A Medical Horary: What precipitated the hypertensive crisis?

The querent messaged me about a medical emergency involving a hypertensive crisis. He relayed that his blood pressure shot up to 190 as the systolic pressure (did not mention the diastolic pressure) and asked on where his health regimen went wrong. The client has a history of high blood pressure brought about by metabolic syndrome. Below is the chart cast at my location. Please note that I have asked for his permission to post this horary.

Figure 1: What’s causing the hypertensive crisis?


  1. The Ascendant, its ruler and the Moon, its ruler, are the accidental and the natural significators of the querent.
  2. The Sixth House and its ruler are the accidental significators of the disease.


The Ascendant is in Aquarius and rises in the hour of Venus. The Moon not void-of-course is a testimony that it is safe to interpret the chart. While we see Saturn in the Ascendant, it is rather descriptive of the querent’s question (late on we will explore why), where he is also anxious of the situation (the Moon also reflects the client’s feelings about the medical emergency). Since this is a medical horary, it was a signal for me to approach the chart cautiously. Even though the chart is not radical (by the hour and triplicity), I judged the question because the chart speaks of the client’s condition.

Aquarius as the Ascendant and the angularity of the malefics (Saturn in the Ascendant and Mars in the fourth house but conjunct the fifth house cusp) were remarkable. It describes the client’s situation well because Aquarius rules over the circulatory system. Saturn naturally signifies pressure and his essential dignity in Aquarius shows the extreme measurement. Although Saturn is in the sign of his domicile, it is also noteworthy that Saturn is in a sign contrary to his nature; where Saturn, a naturally cold and dry planet, is in a hot and wet sign, showing disease. Mars’ angularity is a testimony of the crisis, especially that it is also the Moon’s ruler (late on we will explore the significant role of the Moon in tracing the cause of the disease). Jupiter ruling over blood and with him receiving a square from the Sun (naturally rules the heart) is also describing the crisis.

The Moon rules the watery sixth house, so she is the accidental significator of the disease. We also see her in the sign of her fall in the water sign of Scorpio, conjunct with the South Node. Another notable testimony is its recent antiscia with Saturn. From that, I judged the involvement of his diet as the precipitating factor of the hypertensive crisis because the Moon and sixth house have rulership over food and the digestive system. My initial impression with the involvement of the nutrition and digestive system is fluid and electrolyte imbalance with the Moon also naturally ruling fluids and salts and Saturn having rulership over minerals. It is also noteworthy that Mars is the dispositor of the Moon and we see him retrograde in Gemini. Gemini as a sanguine sign has rulership over blood and the circulatory system. His placement in the fifth house shows the involvement of the cardiovascular system, where it shows the shooting up of the blood pressure as its clinical manifestation.

With those considered, I told the querent to seek medical advice and ask for the healthcare provider to prescribe a blood chemistry laboratory test to assess the serum electrolytes as there could be a fluid and electrolyte imbalance.


The querent reached out to me the other day, relaying there was indeed a problem with his serum magnesium. He added his doctor relayed to him he was experiencing magnesium depletion, and this was causing his erratic blood pressure. Upon fixing this electrolyte deficiency, his blood pressure went back to the normal range. On a side note, we can also see the crisis from the Sun’s challenging square to Jupiter as the Sun naturally signifies magnesium and Jupiter’s rulership over blood.


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