The Epicenter of the Maelstrom Mundane Astrology Series – The 2022 Forecasts/Predictions for the World, USA, and The Philippines Part 1

2021 was just the start of the aftermath of 2020. The Sun's ingresses and the eclipses of 2020 and 2021 planted the seeds not only for 2022 but in the years to come. As we enter 2022 and as it progresses, the world continues to be shaken, and the darker underbelly of our society is... Continue Reading →

Astrology-Science Correlations Series – The Sun and the Humanity’s Moral Compass

Ancient astrologers often correlate the physical characteristics of an object or an event to the observable physical attributes and qualities of the planets. As a student of astrology, I have always wondered if there are deeper reasons the ancients assign the significations to these heavenly bodies. It is this inquiry that gave rise to the... Continue Reading →

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