Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Aries

The series will delineate the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst or Astroseek. In this article, we will interpret the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Aries.

The Sun transits the sign of Aries from March 21 to April 19, but the exact start and end depends on the year. Please note that because of the precession of the equinoxes, your zodiac sign is not the same as the constellation the ancients name them after.

Here, the Sun once more is under Mars’ rulership. In Aries, the Sun gains powerful essential dignities by exaltation, triplicity, and face. The Sun having a multitude of essential dignities makes it as the Almuten of Aries, and this sets it apart from the Sun in Scorpio. The power through stealthiness is the expression whenever the Sun is in Scorpio’s murky waters. In Aries, the Sun is noble-minded and transparent, thus the natives take purposeful and visible actions. We also see the quick wit, intellectual brilliance, powerful conviction, and the talent for divination as the Sun is in the Ninth place from its home, Leo. Since the Sun is about the spirit, the themes of enlightenment are prominent for this placement. Children (even adults) with the Sun in Aries may look up to heroes as their role models.

The qualities of Aries and of its rulers (viz. Aries is a hot and dry sign; Mars is hot and dry, while the Sun is also hot and dry) shows an abundance of heat and individuating dryness. From the abundance of choler, we see the stereotypical Arian temper, competitiveness, and conceit. The brash character we attribute to the sign is from the sign’s lack of moisture, and is why the relational, cold, and moist Venus suffers its detriment. Aside from these, we attribute the accusations of impatience and the predisposition to not follow through with the Sun in this fiery, cardinal sign. Selfishness and the impulsiveness or the lack of forethought are from Saturn falling in the sign.

Albeit the negative connotations, the Sun in Aries possesses and extolls the values of leadership, courage, passion, novelty, initiative, individualism, confidence, and self-reliance, as it looks up to Mars for guidance and is in a place where it shines the brightest.

However, we cannot generalize people born under the signs of Sun in Scorpio and Aries because it depends on the sign Mars occupies during birth. Unlike Mercury and Venus, Mars can be anywhere in the zodiac. Also, Mars can either be direct or retrograde and is very important to note when tackling these placements. Therefore, there are 14 types of Aries depending on where Mars is at birth.

  1. Sun in Aries with Mars in Aries Oriental (Rises before the Sun): Aries is Mars’ diurnal home, and it is extremely powerful when it is oriental, especially for those with diurnal nativities. However, for those born during the day, the Sun takes the helm because it is also gaining triplicity rulership. Natives are bright and possess excellent leadership skills. Mars, as a superior planet, gains accidental dignity whenever it is oriental, and this endows quick wit and reflexes to the natives. They are bold, direct, and fiercely competitive. However, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives are impatient and impulsive. They may also lack focus, suffer from severe temper problems, and can be very destructive when uncontrolled. They have troubles in finishing what they have started. Those of nocturnal births are more magnetic, calm, and controlled. They are fearsome competitors, as they are excellent strategists and tacticians. Similar to those Sun in Scorpio, with Mars in Scorpio oriental, they are masters of blitzkrieg warfare. Once they set their minds to a goal, these people are unstoppable.
  2. Sun in Aries with Mars in Aries Occidental (Rises after the Sun): Natives of Sun in Aries with Mars in Aries occidental appear mature, cool, persistent, and secretive than their oriental counterpart, especially for those born at night. These natives have a powerful gut instincts. The combination of secrecy, focus, and willfulness brings natives the success desired. Those born during the day are more open, but also are likely to suffer from bursts of anger and occasional recklessness with Mars as the sect malefic.
  3. Sun in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries (+/- 2° orb): These natives possess both the oriental and occidental Martial characteristics, especially for those with Mars cazimi (less than 16′) or exactly conjunct the Sun. However, natives born during the day will have the oriental Mars traits prominent. Those born at night will have the traits of those with occidental Mars. Mars outside the orb of the cazimi is combusting. In this state, it is technically hidden and impeded, so natives may experience problems in matters related to Mars such as discord, temper and physical vitality. Careers fit for all of those with Sun in Scorpio and Mars in Scorpio are in the military, law enforcement, the forensic sciences, the social sciences, risk managers, medicine and surgery.
  4. Sun in Aries with Mars in Taurus: Natives may also feel inadequate and restrained with Mars in detriment. The Sun, in the sign of its exaltation, will still bring success and recognition. However, the aversion of the Sun to Mars and Mars’ condition suggests that progress in life is slow and steady. Fortunately, they are calm, patient, hardworking and persistent than those who have their Mars in Aries. Unyielding by nature, they can be impervious to other people’s suggestions and opinions. Although natives with this placement are calm, those born during the day, when fed up, suffer from explosive anger. Nocturnal nativities ease the affliction and make natives productive and adaptable than their diurnal counterpart. However, laziness and inertia can be a problem for those born at night. Venus will influence the career of the natives of this combination, thus they excel as artists, beauticians, fashion designers, engineers, architects, and real estate agents.
  5. Sun in Aries with Mars in Gemini: These natives are highly intelligent, mentally quick, shrewd, and eloquent. However, they may suffer from the lack of focus with the Sun in a cardinal sign and Mars in this mutable sign. Natives that lack discipline and firm guidance early in their lives are at risk of delinquency. For those born during the day, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives are likely to get into trouble as they can be quarrelsome or restless. Jupiter’s influence on the Sun and Mercury’s influence on Mars strengthens for nocturnal nativities, thus natives with this placement are mentally sharp, adaptable, persuasive, and cunning. These natives thrive in areas that require strategic planning and maneuvering. Law and law enforcement, Strategists, Politics and the Military are the career options best fit for natives with the Sun in Aries with Mars in Gemini.
  6. Sun in Aries with Mars in Cancer: Those born with Sun in Aries with Mars in Cancer are sensitive and nurturing than your typical Aries. Mars falls in Cancer as it acts contrary to its nature because the lesser malefic is in the home of the Moon and the exaltation of Jupiter, the Greater Benefic. This debility manifests as hesitancy to assert. As a coping mechanism, natives with this placement are prone to passive-aggressive behavior, as Mars’ fighting style in Cancer is indirect and underhanded. Natives, when unevolved, may take things personally and can become victims of their own passion. With Mars as the sect malefic, natives born during the day with Sun in Aries and Mars in Cancer are liable to meltdowns and blind rages. Those of nocturnal nativities are highly intuitive, calculating and controlled, with Mars gaining triplicity rulership and the coolness of the night diffuses Mars’ excess of heat. These natives excel as cooks, firefighters, cops, and in the military.
  7. Sun in Aries with Mars in Leo: The Sun and Mars are in mutual reception by domicile. Mars is in the home of the Sun, and the Sun is in Mars’ diurnal home. However, in this mutual reception, the Sun once more overpowers Mars. Mars in the Sun’s domicile is comfortable as there is similitude to Leo as they share qualities of hot and dry. These natives are confident, assertive, and willful. They are also magnetic and are lovers of the limelight or people see them as the life of the party. If not, these natives are born with the can do attitude. People of this placement have remarkable leadership talents. Natives born during the day have fiery personalities, as they are bold, intimidating, competitive, bossy and assertive. Mars, the sect malefic, is also in the triplicity of the Sun in diurnal nativities, thus there is an excess of heat of which results in terrible temper problems. Those born at night are magnetic, mysterious, passionate, focused, persistent and are less liable to anger issues. Natives excel in careers which requires strong leadership and iron-clad will.
  8. Sun in Aries with Mars in Virgo: When the Sun is in Aries, Mars is retrograde in Virgo. The Sun and Mars are in antiscia or in hidden conjunction, thus the natives are single-minded in pursuit of their goals. However, the placement portends anxiety. Natives of this placement possess quick and excellent critical thinking skills and don’t accept things at face value with Mercury as Mars’ domicile and exaltation ruler. Straightforward, organized, practical and highly intelligent, these Arians are the forces to reckon with. Those born during the day can be hypercritical, impatient, and bossy. Nocturnal nativities are focused, disciplined, and strategic. However, anxiety can be a problem. Careers in the sciences, medicine, accounting and management are the best options for this placement.
  9. Sun in Aries with Mars in Libra: The Sun opposes Mars retrograde and in detriment in Libra. Libra is the sign of the Sun’s fall, thus Arians with Mars in Libra may suffer from self-esteem and temper issues. However, with Venus ruling Mars, natives are magnetic, charming, and amorous. In the human, social and vocal sign, natives are eloquent and highly intelligent, but they can be verbally caustic. Natives are likely to do things contrary to what they say. Similar to those with their Mars in Cancer, natives are also prone to manipulative and passive-aggressive behavior. For those born during the day, Saturn takes a firm hold on Mars. Saturn’s influence endows natives with a shrewd mind and detached disposition. With Mars as the sect malefic, natives can be quarrelsome. Those born at night are the iron fist under velvet gloves. Mercury’s triplicity rulership strengthens the intellect and creativity, but also makes natives fickle and cunning. Natives excel as lawyers, negotiators, politicians and diplomats.
  10. Sun in Aries with Mars in Scorpio: Scorpio is Mars’ nocturnal home, and he is retrograde when the Sun is in Aries. Unlike in Aries, where the Sun has rulership over Mars, Mars in Scorpio is powerful in its own right. Mars in this murky water sign endows darker undertones to the native’s personality. Let’s just say the Sun in Aries with Mars in Scorpio is raw power. These natives are secretive, brooding, intense, penetrating, willful, and focused. Similar to those born with the Mars in Aries, these natives are straightforward and fiercely competitive, but they are way patient and calculating. For those born during the day, with Mars, as the sect malefic and averse to the Sun, makes natives unpredictable and impulsive. Those of nocturnal births will have Mars extremely powerful. Natives are menacing enemies as they are stealthy, methodical, and ruthless. They are also masters of blitzkrieg warfare; they catch their opponents off guard. These people are unstoppable.
  11. Sun in Aries with Mars in Sagittarius: Jupiter, the Greater Benefic rules Mars, the Lesser Malefic, and natives born under this placement are presented opportunities and challenges regarding communication, education, beliefs, spirituality, law and of the finances. Natives are bright, free-wheeling, whimsical, optimistic, and straightforward. However, there is a tendency toward arrogance and exaggeration. These are your crusaders, wanderlusts, and daredevils, so people may see them as brash, prejudiced, and proselytising. By temperament, Mars is compatible in Sagittarius because with Mars, a naturally hot and dry planet, is in a hot and dry sign. The placement augurs ease in the expression of Martial significations. For those born during the day, the Sun gains triplicity rulership and Jupiter as the sect benefic endows leadership and charismatic qualities to the natives. Mars, as the sect malefic, makes natives impulsive, hot-headed, tactless, and wasteful. For nocturnal nativities, Jupiter takes the helm, making natives pensive, spiritual, and highly intelligent. Careers best suit for these natives are in the law, law enforcement, politics, sports, as religious missionaries, and in the military.
  12. Sun in Aries with Mars in Capricorn: Under Saturn’s watch, discipline is this Mars’ best trait. Mars is in the sign of its exaltation and is the co-almuten of Capricorn, making it also extremely powerful. Natives of this placement are ambitious, hardworking, strategic, and highly intelligent. These natives seek social status and advancement, thus they are calculating than the typical Aries. People born under this placement respect the established law, but they are also keen on seizing loopholes and cracks to their benefit. Depending on Saturn’s placement, theirs is the quickest way to the top. When provoked, these natives keep a cool and rational approach, but when pushed too far, these natives can turn ruthless. For those of diurnal births, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives can be arrogant, impatient, and willful, so people of this placement are prone to seemingly endless strife. In nocturnal births, the coolness of the night balances out Mars’ heat and dryness, and this endows the natives with outstanding emotional control. The natives have nerves of steel and are adept at handling crisis or emotionally charged situations. Entrepreneurship, corporate executive positions, risk managers, politicians, law and law enforcement are career opportunities best for this placement.
  13. Sun in Aries with Mars in Aquarius: The archetype of the anti-hero comes into mind with Mars in the Sun’s detriment. With Mars in a human, social and vocal sign, expect people of this placement to be outspoken, quarrelsome and argumentative, especially for those born during the day. However, Saturn’s and the fixed air sign’s influence make natives highly intelligent and impartial, but very stubborn, especially to the things they firmly believe in. Natives born under this placement are unpredictable. These natives are also your devil’s advocate and daredevils. For those born at night, natives are immensely creative and highly idealistic. However, apathy and depression can be problems. Negotiators, lawyers, prosecutors, researchers and careers in the Sciences are the best career options for those born with this placement.
  14. Sun in Aries with Mars in Pisces: The Sun and Mars in contra-antiscia or in hidden opposition results in hesitancy and doubts to act. It may also manifest as incoordination. However, in Pisces, Mars is one of the triplicity rulers, plus late in the sign, he gains term and face rulership. Therefore, Mars’ essential dignity in Pisces is decent. Not only Mars is under Jupiter’s rulership but also of Venus’, as Pisces is the sign of her exaltation. The influence of the benefics on Mars makes it lucky and softens Mars’ rough edges, but this does not make Mars wimp. Natives have an air of mystery in them. Emotions push them to action. These natives are highly intuitive or they possess powerful gut instincts. For those of diurnal nativities, with Mars as the sect malefic, meltdowns can be a problem. Those of nocturnal nativities are calm, controlled and mysterious. However, when push comes to shove, these natives are resilient and intelligent fighters. The medical profession, social sciences, and the arts are the best career options for this placement.

Regardless of one’s Sun sign, this Moon sign adds color and depth to the personality of the native. We associate the Moon and its condition with the native’s mind and emotional well-being. The influence of the Moon will be apparent for nocturnal nativities.

The Moon is contrary to its nature in Aries; the Moon, a cold and moist planet, is in a hot and dry sign. However, the Moon is in the Tenth House from her home in Cancer, thus she can manage the affairs of her sign of rulership. The Moon in the Tenth place from its home suggests of the native’s career orientation and desire to better one’s social status. In Aries, the Moon is in the diurnal domicile of Mars and the exaltation and triplicity of the Sun making natives passionate, ambitious, and driven. With the Moon in Aries, the natives need to be on the move and to take charge. In this fiery and cardinal sign, the Moon craves novelty to feel secure. Like those with Moon in Scorpio, astrologers peg the Moon in Aries’ inclination to volatility because of its ruler Mars. Similar to other fire signs, these natives have a short fuse. However, the Moon’s aspect to Mercury, or lack thereof, is important in ruling out the psychological makeup of the native.

In Aries, the Moon is peregrine; it does not possess any essential dignity in the sign. Below is a list of the Moon in Aries—Mars combinations.

  1. Moon in Aries with Mars in Aries: We cannot assume stability to the Moon with Mars in its home. Natives with this placement are emotionally intense, instinctual and competitive. Emotional fulfillment comes when they are out for an adventure and taking risks. The more risky it is for the native, the better they feel. However, miscalculation of risks is common to those with this combination. Natives may have overestimated their capacity or rather, underestimated the situation. These individuals learn the hard way as the consequences for such lead them into serious troubles. For those born during the day, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives are liable to explosive anger and impulsivity. People born at night have strong gut instincts and are cautious than their diurnal counterparts.
  2. Moon in Aries with Mars in Taurus: Although there is generosity between the Moon and Mars, the natives cannot enjoy the full benefits from this placement as the Moon is averse to Mars and Mars is in detriment. Mars is in the sign of the Moon’s exaltation while the Moon is in its diurnal home. Here, it is the Moon that gets the upper hand. This placement manifests as having the immense drive to gain materially. People with this combination are willful, determined, and passionate. However, the condition of Mars and in aversion to the Moon suggest the challenges in reaching fulfillment. Natives, when they are angry, burn slowly. However, beyond the saturation point, natives succumb to violent explosions. With Mars as the sect malefic, they encounter a cycle of gains and loss. Those born at night support the smoother expression of emotion, thus natives are less liable to painful outbursts.
  3. Moon in Aries with Mars in Gemini: The combination exacerbates the native’s innate moodiness but also makes them adaptable, clever, and fickle with Mercury ruling Mars. However, the Moon and Mars are in a harmonious whole-sign sextile making natives productive. These natives are agile and possess quick wit and exceptional intelligence. Those born during the day, with Mars as the sect malefic, augurs a quarrelsome nature, impatience and restlessness. For those of nocturnal nativities, the influence of Mercury confers creativity, albeit amplifying the extreme moodiness.
  4. Moon in Aries with Mars in Cancer: Here, we have once more the Moon and Mars as having mutual reception by domicile, but again, it will be the Moon that gets the upper hand. The natives possess the immense drive to achieve emotional security or fulfillment. With Mars in the sign of its fall, they cultivate a tough persona to intimidate everyone around them. The square of the Moon and Mars portends volatility. Competitive by nature, natives may have a hard time accepting defeat and may take things personally. For those born during the day, natives are prone to blind rage. While for those born at night, the placement is excellent for competitions and sports.
  5. Moon in Aries with Mars in Leo: There is a predilection to be in a position of power or leadership with Mars in Leo. Natives born with this placement are passionate, courageous, willful, and aggressive. The Moon is in a whole-sign trine to Mars suggesting of native’s leadership competence with the capacity to manage emotions and actualize plans. For those born during the day, temper and selfishness are potential problems. These natives are domineering. We see the productive influence of this placement, such as strong leadership and courage from natives born at night.
  6. Moon in Aries with Mars in Virgo: Virgo is the other sign that both the Moon and Mars don’t suffer debilities, and the antiscia between the two planets suggests of their energies blending well. This Moon – Mars combination likes to be productive to feel emotionally secure. Natives, with this placement, have a strong desire to accomplish. The rational influence of Mercury in his earthy nocturnal domicile and exaltation balances the Moon’s natural impulsivity. For those born during the day, natives are hardworking, organized and rational. However, Mars, as sect malefic, expresses as restlessness and obsessive compulsiveness. Those born at night are apparently moody, but strategic and highly efficient.
  7. Moon in Aries with Mars in Libra: In Libra, Mars is in detriment and opposing the Moon portends an emotional roller coaster experience for the natives. If there is one word to describe this placement, it is inadequacy. Natives are in a conundrum of wanting to be free and to be in a relationship. Natives achieve emotional fulfillment when they can balance their desires. Those of diurnal nativities are cerebral and strategic. The challenges that this placement brings exacerbates for those born at night.
  8. Moon in Aries with Mars in Scorpio: While we can assume that with Mars in its home in its Scorpio offers stability to the Moon, this is not necessarily the case. Mars, a natural malefic, although dignified, will dispense help in line to its nature. Mars is also in the fall of the Moon, and averse to it, thus it will bring challenges in achieving emotional fulfillment. Natives are intense, moody, cautious, and suspicious. These natives are highly intuitive or perhaps instinctual and possess powerful will, laser-like focus and admirable fighting spirit. For those born during the day, the Sun’s heat stabilizes the innate instability of the Moon, thus natives are less subjected to the whims of emotions. However, Mars, as the sect malefic, makes natives liable to explosive anger. Natives born at night have a well-developed intuition bordering on psychic. However, the moodiness is apparent and natives may suffer from imagined slights.
  9. Moon in Aries with Mars in Sagittarius: The Moon aspects its dispositor Mars by a whole-sign trine once more. The harmonious aspect suggests of the natives’ obvious sense of direction that drives them into purposeful action. People with this placement are broad minded, optimistic and impulsive risk takers. Natives feel happy and emotionally content when they are outside exploring and travelling. They may also find delight in study and learning. For those born during the day, Mars as the sect malefic augurs the impulsive behavior. Natives also suffer from tactlessness and temper issues. Those natives born at night are focused and inclined to reflection and study than their diurnal counterparts.
  10. Moon in Aries with Mars in Capricorn: The exaltation of Mars is where the Moon suffers its detriment. Capricorn makes the affairs of Mars fortunate at the expense of the Moon. Here, the Moon is in a whole-sign square to Mars, suggesting of the natives’ challenges in controlling emotions, especially anger. It also shows an all-or-nothing personality. Ambitious and hardworking, these individuals feel emotionally secure when people recognize them as competent. Although not necessarily vain and materialistic, natives are working hard for the status and financial security. Their emotions can get the best of them. Natives of diurnal births are workaholics and intimidating as they are emotionally distant. However, Mars, as the sect malefic in the sign of its exaltation, can make them arrogant and pushy. Unlike their diurnal counterpart, those of nocturnal birth make natives are discreet, efficient, strategic and crafty. These individuals are stoic in the face of adversity.
  11. Moon in Aries with Mars in Aquarius: The Moon and Mars are in a whole-sign showing the ease of emotional expression. However, Mars in a vocal air sign makes natives impulsive and verbally caustic when provoked. People with this placement are highly intelligent but often misunderstood. Those born during the day lean on being rational and impersonal, with Saturn exerting its influence. They can also be prone to extremism and a challenge for people to deal with. For those born at night, the best qualities of this placement show, with the help of Mercury, as the nocturnal triplicity ruler. The natives can be intellectual geniuses, as they are reflective.
  12. Moon in Aries with Mars in Pisces: In contrast to Moon in Aries – Mars in Virgo, the Moon and the Mars are in contra-antiscia or hidden opposition. The relationship suggests of the planets’ energies conflicting, and this could manifest as fickleness or indecisiveness. However, Mars in Jupiter’s other domicile and Venus’ exaltation blunts Mars’ sharp edges and endows good luck to the natives. The waters of Pisces also diffuse Mars’ excess heat. In Pisces, both the Moon and Mars do not suffer debilities. There is an air of heroism to these natives and by helping is how they get emotional fulfillment. These are the individuals that use their own pain to help those who have had a similar plight as theirs. There is leadership potential for those born during the day with the Sun as the almuten of the Moon. With Mars, as the sect malefic, suffers from blind rage or meltdowns. Nocturnal births make natives psychically permeable or sensitive. Venus as the exaltation ruler of Mars and as sect benefic this makes natives born at night amorous.

Modern Astrology assigns the Ascendant sign as the facade of the native to the world. However, with Traditional Astrology, the Ascendant sign is your actual zodiac sign and the ruler’s placement will dictate how one looks like and behave.

Aries is of the fiery triplicity, thus natives are physically active and free spirited. As a bestial sign, they are temperamental. With it as a cardinal sign, we expect natives to take the initiative, but are also fickle in their interests. We can consider Aries Ascendants possessing excellent athletic potential and leadership skills with the Mars (domicile) and the Sun (exaltation) as their rulers.

With the Mars as the ruler of the Ascendant, I will detail the placement of Mars throughout out the signs and houses. However, we remember that the signs of Mercury and the Moon will add color and depth to the psychological make-up of the native.

  1. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Aries: Using the whole sign house, Mars is in the First House, signifying the physical body and defining the character of the person. Its placement also tells about the native’s Eighth Whole-sign house of liabilities, debt, and death. In Aries, Mars is in its domicile and in element where Mars shares similitude, thus natives have a robust constitution. These natives may have easy access to other people’s money or resources. Mars, being powerful in Aries, naturally endows the natives with courage and assertiveness, but may have trouble finishing what they start with Mars in this fiery, cardinal sign. Those born during the day are impulsive and outbursts, and this can cause them health issues. Those born at night are calm, shrewd, and calculating and less liable to temper problems. However, these natives can also be moody and unpredictable.
  2. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Taurus: In the domicile of Venus and exaltation of the Moon, financial and romantic security are the concerns of natives born with this placement, especially with Mars in the Second Whole-sign house. In Taurus, Mars is in detriment, thus Mars’ natural significations such as quickness, anger and impulsiveness are in the back seat. Where there is the lack of speed, the placement endows the natives with the patience, persistence and willfulness. There could be health problems because of a sedentary lifestyle. Natives have to be careful with finances, especially in lending and incurring debts. However, for those born during the day, natives become impatient and frustrated because of life’s slow progress. When natives get angry, they can get very physical. Those born at night are easy going and take life one step at a time, but the inertia and lack of ambition may become a problem.
  3. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Gemini: Under Mercury’s lordship and in the Third Whole-sign house, natives of this placement are witty, well-informed, cunning, and street smart. They are naturally blunt. Natives may have an interesting relationship with the siblings. Depending on the condition of Mercury and its aspect to Mars, Mars in the Third House suggests of contention with the siblings or the siblings are likely to be argumentative. There could be dispute among siblings as it pertains to wills. For those born during the day, natives are at risk of accidents as they can be impulsive and impatient. Nocturnal nativities are secretive, strategic, cunning, and the prominent interest in occult and other life mysteries.
  4. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Cancer: With Mars in the domicile of the Moon and exaltation of Jupiter, natives are fiercely protective and nurturing of their families or loved ones, especially with Mars also in the Fourth Whole-sign house. They are highly intuitive and may also show an interest in investing in real estate, agriculture, and mining. People with this placement may take things personally and can be manipulative and passive-aggressive. With Mars also ruling the Eighth House, natives should be cautious in taking risky activities. Natives have to watch out for their health. For those born during the day, natives are liable to meltdown and blind rage. Although Mars is in its fall in Cancer, Mars gains triplicity rulership for nocturnal births. There is a better control of emotions on Mars’ improved essential dignity.
  5. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Leo: Natives of this placement love fun, adventure, and romance with Mars in the domicile of the Sun and in the Fifth Whole-sign house. These folks are magnetic, bold, and possess natural leadership skills. Since Mars rules the Eighth Whole-sign House, natives possess talents in gambling and speculation. However, the impulsiveness could lead to serious losses, especially for those born during the day. Mars, in the fire signs of which Leo is a part of, endows natives with robust constitution. However, natives may suffer from stress-related illnesses. For those born during the day, natives are ill-tempered and can become tyrannical. While for those born at night, natives have a deep understanding of the human psyche and this makes them effective leaders.
  6. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Virgo: The natives are hardworking, organized, practical, and strategic with Mars in the earthy domicile and exaltation of Mercury. Mars rejoices in the Sixth Whole-sign House, and natives may find joy in service oriented professions. Since Mars also rules the Eighth House, natives have a profound interest in health and healing. Mercury ruling Mars as the Lord of the Eighth House suggests talents in finances and research. For those born during the day, natives may become hypercritical and anxiety problems. Those of nocturnal nativities are calm, strategic, and efficient.
  7. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Libra: Since Mars is in detriment and in the Seventh Whole-sign House, Martial significations such as individuality, anger and courage take a Venusian twist. In Libra, Mars’ placement endows with the gift of tact, diplomacy, and charm with Venus and Saturn as the domicile and exaltation ruler of Mars. With Mars detriment in the Seventh Whole-sign house, people may find it challenging to assert themselves. In marriage, the partner has the upper hand in the relationship. If natives express anger, it is passive aggressive. Mars ruling the Eighth Whole-sign House and should Venus not receive Mars makes natives prone to challenging health and financial losses.
  8. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Scorpio: In Scorpio, Mars is in its domicile, thus natives may have a robust constitution. However, Mars is contrary to its nature in a water sign, so there could be some issues with health. These natives are secretive, mysterious, and alluring. They possess powerful wills and the nerves of steel. Mars is in the Eighth House suggests of the natives’ interest in finance and economics. There is a strong interest in the concepts related to death, the occult, and the paranormal. Natives are brave enough to explore and thread the dark underbelly of life. Those born during the day are also impulsive and outbursts, and this can cause them health issues. Those born at night are calm, strategic, and stoic. Similar to those with Mars in Aries, these natives are temperamental.
  9. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Sagittarius: Mars in the Ninth Whole-sign House shows that the natives’ likely motivation is to travel, explore, and learn. These natives are enthusiastic, curious, and spiritual. They are straightforward and eloquent. Natives have a knack and possess talents in the law, academe, research, and spiritual sciences. Mars of the ruler of the Eighth House suggests of natives interest in speculation. Natives experience financial setbacks should they lack the discipline and foresight in managing the finances. Illnesses are mainly because of the native’s excess or adventurous lifestyle. For those born during the day, Mars, as the sect malefic, makes the natives impulsive, hot-headed, and spendthrifts. Those born at night natives are reflective and have a powerful instinct of where to put their money at.
  10. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Capricorn: Natives are serious, ambitious, shrewd, strategic, hardworking, and disciplined. With Mars exalted in the Tenth Whole-sign house, these natives possess exceptional organizational talent and excellent leadership skills. They have a success orientation and high personal standards. These natives get the recognition they desire. With Mars also ruling the Eighth Whole-sign house, there is an inclination to career involving money such as business, finance, and economics. There is also a predilection to research in the physical and medical sciences. For those born during the day, natives can be arrogant, impatient, competitive and domineering, while those born at night are patient but cunning.
  11. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Aquarius: Mars in the Eleventh Whole-sign House, suggests of the natives’ interest in establishing connections and widening of social network. However, Mars here suggests that there could be contention with friends or with the social circle the natives belong. People born with this placement are highly intelligent but impersonal, and unpredictable. Since Aquarius is the detriment of the Sun, natives are prone to rebellious or non-conformist behavior. Mars, as the ruler of the Eighth Whole-sign house, suggests that there could be gain from friends if Saturn receives Mars. Loss, if Saturn is not in an excellent condition and in a difficult aspect to Mars. For those born during the day, the rebellious or non-conformist behavior is pronounced. While for those born at night, the natives are aloof and withdrawn.
  12. Aries Ascendant with Mars in Pisces: These natives are charming, magnetic, artistic, and amorous with Mars in the domicile of Jupiter and the exaltation of Venus. Mars in the Twelfth Whole-sign House makes natives discrete and mysterious. As the ruler of the Eighth House in the Twelfth, there is also a strong interest in spirituality and the occult. There is an inclination to clandestine affairs. Those born during the day may have trouble in expressing anger, and may channel this emotion through passive-aggressive/manipulative means. The artistic talent, romantic nature and occult interests are prominent for those born at night.


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