Will the Volcanic Eruption in Las Palmas Escalate? – An Assessment and Forecast using the Mundane Ingress and the Eclipses

The Cumbre Vieja in Las Palmas erupted at a scale of VEI 2 on September 19, 2021, at 3:12 pm local time [1,2]. At the moment, the Cumbre Vieja remains active and some locals [3] reported its paroxysms becoming stronger, fearing for a larger eruption. Here, we will look at the 2021 Aries Ingress of... Continue Reading →

“Will Company KP close? If so, will I get my money back?” – Revisiting a Horary Case Using the Part of Dismissal

I was deleting files when I came across this interesting and straightforward horary case. As I looked at the chart, I got curious about its Part of Dismissal. In this blog, we will revisit the case and see if it supports the original judgment. Context Two years ago, there was an investment craze that lured... Continue Reading →

Pole Shifts, Magnetic Excursion Events, and Astrology

Astrology in whatever system is all about perspective. The ancients have always watched the skies, followed the planets, and interpreted planetary alignments from the Earth's point of view to predict mundane and personal events. While astrological systems share similarities, I have always wondered why and how they got so diverse. Geography and culture aside, another... Continue Reading →

The 2021 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury will be on retrograde from May 30, 2021, to June 23, 2021 (Philippine Standard Time). Mercury has rulership over communications (spoken, written, and all forms of media), information resources/outlets, and transportation. It also has rulership over trade and commerce. Mercury is in its own sign of rulership while in retrograde. Traditional sources suggest that... Continue Reading →

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