Natal Astrology Series: The Sun In Your Birth Chart

The Sun in traditional natal astrology is important in calculating the native’s length of life. He is one of the four life-givers also known as the hyleg. For those born during the day, the Sun and his triplicity rulers are the testimonies to assess to determine the general life trends of the natives. In the Hellenistic tradition, the Sun’s lot, the Part/Lot of Spirit, shows the native’s mind and profession. He rules the heart, the brain, the eyes, and overall physical vitality in medical astrology. In modern astrology, the Sun is the inner self, the soul, and your personality. The combined traditional and modern interpretation of the Sun suggests the native’s prime motivation. In mundane astrology, the Sun signifies the authority figures, the elite, the monarchy, and the eminent.

In this series, we will interpret your Sun in the houses and its aspects to your planets in the chart. Please note that I have interpreted the Sun in the signs. For a quick reference, I will add links if you wish to read the interpretation of the Sun in the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your the Sun’s placement by clicking the following sites, Astrodienst or Astroseek.

In this section, we will interpret the Sun in the Houses. In traditional astrology, the Sun’s house placement is critical for those with Leo and Aries Ascendant. It also matters if it is the hyleg of the person’s nativity. For those born during the day, the Sun is the natural significator of the father. The placement of Sun by house in modern astrology colors the natives’ personality and will show how the natives express their individuality.

  1. The Sun in the Ascendant or the First House: People may see natives as confident and/or bearing a regal presence. Natives are likely to possess leadership and managerial skills. If the Sun suffers from affliction, the onlookers could see the natives as unreasonably bossy. As temperately hot and dry, the Sun in the Ascendant could portend tanned to a fair complexion. The Sun in the Ascendant is favorable for Aries and Leo Rising. For Aries and Leo Ascendant, the Sun in the First House augurs a robust constitution and could bring wordly honors to the natives. However, it could bring challenging circumstances for those born with Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Ascendant. For those with Virgo Ascendant, the Sun ruling the Twelfth House (self-undoing, sorrows, and losses) could bring health issues. Natives could also suffer from losses because of hidden enemies. However, there is a need to look at the aspects and reception between the Sun and Mercury. The Sun rules the Eleventh House (friends, hopes, and dreams) for the Libra Ascendant. Unless the Sun receives Venus and/or Saturn, the placement could bring disputes with friends, delays in the fruition of one’s aspirations, and trouble with authority figures. The Sun in the Ascendant for Capricorn Rising brings mixed fortunes but lean on producing challenging circumstances as it rules the difficult Eighth House. If the Sun afflicts Saturn, health issues could arise and bring financial loss because of debts, loans, and squandering of inheritance. Unlike in Libra, where the Sun suffers its fall, the Sun is neutral in Capricorn, so there could be gains from inheritance and wills. However, there is a need to evaluate the relationship between the Sun, Saturn, and Mars to get a better perspective on this placement. The Sun rules the Seventh House for those with Aquarius Ascendant. Natives with the Sun and Aquarius Ascendant are brilliant and magnetic, but also unusual and/or rebellious. The planet of the self in detriment and in a Saturn-ruled sign could augur natives that are humble or conceited. If there is a challenging aspect between the Sun and Saturn, natives could experience troubles in partnerships and marriage. The Sun rules the Sixth House for those with Pisces Ascendant. Similar to Capricorn Rising natives, the natives could suffer frequently from acute illnesses and/or experience troubles at the workplace should the Sun afflict Jupiter.
  2. The Sun in the Second House: The Sun in the Second House suggests the native’s strong interest in finance and/or material acquisition. It is a placement naturally fortunate for financial matters. Financial fortune could come from leadership and managerial positions. Entrepreneurship, speculation/gambling, entertainment, and sports are other career paths where natives could find financial success and personal fulfillment. The success and/or failure in financial matters depends on the relationship between the Sun’s dignity (essential and accidental) and its dispositor (s) with the ruler of the Ascendant and the Tenth House. This is a fortunate placement for those born with the Sun in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, especially for those born during the day and unafflicted. With the unafflicted Sun, the native’s source of income is from dignified (socially accepted) means and is rather conservative/thrifty in their approach and beliefs in financial matters (especially with the Sun in Leo). Alternatively, natives with the dignified and unafflicted Sun in the Second House believes in gaining wealth by morally upright and ethically sound means. While it is not necessarily unfortunate, those born with the Sun in Libra and Aquarius and/or afflicted in the Second House could encounter delays and challenges in financial matters. Perhaps there could be issues on the ways natives gain wealth or on how they manage their assets should the Sun suffer affliction with the over-all impression of the chart showing financial success. The Sun’s rulership over a house otherwise suggests where natives can establish their financial fortune.
  3. The Sun in the Third House: If free from afflictions, the Sun’s placement here could endow the natives with intellectual brilliance, or rather, they show a talent or strong interest in teaching and/or pursuing intellectual or creative pursuits. These natives are eloquent and possess a flair for the languages and literature. People with this placement could find fulfillment in traveling. The siblings and relatives of the native play critical roles in the native’s life, especially if it aspects the Ascendant and its ruler. If the Sun has excellent essential and accidental dignities, it could show siblings and/or relatives of excellent social standing.
  4. The Sun in the Fourth House: The domestic environment plays a critical role in shaping the character and prime motivation of the natives. People with this placement are family-oriented and could pursue careers and/or hobbies related to agriculture, real estate, and home improvement. If the Sun is in Aries or Leo and unafflicted, the native could hail from a family of excellent repute or high social standing. However, it could also portend of the parents’ or the family’s high pride. If the Sun suffers affliction from essential and/or accidental debilities, the natives could come from a family rocked with scandals and/or fearsome reputation. Perhaps the home environment is immensely competitive, where family members compete for recognition to the detriment of their relationships.
  5. The Sun in the Fifth House: Creativity is a hallmark for this placement and the Sun’s condition and the planet(s) that aspects it or it casts an aspect can bolster or dampen it. The native’s personal fulfillment could come from romance, sex, speculation (gambling), entertainment, children, and sports, and they could be lucky from such with the Sun’s excellent condition. Pleasure and/or luxury could also drive the natives. If the Sun suffers affliction, there could arise problems in gambling addiction and complications in romantic affairs.
  6. The Sun in the Sixth House: The Sun in the Sixth House augurs natives that are hardworking and helpful. With the Sun showing prime motivation, natives may have a strong interest in the helping and healing profession. However, the natives may struggle to get recognition they truly deserve with the Sun in a cadent house. There could be potential disputes with subordinates and co-workers, with the planets casting their afflictions to the Sun or the Sun casting its hard aspects to the ruler of the Ascendant. Heath issues could arise frequently for natives with Leo or Aries Ascendant.
  7. The Sun in the Seventh House: The natives find fulfillment in establishing relationships and partnerships. They are your natural courtiers, counselors, and diplomats. However, they could attract partners or enemies that are domineering, assertive, or just plain confident. Perhaps these partners or enemies are relatively popular and powerful, especially with the Sun in Aries or Leo in aspect to the Fourth House ruler (the Fourth House is the turned Tenth House from the Seventh House). Partnerships are harmonious and productive, with the mutual reception between the Ascendant ruler and the Sun. There could be problems in partnerships and from powerful enemies if the well-dignified Sun afflicts the Ascendant ruler.
  8. The Sun in the Eighth House: As one of the challenging houses, people with the Sun in the Eighth House could experience life-changing events/traumatic experiences surrounding abuse, death, the occult, and the finances. These events could influence the native’s personal interest and prime motivation, so people with the Sun in the Eighth could find fulfillment in peculiar things. Natives may have a powerful interest or the desire to explore the bizarre, dangerous, and the occult. Since the Eighth House rules the finances involving other people, the natives may show an inclination to economics, banking, financial management (especially debt and/or estate management), and taxation. A harmonious aspect with reception to the ruler of the Ascendant portends protection from dangerous circumstances and financial gains from other people. Otherwise, a challenging aspect with the natal ruler of the Ascendant and the Second House could portend health issues, dangers from accidents, financial losses coming from partnerships, taxes, loans, and debts. Squandering of will and inheritance is also likely.
  9. The Sun in the Ninth House: Traditional texts suggests the Sun rejoices in this house. Similar to those with the Sun in the Third House, natives with this placement are naturally intelligent and could have a strong interest in learning and teaching. With the Sun as a luminary, enlightenment and spirituality could be themes that onlookers see among the natives or the natives themselves experience and/or have a strong proclivity. Natives may have a natural talent in divination and/or forecasting through research. They naturally possess understanding of the laws, so they could excel as lawyers and politicians. They could have their careers involving foreign or long journeys. However, if the Sun afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, natives may suffer from legal issues and could have troubles overseas.
  10. The Sun in the Tenth House: The placement of the Sun, regardless of dignities, could show popularity. Natives are naturally lucky in their chosen fields, especially if the Sun is in excellent condition and receives the ruler of the Ascendant or is the ruler of the Ascendant. The natives aim to be their own boss or strive to climb the corporate ladder, and they are usually successful at doing such. Perhaps this could translate into natives having profitable careers. However, the Sun’s dignities or debilities suggest the quality of the native’s reputation, its lastingness, and the reason for such popularity, e.g. the Sun essentially and accidentally debilitated portends fame from scandals and/or unconventional/controversial means or career choices. The placement could also show the nature of authority figures the natives will deal in their lives. If they themselves are not the boss, with the Sun, essentially dignified, natives may have powerful and confident/proud authority figures. While their bosses could be fair and just, it is unwise for natives to outshine them. With the Sun suffering afflictions and afflicts the Ascendant ruler, these natives could have experienced dealing with difficult and pushy superiors. With the Sun influencing the career sector, natives could excel in careers in politics, law, law enforcement, medicine, speculation/gambling, entrepreneurship, the corporate, and entertainment.
  11. The Sun in the Eleventh House: The Sun has an affinity for this house with the Chaldean order of the classical planets. Natives may find it easy to make friends and expand their social circle. However, it could also show the native’s consciousness about their social standing and their desire for belonging. The friends of the natives may have an excellent character or of social standing with the Sun, essentially dignified. Alternatively, the native’s friends or social circle could come from those professions attributed to the Sun (please see the Sun in the Tenth House). If the Sun suffers from affliction and/or afflicts the ruler of the Ascendant, there could be disputes with friends and losses because of them. Gains from the native’s career could come and go.
  12. The Sun in the Twelfth House: Onlookers may see these natives as selfless, unassuming, secretive, and mysterious. In the house of isolation, these natives could indeed love solitude. The natives prefer working behind the scenes but may have trouble asserting themselves or seeing their worth. The Sun in the house of sorrows, losses, and hidden enemies suggests natives may have inevitably faced a lot of challenging circumstances that could have shaped and deeply scarred their character. Natives could have a powerful interest in the occult, research, and the helping profession. As many astrologers suggest, the natives may have an issue with the father and/or dealing with authority figures.

The Sun provides light and heat, but similar to Mars, the Sun burns. Depending on the aspect, the heat and light could support the expression of planets or burn the planets and hinder their expression. In this segment, we will discuss the Sun’s aspects of your natal planets. Here, we will only use the Ptolemaic aspects and will not include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the interpretation.

  1. Natal Moon-Sun: The signs the Moon and Sun rule by domicile and exaltation are in aversion in the Thema Mundi. When we consider the aspect between their exaltation and domicile rulership, the sign of Taurus, where the Moon enjoys exaltation, squares the Sun’s domicile, Leo while Aries, where the Sun receives his exaltation, squares the Moon’s domicile, Cancer. They are also of opposing temperament where the Sun is hot and dry while the Moon is cold and wet. With all these considered, there is a naturally challenging relationship between the two luminaries. Duality and contrariness are the manifestations of the aforementioned relationship between the Moon and the Sun. Since the Moon also has rulership over women (partial) and mothers (for night births) and the Sun has rulership over men (partial) and fathers (for day births), the Moon’s aspect to the Sun colors and adds depth to the roles and characteristics of the parents and the surrounding people in the native’s life. The aspect and reception of one or both the luminaries to the Ascendant ruler could show the quality of the relationship of the parents and the surrounding people to the natives. The hard aspects, such as the conjunction, square, opposition, and even with the aversion of the Moon and the Sun, suggest the native’s parents and the surrounding people have conflicting personalities and tastes. With the Moon ruling the body, the placement could augur health problems, restlessness, and anxiety. Perhaps there is a difference in who they are to the people they know and to the image they project in public. The instability could cause natives being emotionally reactive or distant and having trust issues. For those who have trine and sextile between the Moon and Sun, especially with mutual reception to the Ascendant ruler, suggest the native’s relatively harmonious relationship with the parents and the surrounding people. The native’s parents could be a powerful protector and a source of encouragement. They could be easygoing and pleasant to deal with.
  2. Natal Mercury-Sun: Mercury never goes faraway from the Sun. Similar to the relationship between Mars and Mercury, there are a lot of surprises between Mercury and the Sun relative to the Thema Mundi, viz. Gemini is sextile Leo, but Leo is in aversion to Virgo. If we consider the relationship between rulership and exaltation, Aries (the Sun’s exaltation) is sextile Gemini, while Aries is in a whole-sign antiscia to Virgo. The Sun and Mercury barely know each other, and their contact, by conjunction, could produce the eureka moments, thus Mercury’s conjunction/co-presence (in the sign) with the Sun could portend intellectual brilliance, wit, and eloquence. Since Mercury could be on the sign before or after the Sun, Mercury’s placement relative to the Sun is one testimony that could determine the native’s introversion (occidental and if in feminine signs such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces) or extroversion (oriental and if in masculine signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) or ambiversion (oriental and in feminine signs or occidental and in masculine signs). Perhaps it could also show the native’s intuition or level of foresight. The signs where Mercury and/or the Sun are at and the planets they are in contact with could bolster and dampen the aforementioned significations of this placement. However, Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun could be harmful to the significations of the house that Mercury rule.
  3. Natal Venus-Sun: Similar to Mercury, Venus also never goes faraway from the Sun. Natives with Venus-Sun conjunction desires peace, cooperation, but also of romance, pleasure, and creature comforts. Venus’ placement relative to the Sun could be a testimony of the natives’ approach in romance and of how they express their desires. Venus, oriental, and if in masculine signs such as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius suggest natives could be vocal and assertive in their approach with romance and in getting what they want. In her occidental phase and if in feminine signs, such as Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, natives are passive and discreet. A mix in approach if Venus is oriental and in feminine signs or occidental and in masculine signs. The signs where Venus and/or the Sun are at and the planets they are in contact with could bolster and dampen the aforementioned significations of this placement. However, Venus’ conjunction with the Sun could be harmful to the significations of the house that Venus rule.
  4. Natal Sun-Mars: In Thema Mundi, the Sun and Mars have a relatively friendly relationship. We can see the supportive and guarding relationship of Mars and the Sun as Mars aspects the Sun’s domicile, Leo, aspects all of Mars’ houses, viz. Aries trine (signifies perfect friendship) Leo and square Scorpio (signifies partial enmity). In Vedic texts, Mars is the Sun’s intimate confidant. They also share the qualities of hot and dry. Another testimony regarding the fruitful relationship between the Sun and Mars is the Sun’s exaltation in Aries. In Aries, the Sun receives preferment from Mars, as seen in the multitude of essential dignities the Sun gains in the sign. The Sun also does not suffer essential debilities in the signs Mars rules. Even with difficult aspects, Mars and the Sun will always help each other. The difficult aspect between the Mar and the Sun suggests natives experience challenges and frustrations in assertiveness and self-expression. There is also a predilection to selfishness and narcissism. However, with self-awareness and time, natives are likely to develop the skill to overcome these challenges. With the Sun as the natural significator of the father in day charts, the native’s father could be domineering or have anger-related issues. In financial matters, the aspect manifests as susceptibility to the cycles of gains and loss. Natives, with the Sun conjunct, trine, and sextile on Mars, portend strong leadership and organizational skills. The native’s father could be a powerful protector and a source of encouragement.
  5. Natal Sun-Jupiter: In Thema Mundi, the Sun and Jupiter are platonic. The signs of Leo and Sagittarius are in trine aspect, signifying friendship. However, Leo and Pisces are in aversion. The aspect of these planets suggests the character of the native’s father and how the person deals with authority figures. The Sun square/opposite Jupiter makes natives egoistic and prone to exaggeration. Since the Sun rules vitality and the spirit, natives can also be hyperactive, reckless, and may disregard personal boundaries. The native’s father could be prone to excesses and there is a predilection to vices. For those with Sun conjunction/sextile/trine Jupiter, natives naturally exude enthusiasm, charisma, and leadership skills. These natives are bright, wise, deeply philosophical, and spiritual. They naturally have a robust constitution. Their fathers are supportive and are likewise spiritual, well-mannered, and influential.
  6. Natal Sun-Saturn: In the Thema Mundi, the Sun and Saturn are enemies as they rule houses opposite each other. It is for this reason that regardless of the aspect, there is always a tension between the two planets. The aspect of these planets suggests of the character of the native’s father and how the person deals with authority figures. The Sun conjunct/square/opposite Saturn makes natives serious and mature. Since the Sun rules vitality and the spirit, natives may feel either sober or lethargic. In extremely afflicted cases, the placement may show depression and hopelessness. These natives early in their life may be shy, but this confidence and sense of authority develops as time goes by. The hard aspects suggest of the native’s tense relationship with the father or authority figures. For those with Sun sextile/trine Saturn, natives naturally exude authority and possess leadership skills. The father or authority could be supportive and encouraging to the natives.

The section will link you to the natal astrology series interpreting the Sun in the signs:


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