Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo

The series will delineate the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst and Astroseek. In this article, I will interpret the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo. The... Continue Reading →

The Zodiac Sign Stereotypes/Roast and Pop Culture

Geminis are two-faced conniving douche, and Libras are two-timing scumbags. These are some stereotypes attributed by Astro enthusiasts to those zodiac signs. With the accessibility of tools to present our zodiac impressions through images, sun signs have never been more popular with memes! These popular culture representations make us remember and understand the zodiac signs... Continue Reading →

Earthquake Astrology Part 1: The Besieged Moon Theory

Living in a country in the Ring of Fire, we expect earthquakes anytime. However, recently, these earthquakes are becoming frequent, thus is alarming. Amidst the technological advancement in earthquake detection, unlike the weather, the occurrence of earthquakes are difficult to predict, and so it catches most people off guard. Therefore, in this article I intend... Continue Reading →

All About Saturn return in Aquarius

A Brief Background about Saturn in Aquarius Like every planet that owns two signs in the zodiac except for the luminaries, Saturn has its fair share. Saturn, the greater malefic, has the honor in the zodiac owning two consecutive signs Capricorn, and Aquarius. In Aquarius, Saturn gains essential dignity by Triplicity in day charts, and... Continue Reading →

Why is the first Saturn return hard?

As someone who is currently having a Saturn return in Capricorn and will be finally over it by December, what I can say about the experience is that it is really life changing. For those interested, I have documented my pre-Saturn return preparations and reflections here. So far, by following the things I have written... Continue Reading →

A Brief Introduction to (some) Vatican Astrology – Part II

Emersion: An Alternative Study of Elective Astrology in Political History

In the last (Feb 4) installment, I introduced a possible astrological chart for the Society of Jesus, or The Jesuits.  This chart, as seen below, is drawn for the astrological default of Sun on the overhead meridian, or the “Midheaven,” and the central focus of the chart is that Jupiter conjoins the fixed star Regulus on that date, as well as a very tight conjunction of Saturn and the fixed star Spica:


I had also argued that this chart-moment was likely “elected,” meaning that it was astrologically chosen well ahead of time to be the day that the alliance between the Papacy and Ignatius Loyola’s group of papists became official, by way of a Papal bull called the Formula of the Institute.

The Society of Jesus moved quickly with their mission after September of 1540, helping the Vatican reach out to distant “new” lands, and also…

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A Brief Introduction to (some) Vatican Astrology

Emersion: An Alternative Study of Elective Astrology in Political History

It has been said that the only institution in Western Culture to survive the Dark Ages was the Catholic Church of Rome.  Yet, it may be even more remarkable that the Holy See has survived the Enlightenment and the industrial revolution.

The reasons for Catholic longevity have taken up many volumes of historical analysis, and we have no room for that here, but we should ask if this survivability has any discernible astrological strengths or patterns.

To start such a quest, I want to first look at an era when the Holy See was at its most vulnerable – the 16th Century.

The early 1500’s saw the rise of Protestantism, fueled by the Renaissance. Countermeasures by the Vatican included the sanctioning of the Society of Jesus, more commonly called the “Jesuits.”

The Jesuits were the creation of Ignatius of Loyola, a Basque priest who took to studying at…

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