Comet ZTF and Guido Bonatti in the Modern Context

As a comet reported [1] to have approached the Earth 50,000 years ago, the passaging of Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3) is worth looking at, although the magnitude of its brightness is far dimmer than compared to that of Comet NEOWISE. In this article, we will try to interpret what Comet ZTF portends using once more... Continue Reading →

Natal Astrology Series: Mercury In Your Birth Chart

Mercury plays a critical role in nativities as it is the significator of the native's mind, along with the Moon. The planet naturally signifies the rational part of the mind and communication. He also has rulership over trade and commerce, so Mercury's condition and placement could show talent in business and finance. As the significator... Continue Reading →

Gazing At The Crimson Yonder Mundane Astrology Series—The 2023 Forecasts/Predictions for the World, the USA, and the Philippines Part 1

The storms and the tremors emanating from the previous years continue to pummel, but with the upcoming year, it will be with immense and pulsating intensity. That force will blow off the proverbial lid of the long-simmering cauldron. For the unaware, this explosion is the flash point and will be in for a perplexing shock.... Continue Reading →

Trump vs. Biden: An Analysis of the Ingresses and the Lunation before the U.S. Presidential Election

Events such as elections are excellent avenues for testing and experimenting with predictive techniques. In this article, I will attempt to predict who wins the presidential race by integrating horary techniques and mundane methods and see if this predictive method works. The Assumptions & Methodology I'll first look into the Aries Ingress and apply the... Continue Reading →

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