A Medical Horary in Hindsight: Is the anrm bets-in safe?

As a nurse, I welcome innovations in medicine and honor time-tested preventive health management measures. However, I'm also extremely skeptical of medical management/procedures that are novel and experimental because there are no studies disclosing the long-term effects. With the rollout of the j@b on January 2021, I have asked if the v@x (especially the m-RN@)... Continue Reading →

Natal Astrology Series: The Sun In Your Birth Chart

The Sun in traditional natal astrology is important in calculating the native’s length of life. He is one of the four life-givers also known as the hyleg. For those born during the day, the Sun and his triplicity rulers are the testimonies to assess to determine the general life trends of the natives. In the Hellenistic... Continue Reading →

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