Pole Shifts, Magnetic Excursion Events, and Astrology

Astrology in whatever system is all about perspective. The ancients have always watched the skies, followed the planets, and interpreted planetary alignments from the Earth’s point of view to predict mundane and personal events. While astrological systems share similarities, I have always wondered why and how they got so diverse. Geography and culture aside, another reason for this variability, I suspect, is the possibility of the ancients considering pole shifts and magnetic excursions.

A Look into Magnetic Excursion and Pole Shift Events

Magnetic excursions happen when there is a significant change in the Earth’s magnetic field. It is a dramatic but short-lived (could last for thousands of years) change in the pole’s orientation by up to 45 degrees. Pole shift events show massive changes in the magnetic field where the magnetic north and south interchange and the geographic reversals are permanent. There are multiple theories on why excursions and pole shifts happen. The most popular are the existence of Planet X or Nibiru, the Planet of Crossing of the Sumerians and the Solar System’s alignment into the galactic magnetic sheet (as accounted by the ancient Mayans).

Nibiru, a dwarf planetary system, orbits not only our Sun but also its dead binary twin. Every 3,657 years, the planet crosses between the Earth’s and Venus’s orbit to exit our solar system. As a dwarf system, it is immensely magnetic pulling the Earth out of orbit, reversing the magnetic and geographic pole orientation as it slings shot back to the Sun’s dead binary.

The solar system crosses cyclically in an electrically charged sheet of the galaxy and this causes our Sun and the planets to react. The planets react with the core heating to expand, altering its magnetic activity. While the Sun flare up producing massive coronal mass ejections eventually leading to nova events (the Sun changing its skin by bursting its outer layers).

Both theories support the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field allowing cosmic rays to enter and heat the core. As the core expands, the liquefied metal further convects, causing our planet to wobble. The increased circulation of the molten metal causes the tectonic plates to move. Weather patterns also become erratic not only because of the wobble but also with the increased electric activity of the ionosphere producing heat and severe thunderstorms.

The Relationship to Astrology

Here, we will look into the various astrological systems that I know we can see the concepts of pole shift and magnetic excursions.

The Probable Origins of the Vedic and/or Sidereal Astrology’s Ayanāṃśa

Aside from the precision of the equinoxes, the Vedic-Sidereal Astrology’s Ayanāṃśa may have its creation based on pole shifts and/or magnetic excursions, as evidenced by the use of different fixed stars as points of reference. It is noteworthy that the sky appears differently after a magnetic excursion or pole shift event, so it is important to know how the constellation and its prominent fixed star look like. We can also think the same on the importance of the lunar mansion or nakshatras in chart delineation. Knowing where the Moon is at after a magnetic excursion or pole shift could tell time relative to its position to the Sun when the sky is in apparent disarray.

Feng Shui’s Flying Star

We can relate the Flying Star to the periodic weakening and strengthening of the Earth’s magnetic fields that may have resulted to micro-wobbles. The ancient sages of China may have noticed these magnetic excursion events where the geographic north pole changed in orientation over a 180-year period. For each 180-year period, they may have detected 9 variabilities where one variability lasts for 20 years.

On Why Western Tropical Astrology Survived

Tropical astrology uses equinoxes and the solstices as time markers. With the tropical system, regardless of magnetic excursion events and pole shifts, the start of the signs of Aries-Libra always corresponds with the day and night equal. In my previous article, the RM Effect is powerful during the equinoxes, and the ancients have considered this as a relatively stable time marker.


Magnetic excursions and pole shifts may have strongly influenced astrology. Regardless of the culture and geography, the astrological systems that sprang out of these life-changing events have been helpful in getting humanity back on track.


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  1. Magnetic pole shift is accelerating and is a prelude to a geophysical pole shift – a civilization ending catastrophe that happens approximately every 12,000 years. The previous North Pole was in the west of Hudson Bay, which is why North America had an “ice age” centered there, while Siberia was warm with huge herds of large, grazing mammals. Egyptian priests have records of previous world ages in which the sun rose in different positions. Plato told us about Atlantis. India has stories about an advanced civilization before the present one. Bands of ancient coral criss cross the planet showing former equators. If interested in more evidence, consider reading books like POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced or Before Atlantis: New Evidence Suggesting the Existence of a Previous Technological Civilization on Earth

    1. Thank you for the comment. I will gladly look into the book. What you said is true and I think we can find the pieces of evidence of Pole Shifts in the astrological systems we have today.

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