Trump vs. Biden: An Analysis of the Ingresses and the Lunation before the U.S. Presidential Election

Events such as elections are excellent avenues for testing and experimenting with predictive techniques. In this article, I will attempt to predict who wins the presidential race by integrating horary techniques and mundane methods and see if this predictive method works. The Assumptions & Methodology I'll first look into the Aries Ingress and apply the... Continue Reading →

Earthquake Astrology Part 2: Forecasting through Ingresses and the Eclipses

The part one of the three-part series discussed the importance of the Moon in earthquakes. As I have explained, the Moon is the closest planetary body to the Earth, and the number of planet it aspects increases the Moon's ability to influence tectonic plate movements resulting to earthquakes. The basis of this assumption was from... Continue Reading →

Mars/Saturn Conjunctions in Cancer in Mundane Astrology

Anthony Louis - Astrology & Tarot Blog

Recently I’ve been reading some modern and classic texts on mundane astrology. One of the more obscure facets of historical astrology is the role of the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer which repeats about every 30 years. One of the earliest mentions of the importance of this conjunction of the traditional malefic in the sign Cancer can be found in al-Kindi’s discussions of its role in examining the duration of Arab rule. Abu Ma’Shar later popularized al-Kindi’s ideas.

According to Ben Dykes in Astrology of the World II, al-Kindi noted that in the Aries Ingress or vernal equinox chart for the year 622 AD, when Muhammad fled to Medina, the sign Cancer was on the Ascendant, and Mars was conjunct Saturn in Cancer in the 1st house. At the same time Jupiter in this diurnal chart occupied Aquarius in the 8th house and was in aversion to the Ascendant, thus affording…

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The Zodiac Sign Stereotypes/Roast and Pop Culture

Geminis are two-faced conniving douche, and Libras are two-timing scumbags. These are some stereotypes attributed by Astro enthusiasts to those zodiac signs. With the accessibility of tools to present our zodiac impressions through images, sun signs have never been more popular with memes! These popular culture representations make us remember and understand the zodiac signs... Continue Reading →

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