A Medical Horary in Hindsight: Is the anrm bets-in safe?

As a nurse, I welcome innovations in medicine and honor time-tested preventive health management measures. However, I’m also extremely skeptical of medical management/procedures that are novel and experimental because there are no studies disclosing the long-term effects. With the rollout of the j@b on January 2021, I have asked if the v@x (especially the m-RN@) is safe for everyone? Below is the chart cast on February 4, 2021 at 3:54 am.

DISCLAIMER: All the views expressed on this blog article are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity with which I have been I am now or will be affiliated. This post is also not for the faint-hearted, as it may contain interpretation that may trigger anxiety. The author is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any damages that arise from reading this article.

Figure 1: Is the m-rn@ j@b safe for everyone?


  1. The Ascendant, its ruler and the Moon, its ruler, are the accidental and the natural significators of the populace.
  2. The Sixth House and its ruler are the accidental significators of the disease.
  3. The Seventh House and its ruler are the accidental significators of the physician, the health care professional, and could signify the developers of the jabs.
  4. The Tenth House and its ruler are the accidental significators of the treatment.


The Ascendant is in the mid-degrees, and I judged the chart as radical because Capricorn is rising in the hour of Mercury (they share the qualities of cold and dry). The Moon not void-of-course is another testimony that it is safe to interpret the chart. While we see Saturn in the Ascendant, it is rather descriptive of my situation, where I am extremely skeptical and is worried about the long-term side effects and adverse reactions coming from the newly rolled out jab. Mercury, as the lord of the hour, could also show my skepticism and desire to probe deeper about the jab’s safety. With all these considered, I judged the chart.

A striking feature is the Moon in her fall (by sign and degree) in the Tenth House. The Moon naturally signifies the populace and in the house signifying the treatment (the jab) augurs an extremely unfortunate testimony for the populace. This unfortunate testimony is further supported by the Moon’s ruler, Mars, in the sign of his detriment in Taurus and in the Fourth House (the house associated with endings). The testimonies we get from the Moon and Mars alone are ominous.

The Moon as the accidental significator of the physician, the health care professional, and the developers of the jabs in the Tenth House (the house not only signifying the treatment but also authority figures) in a superior square to Saturn in the Ascendant, the accidental significators of the populace, shows the mandatory nature of the treatment. With the Moon as the co-significator of the treatment, her essential debility and her applying square to Saturn do not bode well for the populace. Alternatively, since the Moon co-signifies me, her placement in the Tenth House reflects my questions about the jab. Her fall in Scorpio and application to a square with Saturn could also show my aversion to the treatment and the doubts about the motives of those involved for doing such.

I have also assessed the relationship between the Moon, Saturn, and Venus (as the ruler of the Tenth House). We see the Moon has separated from Venus with negative reception because the Moon is in Venus’ sign of detriment. Venus (the treatment) negatively received the Moon (the populace) from a separating square suggests the potential immediate harm from the jab. It is also noteworthy that the Moon translates the light of Venus to Saturn, where it shows the rollout of the jab through the health professionals administering the shots. The rest of the planets also besiege the Moon and this suggests the potentially plentiful side effects and adverse reactions from the jab. The Moon’s application to Saturn and the rest of the planets in the fixed signs (by square and opposition) portend of the longevity of the side effects and the adverse reactions.

Regarding the treatment’s efficacy, I looked at the relationship between the Tenth House and its ruler and the Sixth House and its ruler. Starting with the Sixth House, we see the North Node is conjunct with the cusp. The North Node in western astrology increases and expands because it is of Jupiter and Venus’ nature. From this, I interpreted the jab giving rise to many complications. Venus (the accidental ruler of the treatment), is not applying to an aspect to Mercury (the accidental significator of COVID) plus planets are prohibiting their conjunction suggests the questionable effectiveness of the treatment.

I decided not to push through with the shot from the testimonies of this horary chart. It is also a confirmation of the aversion I have to the treatment and my doubts about its safety.


Almost a year later, on January 6, 2022, federal judge orders the disclosure of the 80,000 page Pfizer vaccine data: https://www.fdanews.com/ext/resources/files/2022/01-07-22-PittmanFOIAOrder.pdf?1641590012

Pfizer vaccine data showing the multitude side effects and adverse reactions and confirming the horary: https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/


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