Prepping for Your Saturn Return in Pisces

A Brief Background about Saturn in Pisces Saturn is peregrine (in a foreign place) in Pisces, so it will depend on its rulers Jupiter and Venus for support. However, Saturn gains dignity by face in the first 10 degrees of Pisces and by term in the sign's last 3 degrees. While Saturn may not have... Continue Reading →

Why is the first Saturn return hard?

As someone who is currently having a Saturn return in Capricorn and will be finally over it by December, what I can say about the experience is that it is really life changing. For those interested, I have documented my pre-Saturn return preparations and reflections here. So far, by following the things I have written... Continue Reading →

On Saturn Return in Capricorn

Impending Saturn Return Saturn stationed direct last August 25 at 21 degrees Sagittarius and it is on it way to enter Capricorn this December. The Great Malefic, the Stern Taskmaster, the Grim Reaper, and the Hermit is at home in Capricorn, its Nocturnal home. Saturn being essentially dignified is unimpeded thus Saturn will be able... Continue Reading →

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