Comet ZTF and Guido Bonatti in the Modern Context

As a comet reported [1] to have approached the Earth 50,000 years ago, the passaging of Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3) is worth looking at, although the magnitude of its brightness is far dimmer than compared to that of Comet NEOWISE. In this article, we will try to interpret what Comet ZTF portends using once more Guido Bonatti as a reference. Below shows the trajectory of Comet ZTF [2].

Figure 1: The Trajectory of Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3).

Unlike Comet NEOWISE, whose brightness is 0.5 to 1 upon its perihelion, Comet ZTF’s brightness is magnitude 6 as it approaches closest to Earth on February 1. From its magnitude, there is a need to use binoculars to assess Comet ZTF at its brightest. It is also noteworthy that, as it approaches close to Earth, comet ZTF is in the constellation of Camelopardalis and transiting the tropical sign of Cancer and sidereal Gemini.

The Comet’s Brightness As the Indicator for Judgment

In my last article about Comet NEOWISE, I have mentioned using the perihelion as to judge the astrological significations of comets. However, in Comet ZTF’s case, I think the best chart to use is when the comet is at its brightest. Figure 2 shows Comet ZTF as it transits the constellation of Camelopardalis at its brightest.

Figure 2: Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3) in Camelopardalis from the Star Walk 2 App.

Here, we will look at what the comet will bring forth basing on its color and other characteristics using Guido Bonatti as a reference. Figure 3 shows the screenshot of Kevin Palmer’s photograph post [3] of Comet ZTF on Twitter.

Figure 2: Actual Photo of Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3).

Astronomers described the Comet ZTF as green but faint. From its color and brightness, I classified it under an Ascona-type of comet, where its color is closest to blue; and in terms of visibility, and with its size, appears small. As per Guido Bonatti, to quote directly:

The Lord of Ascona is said to be of the condition of Mercury, and its color is blue. And it appears small in comparison with the other comets, and it has a long tail, and it extends its rays to one side or another in the manner of a wing having heads underneath it, bringing it down to one place. Which if it were to appear, it signifies the death of kings or magnates and nobles who are fit for a realm; and especially toward the part into which it extends its tails or rays, and it signifies battles.

Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy Treatises, 8.1 & 10: Conjunctions, Revolutions, and Weather. Translated by Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D. p. 986.

If we put this on today’s perspective, we may continue to see those who are in positions of power and wealth getting into further trouble, if not their demise. Since the comet has the nature of Mercury, we may see the effects of the comet on the trade, commerce, tech industry, information sources, the mainstream media and social media, and transportation industries. With the comet portending battles, we may see the escalation of diplomatic disputes globally. Figure 3 shows the astrological chart replication of Comet ZTF’s close approach to Earth.

Figure 3:  The Chart of Comet ZTF’s Closest Approach to Earth.

With Mercury as the planet closely signifying the comet, we will first explore its significations using this planet as a reference. Over-all, the passaging of Comet ZTF brings about a lot of information from exposures. Mercury is in Capricorn, where it is in the domicile of Saturn and the exaltation of Mars. The rulership of the malevolent planets could portend challenging circumstances to the matters that Mercury signifies. Saturn ruling over Mercury, under today’s context, suggests contractions and limitation of growth opportunities in trade and commerce, problems with the supply chain, delays and issues in communication and transportation, and the active censorship. Since Comet ZTF is revelatory, there could be important information from the past coming to light. Mercury, in the exaltation of Mars, could still show a lot of bickering and the escalation of diplomatic disputes. As mentioned earlier, the comet is likely transiting the sign of Cancer because it is in between the fixed stars Castor and Sirius. The Moon and Jupiter have influence over the effects of the comet, so we will also look at them in the chart.

It is possible that Comet ZTF is opposing Mercury. The opposition with Mercury suggests the further disputes and troubles arising from the aforementioned portent of Mercury’s placement. The Moon rules the comet, so we may witness the effects on the populace. Once more, our attention is also on Mercury, because it is the Moon’s ruler with her in Gemini. Mercury is in the detriment of the Moon and in the domicile of the infortunes is a foreboding sign. We may see the demise of many people as part of the comet’s effects. Another testimony for such is the enclosure of the Moon by Mars, Neptune, and Saturn.

Our attention is also on Jupiter, as the sign’s exaltation ruler. Its ruler is Mars and in the sign of Jupiter’s detriment. Jupiter, as the natural significator of the economy, the financial markets, and the banking industry, suggests disputes or disagreements arising from those matters. It is noteworthy that Mars’ ruler, Mercury, is in the sign of Jupiter’s fall; where the comet could signify a severe economic downturn and a lot of problems in the banking industry. It also does not bode well for the religion and religious leaders, where we may hear scandals/demise of important figures. There could arise a lot of issues in the courts, in the justice systems, and in the nation’s laws. Looking back at the Moon, the populace will take a hard hit from the issues Jupiter signifies because she is also in the sign of Jupiter’s detriment.

In A Nutshell

  • Albeit a far dimmer comet relative to Neowise, it is worthy of study regarding its astrological effects because it is a once in a lifetime comet.
  • Comet ZTF likely belongs to an Ascona-type comet and this type of comet is Mercurial. We should also note that Comet ZTF is likely to oppose Mercury from its placement in the sign of Cancer, making Mercury as the key planet.
  • While it is green, it closely resembles the Ascona-type comet with its closest color to blue and because of its size and other defining characteristics (small and it has a wing-like appearance if we look at it from the Star Walk 2 app).
  • Saturn and Mars rule Mercury, so Comet ZTF will express its effects on the significations Saturn and Mars rules.
  • The Moon and Jupiter will have their significations manifest because of Comet ZTF’s placement in Cancer, where the mentioned planets are the sign’s domicile and exaltation ruler.
  • The effects of the comet could be inauspicious for those who are in power, for the economy, and the populace. For the populace, the foreboding effect could show as mortality.

Notes and References

[1] Pultarova, T. (2023, January 19). Brilliant green comet loses part of its tail to solar storm in this stunning astrophotographer photo.
[2] Ford, D. (Ed.). (2023, January 12). C/2022 E3 (ZTF) at perihelion. Retrieved January 21, 2023, from
[3] Palmer, K. (2023, January 20). Comet ZTF Photo. Twitter. Retrieved January 21, 2023, from
[4] Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy Treatises, 8.1 & 10: Conjunctions, Revolutions, and Weather. Translated by Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D. p. 986.


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