Lost Item Horary: Where is the Pouch?

While I was arranging my stuff, I noticed that I’ve lost track of the pouch containing a glass, religious relic. It’s early in the morning and I cannot find the item as my mind is still foggy, and so I’ve asked, “Where is the pouch?” Below is the chart cast upon the time of question.


Here, I have used missing item aphorisms as listed in Skyscript.com [1]. Basing on the chart above, these are the aphorisms that were considered.

  1. The Ascendant as the significator of the querent and the Moon.
  2. The Second House and its ruler and the Moon as the co-significator of the lost item.
  3. The nature of the lost item which is a glass, religious relic.


We begin by looking into the Ascendant and see that Aquarius is rising with its ruler Saturn. Jupiter as the significator of the Second House shows the nature of the lost item which is a religious relic. If we consider the Moon as the significator of the object, it shows how the item looks like. According to the aphorism, the Moon signifies objects that are made of glass.

Regarding the argument for recovery, we see that the Second House ruler is in the Ascendant, and as the aphorism suggests, is a positive testimony for the recovery. The angularity of the Second House ruler suggests that the recovery is quick.

Considering on where is at, we look into the sign of the Second House ruler and see that it is in Aquarius. Aquarius naturally points West, and as an air sign suggests places with an open view and near sources of light. As a human sign, shows that item is in a place where I frequently stay.

As per the aphorism, whenever the Second House ruler or the Moon is in Aquarius, the item is at West by North. Using the Moon as the significator, the sign of Cancer suggests the missing item is at North. Interestingly, I’m standing in the eastern part of the room and we see Saturn (me and I also have Capricorn Ascendant) rising. The co-presence of Jupiter with Saturn suggests the item is at my side. The Moon is in the Sixth House suggests the item is unlikely to be found. However, the house significator shows otherwise, thus we look into the left hand-side.


In just less than 5 minutes, I’ve found the item in my bed just at my side, obscured by the pillow. Interestingly, the head of the bed points at North while I found the object on the western part of the pillow. From the considerations listed, we see the sign where the Second House ruler pinpointed to where the missing item is at.


[1]. Horary: Where is it? by Deborah Houlding. (n.d.). Skyscript. Retrieved March 23, 2021, from https://www.skyscript.co.uk/wit.html


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