Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo

The series will delineate the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst and Astroseek. In this article, I will interpret the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Virgo.

The Sun transits the sign of Virgo from August 23 to September 22, but the exact start and end depends on the year. Please note that because of the precession of the equinoxes your zodiac sign is not the same as the constellation the ancients name them after.

Interpreting charts with the Sun in Gemini and Virgo are tricky because of its ruler Mercury. Since Mercury never goes faraway from the Sun, it can be in the sign before, within and the sign after your Sun sign. Therefore, when tackling these placements, we have to ruminate Mercury’s sign and house.

There are five types of Virgo depending on where the location of Mercury is at birth. Technically, for those born with Sun in Virgo, planet Mercury can be in Leo or Virgo or Libra. However, for Virgos with Mercury in Virgo, Mercury can be on either side of the Sun, thus there is an additional set of interpretation.

  1. Sun in Virgo with Mercury in Leo: The Sun and Mercury is in generosity meaning these planets are in each other’s house without the applying aspect. Virgos born with Mercury in Leo are domineering and confident than any of the other Sun in Virgo – Mercury combination. These Virgos seek recognition and applause thus they put a high premium in delivering quality work. More often, we find these natives in leadership positions. For those born at night, natives are persuasive, poetic and more artistic. This placement draws Virgos to professions such as Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Web Development, Graphic Design, Content Creation (Mainstream & Social Media), and Performing arts.
  2. Sun in Virgo with Mercury in Virgo Oriental (Rises before the Sun): Virgo is a special place for Mercury as it is in the sign it rules and exalts. However, this placement is contrary to its sect especially for those born during the day. These Virgos are hardworking, articulate, precise, factual, logical, highly analytical, methodical and organized. Attention to details is their strongest suit so expect these natives to be hypercritical. Natives may also take things literally. For those born at night, natives are gifted strategists and tacticians. News Writing & Reporting, Technical Writing, Editing, Accounting & Auditing, Operations Management, Quality Assurance, Data Science Management, Engineering, the Physical Sciences, and Craftsmanship are the best career paths for those born with this placement. These Virgos like to work in the public.
  3. Sun in Virgo with Mercury in Virgo Occidental (Rises after the Sun): Mercury is at its strongest in this phase and especially the traits streamlined here will be prominent for those of nocturnal births. Natives with this placement are adept at communicating their thoughts through word imagery. The native’s logical, analytical and methodical faculties remain strong although not as organized as their oriental counterparts. Virgos of this placement are quick in detecting patterns and nuances so conclusions reached are comprehensive and multidimensional. These natives are excellent judges of characters and masters at spotting hidden motives. For those born during the day, natives are talented communicators, chroniclers, and mimics. Creative Writing, Investigative Journalism, Research, Medicine, Nursing, Social & Forensic Sciences, Human Resource, and Investment Banking are ideal career paths. Natives prefer working behind the scenes.
  4. Sun in Virgo conjunct Mercury in Virgo (+/- 2° orb): These natives possess both the oriental and occidental Mercury characteristics especially for those with Mercury cazimi (less than 16′) or exactly conjunct the Sun. However, natives born during the day will have the oriental Mercury traits prominent while those born at night, the occidental Mercury characteristics takes precedence. Mercury outside the orb of the cazimi is combust. In this state, it is technically hidden and impeded so natives may be secretive or experience troubles in articulation.
  5. Sun in Virgo with Mercury in Libra: Venus as Mercury’s ruler endows the natives with the gift of gab, persuasion and diplomacy. Laid back by nature, these Virgos know that people are not perfect and, so, are less critical. Natives can see both the trees and the forest. For those of diurnal birth, Saturn adds depth to the personality therefore natives are cautious and serious. While those of nocturnal nativities are gifted networkers, counselors and therapists. Over-all, this Sun in Virgo – Mercury combination make excellent lawyers, judges, diplomats, negotiators, news anchors, marketing executives, visual artists, chefs, hosts, performing artists and beauticians.

Regardless of one’s Sun sign, this Moon sign adds color and depth to the personality of the native. We associate the Moon and its condition with the native’s mind and emotional well-being. The influence of the Moon will be apparent for nocturnal nativities.

The Moon in Virgo illuminates the natives need for order to feel secure. Like those with Moon in Gemini, astrologers peg the Moon in Virgo as naturally anxious because of its ruler Mercury. People with this placement are uncomfortable in dealing with the unknowns. Natives will probably only feel secure when they have knowledge or control in the outcome of a decision. Therefore, these natives are careful and conservative decision makers. The Moon’s aspect to Mercury or lack thereof is important in ruling out on the psychological makeup of the native.

In Virgo, the Moon is peregrine in day charts. However, for nocturnal births, it gains the primary triplicity rulership, and so natives with Moon in Virgo are less anxious than their diurnal counterpart, and of those born with the Moon in Gemini. Below is a list of the Moon in Virgo – Mercury combinations.

  1. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Virgo: For diurnal births, the placement confers the natives with single-mindedness. Facts and experiences are the basis in decision making. Natives are likely to dismiss ideas not backed up by evidence. For those born at night, intuition supports judgement. Natives make wise decisions because along with picking up the important facts, they can also detect the underlying nuances. Over-all, natives have an instinct for the best thing to do in a situation or crisis.
  2. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Libra: With both the Moon and Mercury in human signs, we expect natives to be social, rational and communicative. People with this placement are impartial and don’t jump into conclusions. The Moon being averse to Mercury portends indecisiveness especially for those born at night. However, for those born during the day, the ability to distinguish is remarkable thus natives are quicker in reaching decisions or conclusions than their nocturnal counterparts.
  3. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Scorpio: With the Moon’s dispositor in a mute sign, natives are quiet and reserved. These people are observably deep, perceptive, imaginative and highly analytical. However, in Scorpio, the Moon suffers its fall. A planet in fall is in its most unstable state and with Mars ruling Mercury, the natives are emotionally reactive. For diurnal births, with Mars as the sect malefic, natives express dismay passionately and sarcastically to the surprise of everyone. In nocturnal nativities and with Scorpio, a mute sign, the natives suffer in suffer silence. The mind may also goes into overdrive, and the natives may suffer from imagined slights.
  4. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Sagittarius: Jupiter ruling Mercury makes natives optimistic, mentally quick, straightforward, and sarcastic. In Sagittarius, Mercury is in detriment thus people with this placement may feel chronically restless. For diurnal nativities, natives are impatient, jittery, careless, and hypercritical. Nocturnal nativities make natives with this placement highly intuitive, empathetic, but prone to indecisiveness.
  5. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Capricorn: Saturn ruling Mercury endows the natives with mental discipline and focus. Natives are serious minded, practical decision makers and often displays excellent time management skills. Like Mercury in Virgo natives, this placement endows keen attention to details. Diurnal nativities confer the natives with strong common sense, presence of mind, thorough analytical skills and a methodical approach to problem solving. In Capricorn, the Moon is in detriment, and so these natives are likely to compartmentalize emotions. For nocturnal births, Saturn as the sect malefic, slows down the mental processes, but make natives considerate. These natives are likely to suffer depression than their diurnal counterparts.
  6. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Aquarius: Saturn also rules Mercury in Aquarius albeit being in a different triplicity. Aquarius as one of the human signs like Virgo confers natives with excellent communication and social skills. These natives are the most rational among the other Moon in Virgo – Mercury combinations. Emotions are less likely to impede the native’s capacity to see things objectively with both the Moon and Mercury in human signs and averse to each other. Diurnal nativities enhances the critical thinking of the natives. People born with this placement are quick to notice inconsistencies in an argument. Saturn imbues natives with remarkable emotional detachment. Therefore, these natives have trouble empathizing and connecting with others emotionally. For those born at night, these natives are friendlier, understanding and metaphorical than their diurnal counterpart.
  7. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Pisces: Jupiter once more rules Mercury albeit in a different triplicity. In Pisces, Mercury suffers detriment and fall at the same time. Mercury, an analytical planet becomes metaphorical, and natives gather & analyzes information, and reaches conclusion or decision in an indirect approach or non-linear fashion. Surprisingly, natives may often reach the same results as those who use the methodical approach. With the Moon opposite Mercury, natives are in a constant battle if they follow what’s logical or how they feel. Being born on the day helps these natives navigate the practicalities of life. While for those born at night, natives are highly intuitive and psychically permeable.
  8. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Aries: These natives are quick-witted and bright. People with this placement are fast learners, but may a have brief attention span. With Mars as Mercury’s ruler, natives may be very talkative, physically active or restless. The Moon’s aversion to Mercury may cause incoordination. For diurnal nativities, natives are likely to be argumentative, impatient and impulsive. They do not beat around the bush and make sure their points come across. Mars as the sect malefic makes these natives quarrelsome and prone to accidents. Natives born at night are quieter and discerning, but are straightforward when they choose to speak. These are brilliant strategists and tacticians.
  9. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Taurus: The Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception by exaltation. Natives born with this placement are fortunate and have an inner sense of knowing who to approach and when to act. These natives do not rush decisions and they are often right about doing so. Gifted in managing money, natives are likely to acquire wealth. For those born during the day, natives have good coordination, systematic and are excellent analysts. However, these natives can also be judgemental or close-minded. Nocturnal births make natives highly empathetic and excellent judges of characters. It is challenging to fool these folks as they are likely to notice even the slightest change in interactive dynamics.
  10. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Gemini: Mercury is powerful in Gemini because it is at home. These natives are multi-talented and skillful. As both are human signs, natives with this placement are excellent communicators (both oral and written) and highly intelligent. Although these folks get bored easily, they are effective multi-taskers finishing multitude of tasks faster altogether. They are better assigned in short-term projects than in long-term ones. Diurnal births confer natives with strong analytical skills and fine motor abilities, but more prone to fatigue and anxiety. Nocturnal nativities are poetic and creative, but also prone to indecisiveness.
  11. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Cancer: With another powerful mutual reception by the Moon and Mercury, the natives enjoy the balance of having a powerful intellect and instinct. If it feels right, then it is right. These natives are intelligent yet empathetic. They are likely to be a skilled medical professionals, craftsman and homemakers. Diurnal nativities confer the individuals with excellent psychomotor and fine motor skills. Nocturnal nativities confers natives with acute senses, in particular, the sense of smell and taste, thus natives may become excellent cooks and bakers.
  12. Moon in Virgo with Mercury in Leo: The natives are bright, passionately expressive, persuasive and creative. They can be dogmatic and firm in what they believe and know, and so these natives are good in defending an argument. The Moon averse to its ruler may show that these natives are adept in remaining oblivious on things that will derail them from their position, and because of this they make excellent lawyers, preachers, or criminal prosecutors. On the flip side, this may show as a fundamentalistic view that there’s only one correct path. Natives may have a hard time understanding people whose experience and perspective are outside of their own. Natives born during the day will have the above traits reinforced. While those born at night, they are more receptive to ideas and sociable. People with this placement may become excellent writers in particular as novelists and scriptwriters, since they are immensely creative yet organized.

Modern Astrology assigns the Ascendant sign as the facade of the native to the world. However, with Traditional Astrology, the Ascendant sign is your actual zodiac sign and the ruler’s placement will dictate how one looks like and behave. With the Mercury as the ruler of the Ascendant, I will detail the placement of Mercury throughout out the signs and houses. However, we have to remember that the placement of Mercury and the Moon will add color and depth to the psychological make-up of the native.

  1. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Virgo: Using the whole sign houses, Mercury is in the First House signifying the physical body and defining the character of the person. Its placement also tells about the native’s Tenth Whole-sign house of Career. In Virgo, Mercury is in its rulership and exaltation thus natives may be of high birth, a prominent figure or a distinguishable personality. Mercury being powerful in Virgo and in the ascendant (Mercury’s joy), naturally endows the natives with exceptional intelligence, excellent communication skills and fine motor abilities. Superiors are quick to notice their abilities and confer them recognition and promotion unless impeded. Alternatively, these natives may venture and be their own boss. Those born during the day are highly analytical, critical, organized, and possesses a dry wit. These natives are prone to single-mindedness, stiffness, and anxiousness. They are natural skeptics and won’t believe until there’s verifiable evidence presented to them. Expect these natives to ask tons of questions. Those born at night are calm, open-minded, agreeable, and flexible. They are excellent strategists and tacticians.
  2. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Libra: Mercury is in the Second Whole-sign House showing that the natives’ likely motivation and career path is the acquisition of wealth. Natives can either be the thrifty or the spendthrift type, and this will depend on Venus’ condition. Venus ruling Mercury makes natives laid back and artistic. They prefer hearing and seeing all sides of the argument before reaching a decision or conclusion. Natives are natural born courtiers. For those born during the day, natives are keen on legalities or rules so expect these natives to be very calculating and decisive although apparently charming and laid back. They make excellent lawyers and arbiters or any careers that involves the law. Those born at night are relational, and so they are naturally easygoing and friendly than their diurnal counterparts. Natives make good therapists or counselors as they are excellent listeners. Indecisiveness can be a problem for those born at night unless supported by other placements.
  3. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Scorpio: Natives possess a piercing intelligence and scientific mind. They leave no stones unturned and would not stop until they get the answers or results they want. However, these folks are likely to be moody, obsessive, and emotionally intense. In the Third Whole-sign House, the native’s likely motivation is exploring, and the career path in the investigative sciences. They also may have an interesting relationship with their siblings.
  4. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Sagittarius: People born with this placement have quick & sarcastic wit, talented extrapolators and gifted public speakers. Since Virgo rises at night, the individuals are more discerning, thus they are less likely to prejudge than any of the other Mercury in Sagittarius combination. These folks love learning and are quick to grasp foreign languages and culture. In relation to being in the Fourth Whole-sign House, and with Mercury in detriment, natives don’t feel at home and so, they are always on the move. Natives may also have issues in settling down to build a family or may have a not so pleasant experience with their own families that they have to stay away from them as early as they can.
  5. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Capricorn: People born with this placement are serious, hardworking and goal oriented. These natives are systematic and are likely to be conscientious. Being in the Fifth Whole-sign House, the natives may have an interest in trading and speculation albeit a well calculated one. They excel in games of strategy and are very tactical. These people have a keen eye on emerging trends, and so they are excellent valuators and traders of any investment. Romance and children play a significant role in their life.
  6. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Aquarius: These natives are exceptionally intelligent, organized, eloquent and friendly, but very detached. Mercury in the Sixth Whole-sign House portends natives can be workaholics, but may suffer problems related to illnesses. The Sixth Whole-sign House and Saturnian influence in the career of the natives leads them to careers that involves working with the earth (especially agriculture and mining), service oriented occupations such as medicine (especially orthopedic), dentistry, psychiatry, and the forensic sciences. Those born during the day are systematic, mentally sharp, and are excellent debaters. Saturn’s influence in the sign makes them structured and emotionally detached, thus are impartial in its decision making. Although apparently friendly, natives may appear superficial or can be difficult to relate with. At some point, diurnal nativities may undergo fatigue and nervous breakdown. However, those born at night are less critical, and are open-minded. They offer brilliant but unorthodox ideas. Natives are empathetic than their diurnal counterparts. Mercury’s triplicity dignity portends that they may be physically healthy, but in the Sixth House of Illness and being averse to the Ascendant, may suffer anxiety or some form of psychosomatic disorder.
  7. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Pisces: These natives are creative, intuitive, dreamy and imaginative than your average Virgo. They like to keep to themselves and are indirect or subtle in their communication. Although not as detail oriented than the other Virgo Ascendant – Mercury placements, natives can easily read between the lines. They may be talented visual artists, poets or novelists. Jupiter ruling Mercury makes natives reflective and spiritual. Being in the Seventh Whole-sign House means natives seek partnership for their lives to be meaningful. There is a tendency for natives to be taken advantage of.
  8. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Aries: Quick-witted, fast learners and physically agile, natives possess an adventurous spirit and like to move around. People with this placement are comfortable with risks so they make good entrepreneurs and investors. However, they can also be impatient and people are prone to misinterpret what they say, and because of this, they pickup unnecessary fights. In relation to being in the Eighth Whole-sign House, natives may have an interest in the occult and paranormal. They are likely to become paranormal and occult explorers as they may enjoy the thrill of figuring out whether these things are true. However, in whatever venture they are putting themselves into, they should always exercise the utmost precautions because with Mars as the sect malefic, they are prone to accidents.
  9. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Taurus: Gifted with common sense and powerful presence of mind, these natives are the ultimate realists. As intelligent investors, they definitely know how money works. In the Ninth Whole-sign House, natives are excellent communicators who possess the gift of explaining simply complicated topics. They are likely interested in teaching and traveling aboard. Natives also excel as business and public administrators.
  10. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Gemini: Eloquent and Intelligent, people look up to these natives. Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant is at home in Gemini and being in the Tenth Whole-sign house confers natives with a robust constitution and worldly honor unless otherwise afflicted. These are charismatic individuals which achieve positions of power by their wit and intelligence. Natives are persuasive and they make excellent negotiators or sales people.
  11. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Cancer: The Moon ruling Mercury makes natives emotionally sensitive, intuitive, empathetic and nurturing. With Mercury in the Eleventh Whole-sigh House, these natives are likely to attract friends and are in a position of power or given with responsibilities because of their caring personalities. They excel in careers that focuses on taking care of people such as Hospitality and Human resource. Natives are also skillful homemakers and craftsman.
  12. Virgo Ascendant with Mercury in Leo: The Sun ruling Mercury makes natives intellectually brilliant and creative. However, being in the Twelfth Whole-sign House, these natives are secretive and enjoy leading behind the scenes. Since Mercury also owns the Tenth Whole-sign House, careers that suit the natives are those that are behind the scene such as Teaching, Research, Directing, Administrating, Content Production and Scriptwriting (for the entertainment industry).

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