Natal Astrology Series: Venus In Your Birth Chart

Honored as the bestower of abundance and fertility but also the harbinger of carnage and destruction, cultures venerate Venus as either the deity of love and/or war. While Venus as a deity is polarizing on its attributes, in astrology, the ancients describe this planet as naturally benevolent.

Traditional astrology describes it as the lesser fortune because it is cold and wet, where there is a notion among ancient astrologers that life thrives in a hot and wet environment. She is Mars’s anti-thesis, where Mars’s qualities are contrary to that of Venus, as Mars is extremely hot and dry. The planet is the natural significator of women and the mother (in daytime charts). In traditional and modern texts, Venus signifies love, and her placement shows the predispositions and attitude towards romance. With that also comes her association with sex, luxury, and pleasure. Her condition in the natal chart augurs how fortunate the native is in the aforementioned aspects of life. In mundane astrology, Venus shows the conditions experienced by women during a certain period, the nation’s diplomatic relations, the state of peace, and the nation’s marriage and birth rate.

In this series, we will interpret your Venus in the signs, houses, and its aspects to your planets in the chart. If you are new to astrology, you can check your Venus’ placement by clicking the following sites: Astrodienst or Astroseek.

Venus’ sign is important when we want to determine the quality of the native’s aspirations in romance and the approach thereof. It could also show the things that satisfy the natives and where they can suffer excesses. Since Venus is the lesser fortune, the extent of the luck it dispenses depends on Venus’ essential dignity, the houses it rules, and with it receiving your Ascendant ruler and/or the Moon. Venus is the nocturnal fortune, so we see its helpful effects more on those with nighttime charts.

  1. Venus in Taurus: Taurus is Venus’ nocturnal home, and her influence becomes prominent for those born during the day, as Venus gains further essential dignity with her as the triplicity ruler of the earth signs. With Venus in its domicile, for natives with Taurus and Libra Ascendants, it can dispense its beneficence to a full extent, endowing natives with a robust constitution and luck. Natives with this Venus appear as graceful, unassuming, and naturally calm. We can describe their presence as soothing or pleasant. In romance, natives put a premium on comfort, stability, and the satisfaction of their bodily needs with Venus in an earth (cold and dry) sign and in the Moon’s exaltation. For those born during the day, natives possess keen artistic talents. The love for luxury could be apparent. Perhaps, if Venus does not suffer from afflictions, their mother could come from an affluent family or a family with an excellent reputation. The Moon gains a powerful rulership over Venus for those born at night, and this makes natives attentive and perceptive, but makes them prone to inertia or laziness. These natives love creature comforts and are sensual. Overindulgence could be a problem. People with this Venus like to take things slowly and could be obstinate.
  2. Venus in Gemini: Venus in this airy and mercurial sign makes natives naturally persuasive and flirtatious. Natives may desire for romantic partners that are communicative and intellectually stimulating because Venus is in a rational, vocal, and social sign. Aside from Venus being in a mercurial sign, in this double-bodied sign, natives possess an abundance of nervous energy, suggesting they are naturally fickle in their desires and interests and this could cause problems with romance. For those born during the day, Saturn, as the daytime triplicity ruler of Gemini, balances out this natural fickleness by stabilizing the character. However, natives are more serious and cerebral in their approach to romance and the onlookers could see them detached, picky, or uninterested. The native’s mother could be intelligent and/or eloquent. Mercury takes the helm as Venus’ ruler and this amplifies the native’s fickleness. These natives are persuasive and cunning.
  3. Venus in Cancer: This is a comfortable placement for Venus because it has an affinity with Cancer as cold and moist. She is in a sign ruled by the Moon and in the exaltation of the greater fortune, Jupiter. The influence of Venus in a phlegmatic sign, together with the rulership of the Moon and Jupiter, makes natives imaginative, nurturing, and romantic, but they can be moody, clingy, and possessive. They can intuitively know what others need and are skillful in putting people at ease. In romance, these natives are adept at expressing their feelings through their actions than words with Cancer, a mute sign. Natives could be fortunate in pregnancy with Venus in a fertile sign and in the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation. For natives with daytime charts, Venus gains an essential dignity by triplicity. Natives, with this Venus sign, could be artistically gifted and put romance a foremost priority. The native’s mother could be compassionate and nurturing, but also sensitive. Mars will have rulership over Venus for those born at night. The influence of Mars makes natives assertive or aggressive but also passionate and amorous.
  4. Venus in Leo: Venus in the Sun’s domicile endows a passionate and domineering dimension to the personality. People with this placement may feel the need to be in charge. As natural performers, they love the limelight and may demand attention. In the fixed sign and in a sign contrary to its nature (with Leo as hot and dry), these natives are possessive (if Venus suffers from affliction, immensely jealous), impatient, and may find it hard to compromise. They love to indulge and may also have a penchant for collecting luxurious items. The native’s mother could be domineering and/or love to pamper and indulge in luxury. For those born during the day, the Sun takes the helm as Venus’ rulership, and the listed traits above are prominent. Jupiter will have rulership over Venus for those born at night because he is the triplicity ruler of Venus. These natives are philosophical and/or poetic. They possess a philanthropic bent.
  5. Venus in Virgo: Natives are practical, logical, highly organized, systematic, and skillful with Venus in Mercury’s earthy nocturnal domicile and exaltation. Similar to those with Venus in Gemini and with Virgo, a human (rational, social, and vocal) sign, natives also possess the gift of gab. Virgo is the sign of Venus’ fall and this can cause frustrations in expressing feelings (especially those of the romantic), as these natives can be self-critical. The placement can also cause problems because it endows a hypercritical trait to the natives. Venus in Virgo natives are fastidious, and this may manifest as being picky eaters or as someone who is extremely lifestyle conscious. For those born during the day, Venus gains triplicity rulership. The enhancement of Venus’ dignity could mitigate the challenging effects on romance and endow the natives a keen eye in the arts. The Moon will have rulership over Venus for those born at night and will endow natives with a helpful nature. These natives make excellent healthcare and hospitality professionals. However, this service orientation can cause problems in romance and in their day-to-day affairs. The native’s mother could be skillful, hardworking, or responsible to a fault. Alternatively, if Venus suffers from affliction, the native’s mother could be hypercritical or an excessive perfectionist.
  6. Venus in Libra: In Libra, Venus is in her sanguine and diurnal domicile. However, Saturn will also have a powerful influence over Venus because of the many essential dignities Saturn gains in this sign. The combination of the astrological considerations makes natives social, fun loving, but also cerebral, impersonal, and impartial. In a human (vocal, rational, and social) sign, these natives are expressive about how they feel. Eloquent, natives with Venus in Libra make excellent courtiers. The native’s mother could come from an affluent family. Perhaps the mother is friendly and could be of excellent social repute. Saturn has a powerful rulership over Libra for those born during the day. It is from Saturn’s influence that natives take commitments and obligations seriously. They are rational/cautious in matters of the heart. Mercury has rulership over Venus for those born at night. His influence endows wit, eloquence, and flexibility. However, it also makes the natives fickle and cunning, and this can cause problems with romance.
  7. Venus in Scorpio: Albeit being in the sign of her detriment, Venus has an affinity with Scorpio as they both share the qualities of cold and moist. Natives are highly intuitive and possess a watchful eye. These individuals are adept at reading human behavior and motivation while outsiders may have a hard time figuring out what they think as they appear nonchalant and quiet (Scorpio is a mute sign). In the sign ruled by Mars, the desire to be wanted and to belong intensifies. It is from that natives could display extreme jealousy (because of the lack of security stemming from Venus’ essential condition). Venus, in this fixed sign, makes natives dedicated and steadfast mates. However, it is from the sign’s quality that predisposes natives to obsession. When a relationship is over, they may find it difficult to move on. They never forget a betrayal. The native’s mother could be quiet and/or aggressive. For those born during the day, Venus gains triplicity rulership, and this eases her essential debility. Natives have better control over their emotions. It also endows natives with artistic talents. Mars takes the helm as Venus’ ruler for those born at night. The powerful martial influence makes the natives amorous and assertive. However, it also amplifies the challenging traits the placement brings, such as the predisposition to extreme jealousy and obsession. They could be relentless in pursuit of love.
  8. Venus in Sagittarius: Jupiter’s rulership over Venus makes natives lucky, jolly, easy-going, vocal, but in a double-bodied sign, also makes them prone to fickleness, restlessness, and overindulgence. With Sagittarius a hot and dry sign, Venus is in a sign contrary to her nature. From that, natives could be an exciting partner to have but they can also become impatient and impulsive, especially in matters of the heart. They seek for partners that honor their independence. Natives of diurnal births take charge in the relationship with the Sun’s influence over Venus. They can also be creative in expressing with how they feel (especially if Venus is in the first 15 degrees of the sign because of the first half of Sagittarius is a human sign-rational, social, and vocal). The native’s mother could be carefree or generous. If afflicted, the mother could be proselytising. Jupiter takes the helm as Venus’ ruler for those born at night, and this enhances Venus’ benevolent nature. Natives are generous, especially to the people they love. In relationships, they value freedom and will go by trial and error to seek for the right mate. Experience makes them wiser in romantic matters.
  9. Venus in Capricorn: Venus’ placement in Saturn’s domicile and Mars’s exaltation can make natives quiet, discrete, serious, logical, and stoic. They are careful and calculating in matters of the heart. In this earth sign, the onlookers accuse natives of being materialistic because they have practical views in choosing the right mate. However, once they settle, these natives are responsible and dutiful partners. Saturn’s influence could either make them attracted to mature partners or they themselves are playing the mature role in the relationship. In the exaltation of Mars, natives can strategically use their charm and understanding of human desires to get what they want. Perhaps their battle style is through diplomacy and formality. Saturn and Mars’s rulership over Venus also suggest the mother could be strict and/or career-oriented. If Venus suffers affliction, the mother could be callous and/or a cruel taskmaster. The materialistic tendencies of natives with this placement are likely for those with diurnal charts, as they can be extremely practical. For those born at night, the Moon’s influence inclines the natives to romance. However, with Venus in the Moon’s sign of detriment, there could be problems because of the dilemma it creates between finding love and fulfilling one’s personal responsibilities and ambitions.
  10. Venus in Aquarius: Venus is in Saturn’s diurnal domicile and this endows emotional detachment. Similar to those with Venus in Capricorn, these natives are nonchalant, trust the least, and are extremely practical but, unlike Venus in the earth signs, it makes them cerebral, and this shows up as being emotionally unexpressive, bordering on callousness. They can also be obstinate and opinionated with Aquarius as a vocal sign. They hold their ground. Saturn takes a firm hold of Venus for those born during the day and the listed traits are at the forefront. The native’s mother could be intellectual but could also be remote. Mercury influences Venus for those born at night, making them less rigid, more communicative, creative, but also fickle.
  11. Venus in Pisces: Venus exalted in Pisces, under the counsel of the greater fortune, and in the sign where it shares an affinity with by element makes this placement extremely fortunate. These natives could be immensely talented in the arts, music, and theater. While they are not necessarily vocal, Venus in this mute sign augurs the explicit expression of feelings on those mentioned medium. Jupiter’s influence makes them compassionate and understanding. They are fortunate in romantic and financial affairs. However, many astrologers peg the placement as making the natives naïve or flaky, especially in matters of the heart. Romantic affairs could become convoluted with Venus in a double-bodied sign and afflicted. For those born during the day, Venus takes the helm from Jupiter as the sign’s almuten. From that, one can say it predisposes natives to romance and endows immense creativity. The placement also makes the affairs signified by Venus in their charts extremely fortunate. As the significator of the mother for day charts, the natives may have a kind and supportive mother. The mother could also come from a well-off family or could be a person of excellent reputation. Alternatively, it also shows the mother indulging in vices and displaying escapist tendencies. Mars will influence Venus for those with night charts and this makes the natives amorous. If afflicted, there is a predisposition to complicated love affairs.
  12. Venus in Aries: In Aries, Venus is in the domicile of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun. Natives display intensity, especially on the matters they are passionate about. As leaders and managers, they excel as motivators because of their lively personalities. Their approach to matters of the heart is by trial and error. Perhaps some natives see love as a campaign to conquer where a success can validate the self-worth. Since Venus is in the sign of her detriment and contrary to her nature, natives can be insatiable and they can become very demanding concerning their needs and wants. The Sun takes the helm as Venus’ ruler for day charts. With the planet of the self ruling Venus, natives feel immense personal validation when their partners shower them with constant love and affection. However, should there be a lack thereof, they can become irritable and could seek it from others. Similar to those with Venus in Scorpio, they hate to share what is theirs and will fight to the death to protect what belongs to them. They can be impulsive in romantic and financial decisions. The native’s mother could display excellent leadership capabilities. However, the mother is liable for impatience and may have temper issues. Jupiter will add its touch for those born at night. His influence endows likability, as they could be fun to be around. While the benevolent influence reduces the possessiveness, Jupiter’s expansive nature can make natives non-committal. The natives could yearn for spiritual connection in romantic matters. Experience makes them wiser.

In this section, we will interpret the Venus in the houses. In traditional astrology, Venus’ house placement is critical for those with Taurus and the Libra Ascendant. The placement of Venus by house will show areas in your life you could be lucky in and how you express the significations of Venus.

  1. Venus in the Ascendant or the First House: Venus in the first house endows good looks and/or a pleasing personality. However, the sincerity of one’s character will depend on the essential dignity of Venus and her over-all condition. Venus in the Ascendant brings mixed fortunes to those with Taurus, Libra, and Pisces Rising because it rules one challenging house. For those with Taurus rising, while Venus’ essential dignity in the Ascendant brings a robust constitution, her rulership over the sixth house suggests the native’s health and well-being will still depend on their lifestyle choices. However, please also note the accidental conditions of Venus could show the native’s predispositions to diseases. While essentially dignified in the Libra Ascendant also endows excellent health and fortune in financial matters, Venus ruling the eighth house also suggests the choices of the natives could lead to the preservation or to the detriment of their health and wealth. Whereas Venus exalts in the Ascendant for those with Pisces rising, it rules the third house and the eighth house. Natives could receive financial preferment from siblings or relatives. Since Venus rules challenging houses, this fortunate circumstance comes with complications, especially if Venus suffers accidentally and Jupiter is in a challenging relationship with Venus. Capricorn and Cancer rising natives will enjoy the auspices of Venus’ placement. It is very favorable for Capricorn rising because she rules the fortunate fifth house and the angular tenth house. These natives are lucky in employment opportunities and career advancement. Cancer rising natives will also benefit well because she rules the angular fourth house and the fortunate eleventh house. These natives enjoy the goodwill and support of their family and friends. Aries rising with Venus in Aries will benefit financially, but to the detriment of their partners and relationships. Scorpio rising natives with Venus in Scorpio could suffer from their partners, open and secret enemies.
  2. Venus in the Second House: Natives are naturally fortunate in financial matters. The financial gains could come from being in the entertainment, arts, music, beauty, fashion, and the luxury industries. The success and/or failure in financial matters depends on the relationship between Venus’ dignity and its dispositor with the ruler of the Ascendant. Perhaps those with Venus in the second house strive for comfort and/or luxury, regardless of their profession. Those with Venus essentially dignified are excellent managers of personal finances and assets. Venus in detriment suggests cash outflows or the lack of control in the financial affairs. Venus’ beneficence is more apparent for those born at night because she is the luck-bringer of the sect.
  3. Venus in the Third House: Venus’ placement here portends persuasiveness. These natives are your natural diplomats and sales people. Their relationship with siblings and relatives is naturally harmonious, especially if there is a reception between Venus, its dispositor, and the ruler of the Ascendant. Perhaps the siblings or relatives are lucky and are a delight to deal with. The placement of Venus suggests protection from road and transportation accidents. Natives are fortunate in the communication-related professions or career.
  4. Venus in the Fourth House: The domestic environment could be peaceful and/or luxurious. It could also show a quick resolution for any disagreements that occur between family members. Personality-wise, natives could yearn for a relationship which could give them a sense of belonging to a family. Perhaps they seek for partners where they can build a harmonious domestic life together. Alternatively, the natives with this Venus placement are fortunate in careers and/or hobbies related to agriculture, real estate, hospitality, and home improvement.
  5. Venus in the Fifth House: Venus is in her joy and themes related to romance, sex, speculation, children, and sports are fortunate and will be at the forefront. Natives are excellent courtiers and they are naturally amorous. Depending on the essential dignity of Venus, natives could splurge or overindulge on gambling, pleasure, and/or luxury. Venus in fruitful signs (water signs) suggests a fortunate testimony to having many children.
  6. Venus in the Sixth House: Venus’ placement here endows protection from illnesses and accidents. The placement suggests a harmonious environment and relationship with subordinates and co-workers. They are fortunate healing, hospitality, and service profession. If Venus afflicts the Ascendant ruler, the natives could suffer from lifestyle diseases, e.g. diabetes and kidney problems.
  7. Venus in the Seventh House: Here, Venus paves the way and open opportunities for the natives to find the right partner. They could attract partners that are physically attractive or possess a charming personality. Perhaps the natives themselves possess those traits and, because of that, there are ample opportunities in partnership or romantic matters. The placement naturally portends relatively harmonious marriage, partnership, and legalities. However, we should look at the essential and other accidental conditions to judge otherwise.
  8. Venus in the Eighth House: A harmonious aspect (especially with reception) to the second house ruler portends financial gains. While natives could be financially lucky from partners, taxes, loans, and debts, if Venus suffers affliction, there is a predisposition to loss of money from taxes and debts, and the squandering of will and inheritance from a lavish lifestyle. Natives could get enamoured on the bizarre, dangerous, and the occult. Venus afflicting the ruler of the Ascendant could bring dangers to the native’s life through debauchery.
  9. Venus in the Ninth House: They are your natural counselors, diplomats, politicians, and consultants. If Venus is the significator of the profession and there is a connection to the Ascendant and its ruler, natives could become excellent lawyers and judges. They could have their careers in the luxury cruise and flights. Since the ninth house has rulership over the mass media, natives could make a fortune as a travel and lifestyle journalist or blogger. However, if Venus is in a poor condition, rules unfortunate houses, and afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, natives may suffer from lawsuits involving women.
  10. Venus in the Tenth House: The placement of Venus makes the native’s career and reputation fortunate. If Venus receives the ruler of the Ascendant, there is preferment from authority figures. As the house of the public image, the onlookers could see natives as sweet. However, if Venus suffers affliction, the placement could augur scandals associated with debauchery. With Venus influencing the career sector, natives could excel in careers in the law, food, entertainment, arts, music, beauty, fashion, and the luxury goods.
  11. Venus in the Eleventh House: Natives are fortunate with their friends and social network. The friends of the natives could be easygoing and have pleasing personalities. They could also have many women friends. Alternatively, the native’s friends or social circle could come from those professions attributed to Venus. If Venus afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, there could be damage to the native’s reputation.
  12. Venus in the Twelfth House: Venus has an affinity with this house if we base it on the Chaldean order of planets. Natives are selfless, compassionate, and imaginative. While Venus’ affinity with this house brings fortune, there could be a lot of tribulations and sorrows involving romance and the house significations of Venus. Alternatively, natives are private concerning romance. There is a predisposition to clandestine love affairs. Natives could have a powerful interest in the occult, research, and the helping profession.

As the anti-thesis of Mars, Venus cools down, and this adds pleasantness to the expression of planets. The planet also naturally unifies, so a planet that is in contact with Venus will have its significations softened but concentrated. In this segment, we will discuss Venus’ aspects of your natal planets. Here, we will only use the Ptolemaic aspects and will not include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the interpretation.

  1. Natal Venus-Sun: Venus also never goes faraway from the Sun. Natives with Venus-Sun conjunction desires peace, cooperation, but also of romance, pleasure, and creature comforts. Venus’ placement relative to the Sun could be a testimony of the natives’ approach in romance and of how they express their desires. Venus, oriental, and if in masculine signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius suggest natives could be vocal and assertive in their approach with romance and in getting what they want. In her occidental phase and if in feminine signs, such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, natives are passive and discreet. A mix in approach if Venus is oriental and in feminine signs or occidental and in masculine signs. The signs where Venus and/or the Sun are at and the planets they are in contact with could bolster and dampen the aforementioned significations of this placement. However, Venus’ conjunction with the Sun could be harmful to the significations of the house that Venus rule.
  2. Natal Moon-Venus: The Moon and Venus have a neutral relationship relative to the Thema Mundi, viz. Taurus is sextile Cancer (and Taurus is where the Moon exalts) while Cancer squares Libra. While that this is the case, they both signify women and mothers and share the qualities of cold and wet. Emotions and intuition are the hallmark manifestation of the aforementioned contacts between the Moon and Venus. Since both have rulership over women and mothers, the Moon’s aspect to Venus puts at the forefront the roles and characteristics of women in the native’s life. The hard aspects, such as the conjunction, square, and opposition of the Moon and Venus, suggest a sensitive and vulnerable mother and/or the clashes between the female personalities surrounding the natives. With the Moon ruling the body, the placement could augur the fondness for sweets and the predisposition to lifestyle diseases. Personality-wise, the native’s domestic life primes their perception of their ideal partner and the behavior in a relationship. There could also be problems regarding personal boundaries and limit setting. For those who have the Moon trine or sextile Venus suggests the female personalities in the natives’ life get along well. The native’s mother could be compassionate and the source of the native’s joy, especially if there is a reception of both planets to the ruler of the Ascendant.
  3. Natal Mercury-Venus: The relationship between Mercury and Venus is harmonious if we look at the Thema Mundi, viz. Taurus is trine Virgo, while Gemini is also trine Libra. This harmony is further supported by Venus and Mercury never going faraway from each other. Natives with conjunct and sextile Mercury could possess artistic and/or intellectual talents. They are naturally perceptive and eloquent, thus, they can use these assets to an advantage when dealing with people, making them astute lovers, negotiators, and diplomats. The essential and other accidental conditions of the planets determine whether they use these gifts for the better or worse. Those with Venus in aversion to Mercury could find it hard to read and communicate romantic gestures.
  4. Natal Venus-Mars: Venus is the complete antithesis of Mars. Venus is the principle of peace and cooperation, while Mars is of discord and division. By quality, Venus is cold and wet while Mars is hot and dry. Similar to Saturn and Jupiter, I think the quality of the signs Venus and Mars are in is crucial when we interpret their significations. Venus and Mars agree when they are conjunct and trine on the earth and water signs as both planets have powerful essential dignities and share triplicity rulership in these elements. Mars benefits while Venus suffers in fire signs, as not only it is contrary to its quality but in the fiery sign of Aries is where he suffers a detriment. Venus has a slight upper hand over Mars with the air element as moderately hot and wet. Mars also is in his sign of detriment in Libra. The conjunction, trine, and sextile of Venus and Mars make natives even-tempered and likable. Those with square and opposition could have trouble dealing with the opposite sex, romance, and reaching compromise.
  5. Natal Venus-Jupiter: In both western traditional and Vedic sidereal astrology, the relationship between Venus and Jupiter is inimical. In Thema Mundi, we see this from the aspects of the houses that Jupiter and Venus rule; Libra is in sextile (half-friendship) to Sagittarius and in antiscia (hidden conjunction) with Pisces while Pisces is in sextile to Taurus, but Sagittarius is in aversion (no aspect) to Taurus. In Vedic sidereal astrology, Jupiter and Venus are rivals. It is only in Pisces that Venus and Jupiter fully cooperate. Although the difficult aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) between Venus-Jupiter still bring luck, we see the native’s challenges in their romantic affairs and managing their resources. Depending on Saturn’s condition in the chart, the placement augurs excess and loss from the lack of foresight. Natives with Venus trine and sextile with Jupiter offer stability and longevity in romance and finances.
  6. Natal Venus-Saturn: In western traditional astrology, the relationship between Venus and Saturn is inimical. However, as per Vedic texts, Venus is Saturn’s intimate confidant. Among the two, I lean on the latter. One testimony regarding the fruitful relationship between Saturn and Venus is Saturn’s exaltation in Libra. In Libra, Saturn receives preferment from Venus, as seen in the multitude of essential dignity Saturn gains in the sign. Venus also does not suffer fall and detriment in the signs Saturn rules. We can see the supportive and guarding relationship of Venus and Saturn as Venus aspects all of Saturn’s houses and likewise Saturn aspects all of Venus’ houses (viz. Libra trine (signifies perfect friendship) Aquarius; Capricorn trine Taurus; Libra square (signifies partial enmity) Capricorn; Aquarius square Taurus). Both planets also share the quality cold and Venus complements the Saturnian dryness with moist. The Moon also offers this kind of support, as it is a cold and moist planet, but again, the Moon naturally opposes Saturn. Even with difficult aspects, Venus and Saturn will always help each other. The difficult aspect between Venus-Saturn suggests natives experience frustrations and delays in romance and marriage but do not entirely deny joy and fulfillment. In financial matters, the aspect manifests as susceptibility to the cycles of gains and loss. Natives with Venus conjunct, trine and sextile with Saturn offers stability and longevity in romance. The positive aspects soften the Saturnian edges and help natives advance in life.

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