Comet NEOWISE and Guido Bonatti in the Modern Context


The previous months made sky watchers excited as they expect Comet ATLAS and Comet SWAN to pass by Earth putting bets on how bright their tails would be as they get closer to the Sun. Unfortunately, these comets did not survive, and they fizzled away on its sojourn to our star. On March 27, 2020, with the quick turn of events, heralds the discovery of C/2020 F3 by the NASA’s infrared-wavelength astronomical space telescope called NEOWISE [1]. Upon its discovery, astronomers renamed the comet from the telescope that discovered it. Figure 1 shows the image of Comet NEOWISE.

Figure 1. Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3)

Bonatti On Comets

Fortunately, Comet NEOWISE survived its journey and created a spectacle in our early morning skies. Despite the awe it brings, ancient astrologers consider seeing comets as harbingers of dreadful things. It is said that the comet’s tail poisons our skies bringing harm. In this article, I will explore the probable mundane astrological signification of Comet NEOWISE with Guido Bonatti as a reference. Figure 2 shows the screenshot from Star Walk 2 app of the path of the comet as it approaches perihelion on July 3, 2020.

Figure 2. Comet NEOWISE approaching Perihelion

As you can see, Comet NEOWISE is transiting the constellation of Taurus and conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse. I cast an astrological chart using the same info and estimates that the Comet NEOWISE transits the late degrees of Gemini or early degrees of Cancer. Figure 3 below shows the astrological chart replication of Comet NEOWISE’s perihelion.

Figure 3. An Astrological Chart Replication of Comet NEOWISE’s Perihelion.

From an astrological point of view, I consider the perihelion of the comet crucial in interpreting its effects because this is when it shines the brightest. As explained earlier, the closer the comet to the Sun, if it survives, the longer and the brighter the tail would be. Guido Bonatti explains that the shape and the color of the comet determine what the comet brings. He has identified nine types of comets and named according to either its color or shape or both and these are the Javelin, Tenaculum, Measuring-Rod, Miles, Ascona, Morning or Dawn Comet, Silver, Rosy, and Black [2].

The Martial Influence

Among the comets identified, Comet NEOWISE resembles the Rosy type based on its coloring while Morning or Dawn type based on its physical characteristic. [3] verified that the comet’s color is yellow, and this is close to Bonatti’s description of the Rosy type. To directly quote its characteristics and significations:

Indeed that which is called rosy, is big and round, and the face of a human can be observed in it, the color which is in between gold and silver, which if were to appear, signifies the death of kings and magnates and the wealthy and nobles, and of those who are fit for a kingdom; and an event of great matters and of appearance of those things themselves, and of the causes of ancient things; but they will change for the better.

Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy Treatises4, 8.1 & 10: Conjunctions, Revolutions and Weather. First Edition. Translated by Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D. p 987.

As we see on most of the pictures taken early in the morning, the head of the comet is plunging towards the horizon, and this is close to Bonatti’s description of Morning or Dawn type. To directly quote:

That which is called morning or dawn, is red. And it has a long tail, but less than that of lord of asconae. And it is the nature of Mars, for it has his significations; which if it were to appear out of the part of the east, having its head below it, [it signifies] battle and the burning of fire, and pestilence and famine in the land of Babylon and in the lands of the Arabs and the Phormati; and dryness in Egypt and a scarcity of waters, and this will be extended up to the western parts.

Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy Treatises4, 8.1 & 10: Conjunctions, Revolutions and Weather. First Edition. Translated by Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D. p 986.

In the modern context, Guido Bonatti’s interpretation of the Rosy type tells that shifts in wealth and power are imminent, but these changes, though may be troublesome for those in power and wealth, will be for the greater good. Another interesting statement from Bonatti is the appearance of “great things and of the causes of ancient things.” Lately, both the mainstream and social media have bombarded us with so much unusual news if not saddening. Pentagon released footages of UFOs and gives us a hint on the existence of extra-terrestrials. If this is true, history will probably be re-written and explains a lot about the cause of things. From the religious perspective, people speculate of the second coming or end-times. In politics and business, things that were long buried and forgotten came back to haunt perpetrators and will strongly influence the course of events.

On the account of the Morning or Dawn comet, Guido Bonatti is straightforward. Tensions will probably escalate in the Middle East resulting in famine, and its effects will cascade westward. It might also augur a strong drought resulting to scarcity of water.

The transiting Comet NEOWISE reached perihelion with the Sun in 12 degrees Cancer. Since I cannot find the exact time it reaches its perihelion, I will first look at the Lunar Mansion as it flew by, the fixed stars that will influence, and the closest planet/s it aspects.

According to Medieval Astrology Guide [4], the Sun in the 12th degree of Cancer belongs to the Eighth Lunar Mansion, Al Nathra, which means “The Tip of the Nose of the Great Celestial Lion.” This lunar mansion spans from 0° Cancer 00′ – 12° Cancer 51′. Please note that the ancients use Lunar Mansions for electing a date in making talismans for a purpose. With Al Nathra, talismans made under this mansion are for victory in war or overcoming enemies. Therefore, passaging the comet in this mansion augurs impending warfare. The presence of Betelgeuse in the comet’s perihelion supports NEOWISE’s martial signification. Authors [5] are unanimous that the fixed star has Mars’ nature, and this adds support to Martial significations. Interesting enough, the comet square the dignified and powerful Mars in Aries.


Comet NEOWISE will probably bring about Martial significations in the grounds of its shape and color, the lunar mansion it transits and the planet it closely aspects. Martial significations govern the military, soldiers and noted military and naval men. War, terrorist attacks, industrial disputes, strikes and conflicts. Opposition forces. Fire, fire services, arson and incendiarism [6] and we will probably begin seeing the significations when the comet flies near the Earth on July 23, 2020 [7].


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