The Auspices and Portent of Pluto in Aquarius in Mundane Astrology

Pluto brings deep and remarkable changes in the significations of the sign it is in and the planet it connects with. Through the literal and symbolic death and rebirth, is how Pluto brings about these changes and transformations. Astrologers also associate Pluto with underground politics and issues involving control, so we may see those as themes that Pluto can bring to the surface. With Pluto’s transit in Capricorn about to end, by hindsight, we have seen along its trajectory its slow but potent transformative effects and the issues associated with it manifest according to the significations of Capricorn, Saturn, and Mars.

In the earthy and cardinal sign of Capricorn, we have seen Pluto’s transformative influence manifest in leadership and how we view leaders (because of the exposure of political scandals), the global economic recession (i.e., the 2008 economic crisis and of what we are currently experiencing today) and its ongoing revolutionary changes (i.e., the rise of cryptocurrency and the shift to a multi-polar world), and how humanity uses and manages its natural resources (i.e., the rise of climate activism).

Pluto transiting the nocturnal domicile of father time Saturn portended the exposure of false histories, slowly undermining the lies and shedding a light to the truth of events. The recent stellium involving Jupiter and of the traditional and modern malefics (the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto) in Capricorn in January 2020 may have augured the consolidation of power and control (i.e., through lockdowns and mandates), the COVID-19 pandemic, the dangers we see in public health today, and the deleterious impact in the global economy.

With Saturn as the natural significator of real estate, agriculture, fossil fuel, and mining, we see Pluto’s effects through the extreme volatility of the real estate markets, advancements in the production but also challenges in the food industry, the continued relevance of fossil fuels but also shows the necessity for finding alternative resources for cleaner energy, and the resurgence of precious metals as tangible assets to back-up to currencies. We have also seen extreme natural calamities during Pluto’s transit in Capricorn.

Pluto’s transit in Capricorn also brought transformation to the significations of Mars, as the sign’s exaltation ruler. Mars naturally rules warfare and disputes, and we see and hear once more threats of nuclear warfare. Nuclear energy is again in the spotlight as an alternative source in this current energy crisis. Pluto, as the planet of invisibility in Mars’ exaltation, portended the rumors of unconventional warfare through biological means, cyberattacks, and the use of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). It is through Pluto’s time in Capricorn where the potential usage of the fearsome hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missiles and its destructive capacity came to light.

As Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2024, we will witness Pluto’s transformative events under the context of Aquarius and Saturn. What makes this Pluto in Aquarius transit interesting is it will aspect the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 0 Aquarius, where it catalyzes the changes the great conjunction brings. We will also take into considerations Aquarius’ triplicity rulers on how Pluto’s transit in Aquarius will manifest. There will also be a forecast on the effects of Pluto in Aquarius as it transits the sign’s decans and terms. The 2024 and 2025 Aries ingress charts are critical, as these are the ingresses where Pluto is in Aquarius, thus it will further color what Pluto in Aquarius brings, so we will take a quick look at those, too.

Not so fast: Pluto will re-enter Capricorn twice!

Before Pluto enters Aquarius for good in November 2024, Pluto will ingress back to Capricorn twice (from June 11, 2023-January 20, 2024 and September 1, 2024-November 19, 2024). Hence, the aforementioned significations Pluto in Capricorn brings will be once more at the forefront. Pluto’s back-and-forth change in triplicity could augur volatile and tumultuous situations involving the economy and government. Perhaps this could also portend a period of extreme natural disasters. In the stages of change, we can liken this period to the unfreezing stage.

Understanding Pluto’s transit under the context of Aquarius, Saturn, and the Airy Triplicity in Traditional Astrology

To see what Pluto in Aquarius will bring, we have to look at some of the traditional significations of Aquarius and Saturn. Traditional astrological texts classify Aquarius as a human sign, where it is a vocal, social, and rational sign. Some texts describe those who are born under the sign as malicious, haters of their own family, and misanthropic [1] quite contrary to its modern depiction as the sign of universal love, understanding, and kinship. It is an airy fixed sign and a hot and wet sign. Pluto’s transit in Aquarius will bring deep changes relative to those mentioned qualities of the sign. The next segment will showcase the potential best and worst outcomes of this transit based on those listed qualities.

Pluto’s transit in this vocal sign suggests massive changes in how we communicate, where we may see advanced communication tools that could outperform than what we have today. We may also see a lot of changes and innovation in the mainstream media and social media. In Saturn’s domicile and triplicity, we may still see censorship. However, there could be a more fair and balanced reporting and treatment of information. There could also be a lot of changes in the entertainment and gaming industry.

During Pluto’s last transit in the social sign of Aquarius, revolutions were frequent and there were a lot of significant milestones pertaining to human rights [2]. Aside from the outer planet transits, what makes Pluto’s transit in Aquarius in the past different from what’s to come is it happened under the era of the grand mutation in the fiery triplicity, [3] where Pluto’s transit fanned the flames of discontent, resulting in bloody upheavals and conquests. The upcoming Pluto’s transit in Aquarius will happen under the grand mutation in the airy signs suggesting that its transformative effects will focus on us, the people and could also portend the people’s empowerment. From that, the principles of egalitarianism will be on the fore but also comes the emergence of the dilemma between individualism versus collectivism. Upheavals happening in this period could be less violent but could be more insidious with Aquarius as a rational but also a Saturn-ruled sign (or as a sign a malefic planet rules). Alternatively, we may also see the application of social engineering to influence and control behavior.

Aquarius as a rational sign portends further progress in artificial intelligence, science, and technology. There could be a lot of revelations that will change our understanding of things. In this airy, fixed sign, we could see movements that could either prove or disprove or challenge long-standing doctrines, and will consequently further unite, divide, dissolve or give rise to new bodies of knowledge and ways to approach and practice spirituality.

Our attention now is on Aquarius’ ruler, Saturn. Unlike in Capricorn, where Saturn shares its rulership with Mars; in Aquarius, he has the sole rulership over the sign, making his significations even more prominent. In Aquarius, Saturn is active and communicative because of the sign’s hot and wet qualities. It is also noteworthy that Aquarius diametrically opposes the domicile of the Sun, Leo. The Sun naturally rules monarchies, and Saturn naturally rules the common people. With Pluto as the significator of power, his transit in Aquarius could give power to us the people and make our voice louder. Monarchies may fade in the background with Pluto in the sign of the Sun’s detriment and with it opposing Leo.

With Saturn as the natural significator of real estate, agriculture, fossil fuel, and mining, we will look at Pluto’s effects on those listed significations under the context of an Aquarian Saturn. In real estate, Pluto in Aquarius may give rise in the utilization of the highlands, the air space, and the outer space as income producing avenues for the real estate economy. Smart homes will continue to become a thing. In terms of fossil fuels, there remains their continued relevance, but with it comes the utilization of other efficient sources of energy. Since Aquarius is an air sign, humanity may learn how to harvest electricity from the skies and even from outer space. The digitalization of the financial system remains imminent. However, it will take a while for the fiat currency to become obsolete. Precious metals as tangible assets become a back-up to currencies.

Aquarius’ darker side is its potential for malice and misanthropy. From a rulership perspective, this makes sense as Saturn (the greater infortune) fully owns the sign. With Pluto behaving also as a natural malefic combined with Saturn’s rulership, and with the darker aspects of Aquarius, the foreboding effect of this transit could be from the destruction of personal boundaries, the loss of freedom, or from the rise of a vicious anarchy. As mentioned earlier, we could see social engineering playing a significant role, and this could direct and control human behavior. Perhaps the social credit system we hear today wherein everything is merit-based and the artificial intelligence making these judgments is an excellent example of how these constructed social systems manifest. Trans-humanism also is a manifestation of Pluto in Aquarius’ darker side.

Here, we will also evaluate the effects of Pluto in Aquarius in the context of the two remaining triplicity rulers. Please note that Saturn is the diurnal triplicity ruler of the air signs. The effects of Pluto in Aquarius under the influence of Mercury as the nocturnal triplicity ruler of the air signs is another testimony of the widespread usage of artificial intelligence and robotics. In combination with the influence of Jupiter, the natural significator of laws and legislation under an airy Saturn ratifies objectivity. Pluto’s transit in Aquarius could bolster the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that will probably help settle legal disputes and aid policy makers as an implication. The medical field will probably use robotics in managing infectious and minor clinical cases. AI will help in diagnosing and establishing clinical pathways in the management of diseases. Inventions, innovation and utilization of technology will thrive, but to the detriment of the human workforce. Mercury as the significator of information, Saturn governing ancient and esoteric knowledge, and Jupiter, the planet of higher learning and religion, suggests Pluto’s transit could catalyze significant discoveries and revival of knowledge of the distant past. Astrology and other divination sciences will continue to rise, and there could be changes in the education community that will probably consider adding it as part of the system. Space travel and tourism is a possibility.

Jupiter is the participating triplicity ruler of the air signs. It is the planet signifying banking and the finances, and his influence in Pluto’s transit could further show development in the cryptocurrency or the development of the digital currency markets. Contactless transactions and the e-commerce will continue to proliferate. As mentioned earlier, real estate will also undergo major changes. The new real estate business model will probably shift, focusing on the concepts of distance and isolation (under Saturn’s influence) but also on the concept of utilizing space (Jupiter). Real estate laws will probably uphold many changes which could also take into account environmental and humanitarian considerations as a result of a more socially aware society. The grand mutation in the earthy signs heralds the discovery and use of fossil fuels. With the shift in air signs, there is a shift from the usage of fossil fuels to the use of cleaner alternative energy sources. Jupiter rules religion, so under Pluto’s transit, we will also see it undergo radical changes.

A General Forecast of Pluto’s Transit in Aquarius

Here, we will try to assess what Pluto in Aquarius will bring as it transits the decans (faces) and terms (bounds) of Aquarius. Regarding the terms, I will use the Egyptian and Ptolemaic systems.

Decan RulerTerm Ruler (Egyptian and Ptolemaic)Interpretation
VenusMercury/SaturnIn the first ten degrees of the transit, Pluto transiting the face of Venus portends changes and milestones in beauty, romance, sex, the entertainment industry, sports industry, speculations industry, peace, and diplomacy. We could also see concerns and issues about gender equality, marriage, and the fertility rate. This could be the period of women leaders.

Under the sub-context of Mercury, our perceptions on the matters Venus signify changes. Since Mercury is the planet of trade and commerce, there will be significant changes in the conduct of businesses associated with Venus. This period could augur the emergence of space travel.

Under the sub-context of Saturn, we could see a restructuring and/or restoration (Saturn naturally rules tradition) of the norms and customs of the Venusian significations where we could see changes and/or revival of traditional approaches in the dating scene, in gender-roles, on the values in marriage, and the dynamics in relationships. In relation to Mercury, this may manifest as the formal introduction of robotics and new devices powered by AI technology to the society that will help or harm the matters Venus rules. Examples of AI and robotics as applied to Venusian significations are further development on the gaming experience in gadgets and in e-sports, AI-guided speculation and gambling, the sex robots, and AI-guided conflict resolution software. There could be medical breakthroughs in the science of fertility.
VenusVenus/MercuryIn the bound of Venus and Mercury, we will continue to see the themes listed above.
MercuryE: Venus and Jupiter P: MercuryIn the second ten degrees of the transit, Pluto transiting the face and bound of Mercury may augur a major overhaul in communication, transportation, trade, commerce, and education. Milestones in science and technology characterize this period. Space travel and tourism industry may blossom.

With Venus, the same interpretation as listed above. Further changes in the banking industry and the economic systems characterize the period with Pluto in the bound of Jupiter. Education, religion, and spirituality will also undergo massive reforms.
MoonE: Mars P: Venus and JupiterIn the last ten degrees of the transit, Pluto will be in the decan of the Moon, suggesting the attention is on the welfare of the populace and the evolution of humanity. As the co-ruler of the real estate, there could be significant milestones, but also the rise of immense concerns in this regard. There could be a yearning for belonging with the Moon having rulership over families.

For Venus and Jupiter, please see the interpretation above. Mars, having term rulership in the last ten degrees could portend a volatile and tumultuous situation. There could be further developments of more sophisticated and insidiously destructive weaponries and warfare technologies.
MoonE: Saturn P: MarsUnder the influence of the Moon and sub-context of Saturn and Mars, Pluto’s transit here suggests we could see the re-emergence of a feudalistic-type system.

The 2024 and 2025 Aries Ingress Charts

The 2024 and 2025 Aries ingress charts are critical, as these are the ingresses where Pluto is in Aquarius and is the first and second time the Sun aspects it. Here, we will also look at the planets that aspect Pluto.

In the 2024 Aries ingress chart, we see the Moon in Leo has recently opposed Pluto and the Sun in Aries applying a sextile to it. With the luminaries in the domicile (the Moon in Leo) and exaltation of the Sun (in Aries), Pluto’s effects will manifest on the nation’s leaders and prominent figures all over the world. It is noteworthy that Pluto is in the sign of the Sun’s detriment, so Pluto’s effects for this period are harmful to the aforementioned personnel. From that, we may see enormous scandals that could augur immense problems for those people in power. Perhaps it could manifest as a tarnish to their reputation and could portend their removal from power or demise.

Looking at the 2025 Aries ingress chart, we see the Sun, retrograde Venus, and retrograde Mercury applying sextile to Pluto. The condition of the planets and their aspect to Pluto could portend challenging situations to the significations they rule. Venus takes the hardest hit as she is not only in the sign of her detriment, she is also in retrograde and combust. The aspect of the afflicted Venus to Pluto could portend a crisis involving women, sex, reproductive health, fertility, and the global diplomatic relations. This is not favorable for those who are in the beauty, entertainment, and sports industry, where we may see and hear explosive scandals and the shocking demise of prominent figures belonging to those industries. Retrograde and combust Mercury is applying to Pluto and is in contra-antiscia to Saturn, where Saturn is in the sign of Mercury’s fall and detriment. Mercury’s severe affliction portends severe disruptions in communication and transportation. There is a higher incidence of potentially deadly road and transportation accidents. It could also show powerful, explosive events. Governments and leaders worldwide will still have a hard time with the Sun applying to Pluto where it is in the sign of the Sun’s detriment.

The October 2040 Grand Mutation in Libra: A Golden 20-Year Period?

The October 2040 Grand Mutation in Libra will aspect Pluto in Aquarius where it will once again the bring about quickly its significations. Below is the chart of the grand mutation in Libra.

The grand mutation could bring a lot of positive changes as there is a mutual reception by domicile between Venus and Jupiter. The unafflicted Saturn receives the unafflicted Jupiter. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn will apply a trine to the retrograde Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury also is translating the light of Jupiter and Saturn to Pluto, hastening its effects. What all those means for us is we could see a relatively peaceful, prosperous, and technologically advanced society as the benevolent planet rules the conjunction where Pluto further supports the positive changes. From that, the period of 2040-2060 could be the golden age of the 21st century.

Notes & Reference

  1. Valens, V. (n.d.). Anthologies (M. Riley, Trans.; Vol. 1). p. 5
  2. Infoplease. (2020, August 5). 1700–1799 (A.D.) World History. InfoPlease.
  3. Astrologer Richard Nolle’s 3000-Year Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Table. (n.d.).

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