Natal Astrology Series: Mercury In Your Birth Chart

Mercury plays a critical role in nativities as it is the significator of the native’s mind, along with the Moon. The planet naturally signifies the rational part of the mind and communication. He also has rulership over trade and commerce, so Mercury’s condition and placement could show talent in business and finance. As the significator of the empirical sciences and co-ruler of astrology (the other planet is Saturn), Mercury in the birth chart could show the inclination and skills for such.

In this series, we will interpret your Mercury in the signs, houses, and its aspects to your planets in the chart. If you are new to astrology, you can check your Mercury’s placement by clicking the following sites: or Astroseek.

Mercury’s sign is critical when we want to determine the quality of the native’s intellectual interests, the method of learning, the approach to understanding the world or the lens to which one sees the world, and the quality of the expression or communication of thoughts and feelings. It could also show the things that make the natives worry. Since Mercury is essentially a neutral but changeable planet, the significations it brings depends on its essential dignity, the planet that rules it and the planet it aspects, the houses it rules, and with it receiving your Ascendant ruler and/or the Moon.

  1. Mercury in Virgo: Mercury is in the sign of his domicile and exaltation. As ‘extremely’, essentially dignified in this sign, unless it aspects a planet in another sign, Mercury’s purest qualities are in the fore. The planet is also in a sign it has an affinity with by element; with Mercury, a cold and dry planet, in a cold and dry sign. In this human sign, natives of this placement display eloquence and excellent comprehension. What sets this Mercury from that of Gemini is the strong inclination and talent in mathematics, as their eye for details is impeccable and the capacity for better focus is remarkable. The placement is favorable for astrological studies. Natives see and operate life from a logical and practical perspective. It may also account for the natives’ way of learning and their worries.
  2. Mercury in Libra: While in a sign contrary to its nature, Mercury gains triplicity rulership for nocturnal births, so in all the air signs, Mercury functions very well. Here, Venus and Saturn rule Mercury. Venus’ influence suggests the natives’ talent in the arts and music. It is through those media they learn best. Charming through the spoken and written language, they are politically astute and essentially diplomatic. Saturn’s influence makes the natives naturally deliberate, impartial, and cerebral. They see and process the world through pros and cons. In the worst cases, that results in indecisiveness. At its best, that shows an excellent strategist and/or tactician. Logic also is their medium for understanding the world.
  3. Mercury in Scorpio: This Mercury is sharp but subtle in the watery and nocturnal domicile of Mars. In this fixed sign, natives possess a remarkable focus, an incisive intellect, and a powerful intuition that can cut through to see the bottom of matters. The union between reason and intuition is this placement’s best asset portending a well-rounded intellect, well suited for the scientific and investigative pursuits. The placement also endows a powerful interest and talent in the occult. However, Mercury, in this mute sign, suggests their secretiveness. Since Mercury is in this watery sign and in a sign a malevolent planet rules, their emotions and imagination could overtake reason, if pushed to the extreme. It is also from those factors they could develop irrational fears resulting in paranoia.
  4. Mercury in Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the sign of Mercury’s detriment, as it is opposite its home, Gemini. While that is the case, the placement can still produce or endow excellent characteristics to the natives with a fortunate planet ruling Mercury. Jupiter’s influence makes natives eager learners and optimistic. They are naturally bright and eloquent. Philosophy, religion, the law, politics, traveling, pursuing higher education, and teaching are interesting for the natives. Natives may also excel in interdisciplinary studies, as the placement endows a syncretic mind. However, the detriment will show from its candidness or the lack of tact. Details are also not the native’s strongest suit, as they are better at seeing the bigger picture and may lack the focus for such. This could also manifest as someone who exaggerates matters. The degree of the challenging traits will depend on Mercury and Jupiter’s affliction.
  5. Mercury in Capricorn: Mercury is in the domicile of Saturn and the exaltation of Mars. The planet is also comfortable in this cold and dry sign. Saturn’s influence endows the natives with a focused mind and profound intellect. With learning, these natives are serious and show dedication to the things they like to master. The placement portends a remarkable talent in mathematics and the sciences. Natives are naturally practical, skeptical, and reserved, so people may see them as close-minded or rigid. They only believe such claims if there are proofs or at least, it makes sense. They are deliberate, cautious, and tactful. However, if Mercury suffers from affliction, the placement can slow down the mental processes. Alternatively, it predisposes the natives to malicious thoughts and subjects the natives to vexations. Capricorn’s cardinality and Mars’ influence make the natives strategic and crafty, making them cunning entrepreneurs and politicians.
  6. Mercury in Aquarius: Saturn has full rulership over Mercury because aside from being in the sign of his domicile, the planet is also in the sign of his diurnal triplicity. While Saturn’s influence makes the individual naturally quiet, Mercury’s placement in this human and air sign endows a communicative and social nature. Unlike in Capricorn, he is in a sign contrary to his nature, with Aquarius, a hot and wet sign; which makes the natives less reserved. The austere nature of Saturn, the fixed quality of the sign, and the communicative quality of Mercury and Aquarius portends gravitas when speaking and endows a mindset that could be unyielding. Similar to those with Mercury in Capricorn, there is a talent for mathematics and the sciences. While they are also naturally skeptical, bizarre and the occult topics such as astrology interest them. Mercury in this human and social sign makes them friendly, but Saturn’s influence makes them also remote.
  7. Mercury in Pisces: Jupiter and Venus ruling Mercury suggests luck in the matters Mercury naturally and accidentally signifies. Jupiter and Venus’ excellent condition essentially and accidentally and Mercury aspecting them endows excellent intellect and remarkable creativity. Natives may also possess a syncretic mind. Mercury in Pisces makes natives naturally compassionate and helpful. The placement could show someone who is talented in the arts, music, and theater. Alternatively, it denotes a person who is psychic or remarkably intuitive. However, Pisces is where Mercury suffers his detriment and falls as it is opposite the sign of his domicile and exaltation in Virgo. If Mercury does not suffer from other afflictions, naiveness and the less regard to the details are how those essential debilities may manifest. With the abundance of moisture (from the sign and its rulers), the native’s emotion and intuition supersede logic. With Mercury accidentally afflicted, the placement can portend the native’s predisposition to confusion and capacity for deception with Pisces, a mute and double-bodied sign. There is a necessity to impose strong boundaries. This could also manifest as someone who exaggerates matters.
  8. Mercury in Aries: Mars and the Sun rule Mercury. Mercury in Mars’ diurnal domicile makes natives naturally bright and quick-witted but can be very impatient and impulsive. They talk and move quick. Natives reflexes are fast (if not in aspect with Saturn), which can make them suitable for sports. However, it also predisposes the natives to quarrels and accidents if Mercury suffers affliction. The influence of the Sun shows as someone who has a command where it can persuade people to do things. The combined influence of the rulers also suggests these people may sound commanding or bossy whenever they talk. Perhaps they are outspoken and don’t beat around the bush.
  9. Mercury in Taurus: Venus and the Moon rule Mercury. It is also in a sign compatible to its nature, with Taurus, a cold and dry sign. The shared rulership of Venus and the Moon suggests the five senses play a critical role in their method of learning, how they process the world around them, and the quality of how they express their thoughts. If Mercury and its rulers are unafflicted, these natives possess excellent common sense. Those individuals with this Mercury are deliberate. It is likely that these natives hate to be rushed in decisions. Stubbornness is a hallmark trait for this placement. Venus’ rulership endows artistic talents to the natives. The Moon’s influence endows them with excellent memories. Mercury as the planet of trade and commerce on this earth sign, portends talent in business, finance, and economics.
  10. Mercury in Gemini: Mercury is in his diurnal domicile in Gemini. What set this placement apart from that of Mercury in Virgo is he is in a sign contrary to his nature, with Gemini, a hot and wet sign. The temperament of Gemini unhinges Mercury, making it more communicative and social. As a tradeoff, Mercury here is more restless. In a double-bodied sign, it further becomes dichotomous, but this gives natives the ability to fine tune their judgment, resulting in well-considered decisions. Mercury’s placement in his airy domicile endows a talent and command in communication. The mind processes information and disseminates it quickly, endowing the natives with exceptional intelligence and eloquence. Natives excel in brainstorming ideas with Mercury in this airy and double-bodied sign. However, this can also manifest as duplicitousness and extreme cunning.
  11. Mercury in Cancer: The Moon and Jupiter rule Mercury. The shared rulership suggests the potential qualities of intuition, empathy, compassion, and the growth-oriented mindset. These natives are your natural psychologists, health care professionals, and experts in the hospitality industry (e.g., chefs and hotel managers), as they have an instinctive understanding of the human needs and behavior. While naturally quiet (because Cancer is a mute sign), Jupiter’s influence in this watery and cardinal sign manifest with the natives having a natural talent for counseling, teaching, and politics (as they may easily sense what the populace wants and needs to hear). However, the watery nature, its cardinality, and the Moon’s rulership may manifest as someone who is emotional, moody, and fickle.
  12. Mercury in Leo: The Sun ruling Mercury makes natives naturally bright and creative. In this fixed sign, natives possess the capacity for immense focus. With Mercury in a fiery sign, natives are outspoken and direct. Getting recognition for their innate talents is important. Natives with this Mercury are persuasive and charismatic. They possess natural leadership skills. However, exaggeration could be a problem.

In this section, we will interpret Mercury in the houses. In traditional astrology, Mercury’s house placement is critical for those with Gemini and Virgo Ascendant. Since Mercury rules the mind and dexterity, Mercury placement by house will show your areas of interest and natural skills. It is noteworthy that Mercury’s signs of domiciles (and exaltation) square each other.

  1. Mercury in the Ascendant or the First House: Astrological texts suggests Mercury rejoices in this house. Mercury in the Ascendant endows remarkable intelligence and eloquence regardless of the sign it is in. In terms of appearance, natives may have a youthful look or a playful disposition. The body leans on the slimmer side. Mercury in the Ascendant is very favorable for those with Gemini and Virgo Ascendant (but more so for those with Virgo rising with Mercury in Virgo as it rules the tenth house of a career). Taurus and Leo Ascendant natives also benefit from this house position of Mercury. Mercury rules the second house (finances) and fifth house (the house of good fortune, speculation, gambling, romance, sex, and celebrations) for Taurus rising. The second house (finances) and the eleventh house (the house of good spirit, friends, social networks, and the financial gains from one’s career) for Leo rising.
  2. Mercury in the Second House: As the planet of trade and commerce, natives with Mercury in the second house are astute in financial matters and running an enterprise. They may also financially gain from intellectual pursuits, teaching, in the communications-related professions, and careers involving travels. The success and/or failure in financial matters depends on the relationship between Mercury’s dignity and its dispositor with the ruler of the Ascendant. Those with Mercury essentially dignified are excellent managers of personal finances and assets. Mercury in detriment suggests cash outflows or the lack of control in the financial affairs.
  3. Mercury in the Third House: There is an amplification of Mercury’s natural qualities such as intelligence and eloquence as the house’s significations share to that of Mercury’s. These natives are your natural communicators, explorers, and entrepreneurs. Their siblings and relatives could be talkative and/or intelligent. The quality of the character of their siblings and relatives depends on Mercury’s (essential and accidental) dignities. Mercury receiving the ruler of the Ascendant suggests the relatively harmonious relationship between the natives and their siblings and relatives. An affliction from Mercury positioned in this house suggests harm for the natives from miscommunication or misunderstanding and from road and transportation accidents.
  4. Mercury in the Fourth House: The domestic environment could be a place of learning and interaction. It could also show the natives belong to an intellectual or a communicative family. There could be financial gains in real estate, mining, and agriculture if Mercury, the planet of trade and commerce, is in connection with the ruler of the Ascendant and the second house. If Mercury suffers from affliction, gossips and intrigues undermine the relationship of family members. Mars and Saturn aspecting the afflicted Mercury portends gossips and intrigues could spur rivalries, disputes, and disagreements among family members. Disputes could involve the parent’s inheritance. Personality-wise, the natives are family-oriented. However, the family’s dynamics have a potent influence on the native’s perception of the world.
  5. Mercury in the Fifth House: Mercury in this house endows a mind fit for games and sports. Gambling and speculative activities are also areas where the natives could have natural inclinations and talents. Mercury’s position in this house portends a creative mind, so they may excel as visual artists, novelists, and poets. Since the fifth house rules romance, natives may instinctively know what to say to catch the attention and heart of that romantic interest. They are also effective ambassadors, as they can translate that eloquence to persuade people to their case.
  6. Mercury in the Sixth House: Mercury’s placement suggests a mind fit for the healing, hospitality, and service profession. Alternatively, the native’s work could also involve a lot of thinking, calculating, paying attention to details, and communicating. If Mercury afflicts the Ascendant ruler, there could be predispositions to mental health concerns that could manifest as burnouts, anxieties, and compulsiveness. This affliction could also result in work disputes between the natives and co-workers because of intrigues and gossips.
  7. Mercury in the Seventh House: In the seventh house, the native’s mindset could be on establishing connections through partnerships. Hence, Mercury’s position manifest as friendliness and someone who is accommodating or cooperative. They may have the talent in managing conflicts or disputes, making them your natural mediators and counselors. If Mercury suffers affliction, there is a tendency to get involved in a lot of disputes.
  8. Mercury in the Eighth House: The position of Mercury here shows the natives’ inclination to probe and explore the mysteries of life. However, there is also the curiosity to explore matters that are forbidden and dangerous. Natives may have a remarkable talent in finance, medicine, the social sciences, and the occult. If Mercury suffers affliction and also afflicts the Ascendant ruler and the second house, there is a predisposition to loss of money from taxes and debts, and the squandering of will from the misunderstood agreements and miscalculated decisions.
  9. Mercury in the Ninth House: Similar to those with Mercury in the third house, these natives may possess excellent communication skills and have a natural inclination to intellectual pursuits. They are your natural administrators, lawyers, judges, professors, scientists, and astrologers, where they may find success in those professions. Since the ninth house has rulership over the mass media, natives may excel as journalists, TV presenters, and bloggers. However, if Mercury is in a poor condition, rules unfortunate houses, and afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, natives are likely to become victims of travel disruptions and/or delays and there could be dangers in living in foreign countries. It could also show someone who is an agnostic or atheist. There is also a predisposition to legal disputes.
  10. Mercury in the Tenth House: The placement of Mercury can make or break the native’s career and reputation as whatever the natives say and do are prominent for others to see and hear. Regardless of essential dignities, the placement makes natives remarkably intelligent, eloquent, influential, and charismatic. Since Mercury co-signifies the career, their profession involves a lot of thinking, calculating, paying attention to details, and communicating. The gift of gab is prominent if Mercury receives the ruler of the Ascendant. Relations with the authority figures are also relatively harmonious. However, if Mercury suffers affliction, the natives’ reputation may suffer with the exposure of the native’s involvement with fraudulent activities.
  11. Mercury in the Eleventh House: The natives are naturally cooperative and agreeable and it is through those traits that bring them friends and supporters. It may also manifest as their love to connect with people to widen their social network. If Mercury is unafflicted and receives the Ascendant, the natives are fortunate with their friends and connections. The friends of the natives could be easygoing and have pleasing personalities. Alternatively, the native’s friends or the social circle they belong are that of intellectuals or could come from those professions attributed to Mercury. If Mercury afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, there could be damage to the natives’ reputation from the rumors spread by the members of their social circle.
  12. Mercury in the Twelfth House: While the position produces quietness and secretiveness, the placement also endows a fertile imagination and remarkable intuition. These natives may prefer to work and study behind the scene. Alternatively, it could portend the natives’ lack of confidence. Similar to those with Mercury in the eighth house, there is a strong interest in the occult and exploring the mysteries of life. Natives could lean towards research and the helping professions. If Mercury suffers from affliction and aspects or also afflicts the Ascendant ruler, natives may experience challenging situations, sorrows, and losses because of the slanders spread by unknown enemies.

While Mercury is a neutral planet, it conforms to the nature of the planet it is connected with. From that, we will discuss Mercury’s aspects of your natal planets. Here, we will only use the Ptolemaic aspects and will not include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the interpretation.

  1. Natal Mercury-Sun: Mercury never goes faraway from the Sun. Similar to the relationship between Mars and Mercury, there are a lot of surprises between Mercury and the Sun relative to the Thema Mundi, viz. Gemini is sextile Leo, but Leo is in aversion to Virgo. If we consider the relationship between rulership and exaltation, Aries (the Sun’s exaltation) is sextile Gemini, while Aries is in a whole-sign antiscia to Virgo. The Sun and Mercury barely know each other, and their contact, by conjunction, could produce the eureka moments, thus Mercury’s conjunction/co-presence (in the sign) with the Sun could portend intellectual brilliance, wit, and eloquence. Since Mercury could be on the sign before or after the Sun, Mercury’s placement relative to the Sun is one testimony that could determine the native’s introversion (occidental and if in feminine signs such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces) or extroversion (oriental and if in masculine signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) or ambiversion (oriental and in feminine signs or occidental and in masculine signs). Perhaps it could also show the native’s intuition or level of foresight. The signs where Mercury and/or the Sun are at and the planets they are in contact with could bolster and dampen the aforementioned significations of this placement. However, Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun could be harmful to the significations of the house that Mercury rule.
  2. Natal Moon-Mercury: The relationship between the Moon and Mercury is relatively harmonious if we look at the Thema Mundi, viz. Cancer is in a whole-sign antiscia to Gemini and Cancer is sextile Virgo. In terms of their exaltation rulership, while Taurus is in aversion to Gemini, they are neighboring signs. In addition, there remains the connection with the sign of the Moon’s exaltation, Taurus trine the sign of Mercury’s exaltation, Virgo. While the Moon and Mercury are different in their significations, the Thema Mundi inextricably linked the two planets. Since the Moon is the faster planet, emotions strongly influence the native’s rational thinking. In mundane matters, we see the unbreakable connection between the Moon and Mercury as our emotions and mood have a direct relationship to how we respond and act rationally to situations. The Moon’s conjunction, trine, and sextile with Mercury suggests of an organized mind, where natives can easily acknowledge and make sense of about how they feel. Natives can also express themselves with ease. For those with the hard aspects and the aversion of the Moon and Mercury, a challenging or stressful emotional state could disrupt the clarity of thoughts of the natives.
  3. Natal Mercury-Venus: The relationship between Mercury and Venus is harmonious if we look at the Thema Mundi, viz. Taurus is trine Virgo, while Gemini is also trine Libra. This harmony is further supported by Venus and Mercury never going faraway from each other. Natives with conjunct and sextile Mercury could possess artistic and/or intellectual talents. They are naturally perceptive and eloquent, thus, they can use these assets to an advantage when dealing with people, making them astute lovers, negotiators, and diplomats. The essential and other accidental conditions of the planets determine whether they use these gifts for the better or worse. Those with Venus in aversion to Mercury could find it hard to read and communicate romantic gestures.
  4. Natal Mercury-Mars: There are a lot of surprises between Mercury and Mars relative to the Thema Mundi, viz. Aries is sextile Gemini and Virgo is sextile Scorpio; Aries is in antiscia (hidden conjunction) to Virgo, but Scorpio is in aversion to Gemini. To put it simply, Mars and Mercury barely know each other, and their contact resulting in a lot of uncertainties. Similar to the Moon-Mars contacts, Mercury-Mars contacts portend quickness but with it instability and volatility. Mars’ sharpness combined with Mercury’s adroitness makes natives coordinated, eloquent, strategic, and quick in processing information with Mercury’s conjunction, trine, and sextile with Mars. Depending on the signs where Mercury and Mars are at, these natives make excellent lawyers, marketing executives, surgeons, forensic scientists, athletes, and law enforcement professionals. Natives with Mercury square or opposing Mars suggest natives’ predisposition to restlessness, anxiety, disputes, and accidents. However, it could also show a lack of discretion and the tendency for cunning and deception.
  5. Natal Mercury-Jupiter: Jupiter and Mercury are similar in their significations, yet they are also different as they rule houses opposite each other. They are similar, as these planets share significations as it pertains to languages, learning, education, travels, trade, commerce, and the economy. Unlike the opposition relationship from the other planets, the relationship between Mercury and Jupiter is complementary or supplementary; they rather fill in each other’s lapses. The expansive influence of Jupiter makes natives adept at seeing the big picture and a mind that excels in synthesizing information with Mercury’s conjunction, trine, and sextile with Jupiter. With natives seeing both the trees and the forest, natives excel in professions that involve spotting and forecasting trends. It also shows the natives’ inclination to the languages and social sciences. Natives with Mercury square or opposing Jupiter suggest native’s predisposition to communication misunderstandings. However, it can also show the tendency to exaggerate, deceive, and lack discretion.
  6. Natal Mercury-Saturn: Saturn and Mercury are similar, yet they are also different. They are similar, as these planets share the qualities of cold and dry. The relationship between Mercury and Saturn is platonic; it is friendly but impersonal, or perhaps transactional. In the Thema Mundi, we see this relationship between Saturn and Mercury in the aspects of the signs they rule. Virgo is trine Capricorn, while Gemini is contra-antiscia to Capricorn. Likewise, Aquarius is trine Gemini but is averse to Virgo. From those, we can say that the aspect augurs pragmatism and detachment. The slowing influence of Saturn makes natives deliberate, scrupulous, and calculating. Mercury’s conjunction, trine, and sextile with Saturn suggest natives are quiet and logical. However, when they decide to talk, these natives are forthright, concise, and a matter-of-fact. It also shows the natives’ inclination and talent in mathematics and the sciences. Natives with Mercury square or opposing Saturn suggest communication and developmental delays early in their lives. However, it can also show potential character flaws as it pertains to lack of discretion, dishonesty, prejudice, and inflexibility.

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