Electional Astrology Case Study: Erecting the Inception Chart in an Unfavorable period

Last year, I was informed by our boss at that we will have a company wide contract signing. Unfortunately, the astrological factors during that time were really bad. Knowing this, I asked our boss that I’ll be signing on a different date. Luckily, I was given a privilege by my boss to select a date to which I’m signing the contract but under a specific time table- I should be signing it within the work week of the announcement.

The contract was signed on October 3, 2015 at 7:22 am. The Inception chart is shown below.


The following were my goals in erecting this Inception chart:

  1. Career Longevity and Stability
  2. Financial Benefit
  3. Non-monetary benefits
  4. Respect from Colleagues
  5. Avoiding power with superiors and colleagues. Protection from sabotage from both Open and Secret enemies.

The factors that limited me in choosing an inception chart for contract signing are as follows:

  1. Our office hours in from 2 am-10 am.
  2. Boss is in a hurry.
  3. Boss will be traveling out of the country.
  4. Content of the contract probably was not reviewed as it was rushed.

During this period the following Astrological factors need to be considered:

  1. The selection of the correct Ascendant and the Moon that fits to the goals. I also based the inception chart in accordance to my natal chart.
  2. Significator of the Election that is the Tenth House and its Lord.
  3. Mercury Retrograde in Libra with Mars in Virgo.
  4. There was a Lunar Eclipse on September 28, 2015. As ancient astrologers are against starting an activity 5 days before and 5 days after the eclipse. The eclipse is also ruled by Mars.
  5. The Sun the natural significator of authority is in fall in Libra. Jupiter the natural significator of benevolence, luck, wealth, and good reputation is in detriment in Virgo. However, Jupiter is oriental to the Sun, direct and is moving fast. Mars as well is oriental and is applying to Jupiter.
  6. Venus in Leo is in mutual reception or rather in generosity (since it already separated already from sextile aspect by a wide orb) with the Sun in Libra.
  7. The Planetary Hour to buffer mistakes of the election.

The Ascendant I chose was Scorpio. Scorpio being a fixed sign and of straight ascension is the best Ascendant choice for longevity considering the limitations indicated above. In my natal chart Scorpio rules the Eleventh House by whole sign house and the Tenth House using the quadrant based house system (Scorpio is my Midheaven sign). I chose a benefic house in my natal chart as my Ascendant.

Mars, the Lord of Ascendant is the luckiest planet as it had already separated from Saturn, the Great Malefic and is applying to the Great Benefic Jupiter. It is also posited in the Eleventh House, a benefic house. Mars’ posited in the Eleventh House will be able to guard the House it rules by sextile aspect by Whole sign house.

Jupiter is in the Eleventh House, the House of its Joy and it is a diurnal chart. Albeit being detriment in Virgo, being in the House of its Joy gave it dignity. It is also Oriental, Direct, Moving fast, in the correct sect, and separating from Saturn thus it has strength in the election and can dispense its fortune in accordance to the sign it is in. The Planetary hour of which I signed the contract was the Hour of Jupiter.

Mars, the Lord of the Ascendant is applying a conjunction to Jupiter, the Lord of the Second and Fifth House of the inception chart. This conjunction addresses the financial benefit, non-monetary benefits, and offers protection from potential harm and injuries. The Ascendant is also applying a sextile to both my Natal Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo in the inception chart. Transiting Mars in Virgo is also applying a trine to the Natal Sun in Capricorn.

Venus the Lesser Benefic albeit ruling the Seventh and Twelfth House, the houses of Open and Secret enemies respectively is in the Tenth House. In Traditional Astrology, a  benefic planet is a benefic planet regardless of the House it rules and it endows its goodness to the House it is in. In this chart it is in the Tenth House, it will be giving grace and charm to the significations associated with this House. On the other hand, she as the Lady of the Seventh and Twelfth House, cannot see the Ascendant ruler (Mars is in the sign next to it) so chances are Open and Secret enemies even though capable of acting in the office will be leaving me alone thus cannot afflict me with their malice.

The Moon in Gemini of the inception chart is applying a sextile to Venus in Leo. Venus in Leo is also applying a sextile by transit to my Moon in Gemini. Although the Moon is in the Eight House, Moon is in an enclosure by the benefics (Moon separated from a square with Jupiter and applying to sextile to Venus).  The Luminaries of my natal chart were also activated by this inception thus providing sufficient energy for this inception chart to work.

Part of Fortune is in the Ninth House conjunct fixed star Sirius. Part of Fortune trine the Ascendant by whole sign house.

The Midheaven in Leo will put my Natal Jupiter at the top of the inception chart. Since the Sun is weak in Libra and Mercury in the same sign is retrograding, the decision to put weak planets in the Twelfth House was the best choice during this time. Putting in the Twelfth House impedes the expression of the afflicted Planets.

Mercury the dispositor of Mars and Jupiter is in Libra is in retrograde but it is disposed by mutual reception of Sun in Libra and Venus in Leo thus conferring some dignity and alleviating somewhat the impediment. With the Lord of the Tenth unable to see the Lord of Ascendant, there will be a degree of independence and laxity from the boss.

Choosing a suitable date for the contract signing was really challenging and made me uneasy. Those employees who signed just after the eclipse did not last long in the company and chaos did really ensue months after (Mars in peregrine was prominent that time after all). Thankfully, I’m still in the same company and position. I can say I got what I really wanted.

Electional Astrology is really helpful in making one’s activity succeed. However, the natal chart should be consulted first if things we are planning to elect would work for us. As most Traditional Astrologers would say, if it is not promised in the chart, no matter how good the election is, it won’t work out. Maybe it’s really true that if we start what we want right it will end right and with this, Astrology will help us in knowing when to start right.


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