive, but amorous than their diurnal counterpart.
  4. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Taurus Occidental (Rises after the Sun): People born with Venus in Taurus Occidental appears as graceful, unassuming, and naturally calm. We can describe their presence as soothing or pleasant. For those born during the day, natives are stoic and discreet than their oriental counterpart. The Moon will have co-rulership over the Sun and Venus for those born at night and this makes natives attentive and perceptive, but makes them prone to inertia or laziness. These natives are still very sensual. Unlike their oriental counterparts, those born with Venus in Taurus occidental likes to take things slowly.
  5. Sun in Taurus conjunct Venus in Taurus (+/- 2° orb): These natives possess both the oriental and occidental Venusian characteristics, especially for those with Venus cazimi (less than 16′) or exactly conjunct the Sun. However, natives born during the day will have the oriental Venus traits prominent while those born at night, the occidental Venus characteristics take precedence. Venus outside the orb of the cazimi is combust. In this state, it is technically hidden and impeded so natives may experience problems in matters related to Venus, such as romance, sex, money and partnerships.
  6. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Gemini: Mercury adds charm and eloquence but also makes them more flexible and fickle than your average Taurus. People of this placement make excellent entrepreneurs, performing artists, writers, and speakers.
  7. Sun in Taurus with Venus in Cancer: The Moon will exert its powerful influence, especially for those born at night, and this makes natives more imaginative, nurturing, and caring but also sensitive. It makes these Taureans more quiet, romantic, and clingy. These natives excel in the hospitality and healthcare professions.

Regardless of one’s Sun sign, this Moon sign adds color and depth to the personality of the native. We associate the Moon and its condition with the native’s mind and emotional well-being. The influence of the Moon will be apparent for nocturnal nativities.

The Moon is comfortable and stable in Taurus, as it has an affinity with the sign by quality; the Moon, a cold and moist planet, is in a cold and dry sign. She is also the co-almuten of Taurus – she enjoys in this sign a multitude of essential dignities. Here, she is in her exaltation and nocturnal triplicity, but in the mid-10 degrees gains face/decan rulership. The Moon is in the Eleventh House from her home in Cancer, thus she can manage the affairs of her sign of rulership. The Moon in the Eleventh place from its home makes the Moon fortunate as it is in the House of Good Spirit and in the house of Jupiter’s joy. In nativities, this fortunate placement of the Moon manifests as patience and emotional stability. It is challenging for others to make them bothered. However, as creatures of habit, they will probably react when people disturb their system. These people have an instinct that things get better as time goes by. They have an internal clock on when to act to their benefit.

While the Moon is in its self is well-dignified in the sign, the Moon is still under Venus’ rulership making natives charming, laid back, romantic, and sensual. With the Moon in Taurus, the natives need to be comfortable. In this earthy and fixed sign, the Moon craves stability to feel secure and they get this from owning things. From these, there are accusations of possessiveness as they cherish deeply what they gain. Like those with Moon in Libra, astrologers peg the Moon in Taurus’ inclination to romance because of its ruler Venus. However, the Moon’s aspect to Mercury or lack thereof is important in ruling out the psychological makeup of the native.

In Taurus, the Moon is in the sign of its exaltation. Below is a list of the Moon in Taurus—Venus combinations.

  1. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Taurus: This is perhaps an extremely fortunate combination, as both planets receive each other powerful in their essential dignities. Natives with this placement are easygoing, calm, and graceful. They are pleasant to deal with and people naturally feel at ease when they are around. These individuals love to feel comfortable. However, they can also be obstinate and impervious to other’s suggestion. There is a predisposition to indulgence, laziness, and inertia.
  2. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Gemini: With Mercury’s influence and Venus in a mutable sign, people with this combination are less rigid/stubborn, and more open and adaptable than the stereotypical Moon in Taurus. They are alluring as these natives possess grace and the eloquence. Venus in this airy, mercurial, mutable sign, and in aversion to the Moon portends an abundance of nervous energy, therefore, they are more restless than the average Moon in Taurus. With Venus in the Second from the Moon and in Mercury’s domicile, natives may possess entrepreneurial talents. These natives can be fickle with their desires and interests.
  3. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Cancer: The mutual reception by ruler and exaltation of the Moon and Venus is another fortunate combination. These natives are highly intuitive, imaginative, nurturing, sensitive, and romantic, but they can be very practical, clingy, and possessive. They can intuitively know what others need and are skillful in putting people at ease.
  4. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Leo: Venus in the Sun’s domicile endows a passionate and domineering dimension to the personality. People with this placement may feel the need to be in charge. With both planets in the fixed sign, these natives may find it hard to compromise, and the possessiveness intensifies. They love to indulge and may also have a penchant for collecting luxurious items.
  5. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Virgo: They are practical, logical, highly organized, systematic, and skillful with Venus in Mercury’s earthy nocturnal domicile. Similar to those with Venus in Gemini, natives also possess the gift of gab. Venus in a mutable sign also makes them less rigid than the typical Moon in Taurus. However, Virgo is Venus’ fall and this can cause frustrations in expressing feelings (especially those of romantic), as these natives can be self-critical. While the Moon in Taurus loves to indulge, its ruler Venus in Virgo is fastidious. For the natives, this may manifest as being picky eaters or as someone who is extremely lifestyle conscious.
  6. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Libra: Although Venus is in aversion to the Moon, this is still a fortunate placement to have with Venus in its diurnal domicile. These natives are social, fun loving, but cerebral, impersonal, and impartial with Saturn co-ruling Venus. The placement may also augur a sense of lack and anxiety with Venus, its ruler averse and in the Sixth place from the Moon. The aversion of the Moon to Venus and with Saturn co-ruling Venus can cause problems regarding expressing emotions and achieving emotional fulfillment. Natives may cope with this sense of lack by overindulgence or by being abstinent.
  7. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Scorpio: Venus in Mars’ nocturnal watery domicile makes natives highly intuitive and endows them with a watchful eye. These individuals are adept at reading human behavior and motivation while outsiders may have a hard time figuring out what they think as they appear nonchalant. Scorpio is where Venus suffers its detriment and where the Moon suffers its fall. The condition of Venus and its influence on the Moon can manifest as being territorial and possessive. With both planets in fixed signs, these natives are willful. In Taurus, especially in nocturnal charts, the Moon I think is self-sufficient because of its powerful essential dignity. However, the topics of the houses the Moon and Venus rule may have an excellent start but in the end may reach a glass ceiling with Venus, its dispositor, not in an excellent condition.
  8. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Sagittarius: Jupiter’s rulership over the Moon’s dispositor makes natives jolly, easy-going, but also prone to fickleness, restlessness, and overindulgence. Natives are fortunate if Jupiter is strong and aspects the Moon by trine, sextile, or conjunction. Venus is in the Eighth place from the Moon and this endows an appetite for adventure, research, risks and an interest in the esoteric or the occult. The Moon, in aversion to Venus in Sagittarius, suggests natives are prone to taking blind risks.
  9. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Capricorn: These natives are practical, ambitious, and hardworking. For these natives, emotional fulfillment may come from achieving their goals in order to live a life of comfort, but not necessarily that of luxury. While Venus is comfortable in Capricorn, the Moon isn’t, and this manifests as being cautious in expressing emotions and opening themselves up. They are careful and calculating in matters of the heart. Venus’ placement here in Saturn’s nocturnal domicile can make these natives quiet, discrete, serious, logical, and stoic. It is noteworthy though that the Moon gains triplicity rulership in earth signs in nocturnal charts, thus Venus’ placement in Capricorn as the Moon’s dispositor does not make the natives entirely callous and emotionally unexpressive. Mars’ influence as Venus’ exaltation ruler lessens the Moon’s predisposition to slowness and laziness. Venus in the Ninth from the Moon may endow natives with a philosophical or reflective bent.
  10. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Aquarius: Venus is in Saturn’s diurnal domicile and this endows emotional detachment. Similar to those with Venus in Capricorn, these natives are nonchalant, trust the least, and are extremely practical but unlike Venus in the earth signs, it makes them cerebral, and this shows up as being emotionally unexpressive bordering on callousness. With both planets in fixed signs, these natives are also obstinate and can be opinionated. They hold their ground. Since Venus is in the Tenth from the Moon, natives may feel the need for recognition. These natives need mental stimulation to become satisfied and likewise need to connect with their partners mentally to feel secure.
  11. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Pisces: Venus is in its exaltation in Pisces and this makes the affairs of both Venus and of the Moon fortunate. These natives are very creative and emotionally expressive. Jupiter’s influence on Venus as the Moon’s dispositor makes them compassionate, nurturing, and understanding. They are fortunate in romantic affairs. Venus is in the Eleventh from the Moon making natives social and they can be widely popular.
  12. Moon in Taurus with Venus in Aries: In Aries, Venus is in the sign of its detriment and with Mars ruling we expect these natives to be more reactive than your stereotypical Moon in Taurus. People of this placement have a short fuse. These natives are less indulgent and love to be active. They can also be insatiable, and they can become very demanding regarding their needs and wants. With Venus in the Twelfth from the Moon, these natives may not be aware of how others see them. Similar to those with Venus in Scorpio, the topics of the houses the Moon and Venus rule may have an excellent start but in the end may reach a glass ceiling with Venus, its dispositor, not in an excellent condition.

Modern Astrology assigns the Ascendant as the facade of the native to the world. However, with Traditional Astrology, the Ascendant sign is your actual zodiac sign and the ruler’s placement will dictate how one looks like and behaves.

Taurus is of the earthy triplicity, thus, natives are practical and grounded. As a four-footed and domesticated sign, they are naturally calm and docile. With it as a fixed sign, we expect natives to possess excellent focus, patience, determination, endurance, and resilience, but they are also deliberate, stubborn, and there is the predisposition to laziness. We can consider the Taurus Ascendant similar to Libra Ascendant as possessing good looks, excellent artistic talents or tastes, diplomatic and hospitality skills, and a knack for making money with Venus (domicile) and the Moon (exaltation) as Taurus’ rulers.

With the Venus as the ruler of the Ascendant, I will detail the placement of Venus throughout out the signs and houses. However, we remember that the signs of Mercury and the Moon will add color and depth to the psychological make-up of the native.

  1. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Taurus: Using the whole sign house, Venus is in the First House signifying the physical body and defining the character of the person. Its placement also tells about the native’s Sixth Whole-sign house of hard labor, illnesses, relationship with colleagues and subordinates at work, the inclination to own small pets, and gains from owning small cattle. In Taurus, Venus is in its domicile and in an element where it is comfortable, thus natives have a robust constitution. However, if they get sick, it’s probably from overindulgence and from a sedentary lifestyle. They are pleasant to deal with, thus they get along well with their colleagues and have the respect of their subordinates. These natives are fortunate in raising small cattle. Those born during the day will have Venus influential as it gains triplicity rulership. Natives could be attractive, graceful, and soft-spoken. People may know them for their calm, patience, and being accommodating. Those born at night will have the Moon co-ruling the Ascendant, making them moody but also sensual and romantic.
  2. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Gemini: In the domicile of Mercury and in the Second Whole-sign House, financial stability and security are the concerns of natives. They have a knack for making money, but these natives can also be spendthrifts. However, we will look into Mercury’s condition and other astrological factors to check for the over-all wealth condition. Traits wise, Mercury’s rulership over Venus endows eloquence and charm, and from this it can make excellent salespeople. They are fickle in their interests and desires. Venus’ rulership over the Sixth Whole-sign House suggests natives may suffer from anxiety or psychosomatic disorders with Mercury ruling Venus and with her averse to the Ascendant. For those born during the day, Saturn’s triplicity rulership over Venus endows seriousness and focus. Mercury takes the helm for those born at night and this makes natives very creative and intelligent. However, the restlessness and the fickleness amplify.
  3. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Cancer: Under the Moon’s rulership and in the Third Whole-sign house, natives of this placement are deep, creative, emotional, moody, but quiet with Cancer as a mute sign. In Cancer, Venus has a perfect affinity by temperament as Venus is a cold and moist planet with Cancer as a cold and moist sign, therefore individuals with this placement have a robust constitution. Natives may have a harmonious perhaps a close relationship with the siblings, but still this depends on the condition of the Moon and its aspect to Venus. With Venus as the ruler of the Sixth House, the Moon’s influence suggests that natives may have issues with fluids and electrolytes imbalance if they are not careful. For those born during the day, Venus gains triplicity rulership and this makes natives charming and sensual. There is a strong inclination to romance. Jupiter as the exaltation ruler of Venus and as the sect benefic endows them with an easygoing but also fun-loving disposition. Nocturnal nativities will have the Moon and Mars as powerful planets influencing Venus making them secretive and intense than their diurnal counterpart.
  4. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Leo: Natives’ life events may revolve around their family, ancestors, and real-estate with Venus is in the Fourth Whole-sign house. In Leo, Venus is contrary to its nature with her a cold and most planet in a hot and dry sign, and so natives are prone to illnesses. As the ruler of the Sixth House, there could also be themes surrounding hereditary illnesses, especially regarding their cardiovascular health with the Sun ruling Venus. The Sun as Venus’ domicile ruler endows leadership potential and creative talents. They are also confident and can be very passionate. They are generous, especially with their family.
  5. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Virgo: Venus in the Fifth Whole-sign house and rejoicing in this place suggests that there is a strong inclination to and issues involving romance and sex, children, sports, speculation, and gambling. Mercury as Venus’ domicile and exaltation ruler suggests they are adept at games and handling risks involving strategy. These natives are practical and analytical. They are keen on details. However, Venus is in its fall in Virgo and this can cause problems in reaching satisfaction in romance and sex. Virgo is a barren sign and there could be reproductive health issues, especially with Venus also ruling the Sixth Whole-sign house.
  6. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Libra: Libra is Venus’ diurnal domicile, and this endows mixed fortunes with health and vitality with Venus a cold and moist in a hot and moist sign. Similar to those with Venus in Taurus, they get sick probably from overindulgence and from a sedentary lifestyle. It is also important for these natives to maintain a healthy lifestyle with their kidneys as the most sensitive body part. These natives are also fortunate with raising small cattle. Venus in its rulership endows grace and charm. In this airy sign, they are naturally eloquent and diplomatic. Saturn’s influence over Venus makes them detached and cerebral.
  7. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Scorpio: Although Venus is at its detriment in Scorpio, the planet has affinity by element as she is a cold and moist planet and in a cold and moist sign, and this endows a robust constitution to the natives. However, there could be problems with the endocrine, reproductive, and excretory health of natives if they are not careful with Venus, the ruler of the Sixth House. In the Seventh Whole-sign house, these individuals are relationship minded or relationships play a significant part in their life. In Mars’ nocturnal and watery domicile, Venus makes natives perceptive, intense, magnetic, alluring, and sensual. They naturally attract people into their lives. Venus in detriment manifests as being territorial and possessive.
  8. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Sagittarius: There is a strong interest in the financial markets, the economy, and the occult with Venus in the Eighth Whole-sign. They are also potentially lucky in those fields. Venus in Jupiter’s diurnal domicile endows natives with a philosophical and reflective bent if not spiritual. They are also studious and are eager learners. Venus, as the ruler of the Sixth, suggests that natives may get sick from a sedentary lifestyle. Natives have their liver as the most vulnerable organ. For those born during the day, the Sun as the triplicity rulership over Venus, and this endows them with leadership skills. Natives born at night will have Jupiter taking the helm as the domicile and triplicity ruler of Venus, and the interest with the law, philosophy, spirituality, and the occult become prominent.
  9. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Capricorn: Saturn and Mars rule Venus and this gives a serious, ambitious, assertive, and enterprising characteristics to the natives. In the Ninth Whole-sign house, natives may have a strong interest in law, politics, philosophy, religion, and spirituality. They may have a strong interest in travelling to foreign places and may find their love interest from overseas. If Venus suffers affliction and as the ruler of the Sixth House, the natives may catch or suffer illnesses in foreign places. The knees and the bones are the most sensitive body part. For those born during the day, Venus gains triplicity rulership and this makes them skillful in diplomacy, politics, and the law. Venus as the sect benefic for nocturnal nativities makes natives fortunate in the First, Sixth, and Ninth House matters. It also makes them sensual and romantic. However, natives can be moody and discrete with the Moon as triplicity ruler and Saturn as the sect malefic.
  10. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Aquarius: Saturn once more rules Venus, but this time she is in his diurnal domicile and triplicity. Venus in the Tenth Whole-sign house makes natives classy, attractive, and charismatic. They also possess leadership skills and this makes them adept at working with the public. Although amiable, they are impartial and impersonal with Saturn ruling Venus. They excel in careers involving the law, politics, tech entrepreneurship, and the sciences (social and physical). Venus ruling the Sixth House also suggests profit from animal husbandry/agriculture, and the medical sciences. Health-wise, natives may also suffer from cardiovascular health problems. Their ankles are the most sensitive body part. For those born during the day, Saturn takes the helm as the domicile and triplicity ruler of Venus reinforcing detachment and impartiality, especially with Saturn in an excellent condition. Mercury as the triplicity ruler of Venus sharpens the mind and adds eloquence. If Mercury is in an excellent condition, natives may excel in politics.
  11. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Pisces: Venus in the Eleventh Whole-sign makes the natives friendly and sociable. The natives excel in diplomacy. With her in the sign of exaltation, their social circles may look up to them as someone who’s important. The placement also makes them attractive, artistic, romantic, and sensual. With Venus as the ruler of the Sixth Whole-sign house, they are also fortunate in raising cattle and if not afflicted, have an excellent relationship with their subordinates or colleagues. The feet are the most delicate body part of the natives.
  12. Taurus Ascendant with Venus in Aries: Venus in Mars’ domicile and the Sun’s exaltation make them independent, brave, quick-witted, but also impatient and aggressive. In the Twelfth Whole-sign house, Venus is averse to Taurus, but opposite her home Libra. It is also noteworthy that Venus is in its detriment in Aries. Although they may appear confident in the surface, natives may suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem. It can also result to problems with romance. These natives may have a lone-wolf personalities. Venus’ condition and her rulership over the Sixth Whole-sign house suggests that natives may have trouble with her colleagues and subordinates. There is a predisposition to headache, migraine, or head injuries with the head as the most sensitive body part.

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