Natal Astrology Series: The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Leo

Welcome to the first of the natal astrology series. It is rightful to begin the series with where the planet of the self, the Sun, is at home in Leo! The series will discuss the traits of those born under the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant through the signs. If you are new to astrology, you can check your birth chart whether you have one of these placements by clicking the following sites Astrodienst and Astroseek. Without further ado, let’s begin!

If one is born from July 23 to August 23, then your “zodiac sign” is Leo. What this means is the Sun passes the sign of Leo on these dates. Please note that because of the precession of the equinoxes your zodiac sign is not the same as the constellation they are named after.

There are two types of Leos those born during the day and those at night. In this fire sign, the Sun is powerful not only because he is at home but it is also the diurnal triplicity ruler. With the Sun as Leo’s ruler, and very strong during the day, Leos with diurnal nativities will strongly feel and people around them will see the traits of their Sun sign. While for those natives born at night, Leonine traits are subdued and will probably relate to their Moon signs better.

As the sign ruled by the planet of individuality, people born under the sign of Leo especially those born on daytime strives to shine and stand out. With the Sun as the natural significator of leaders and monarchies, Leos lean toward leadership. Those born with Sun in Leos are magnetic, ambitious, courageous, assertive, domineering and independent. These people like attention, are image conscious and hates embarrassment. Conceit and narcism can be a problem with people born under this sign.

Jupiter as the secondary triplicity ruler of Leo and sect benefic in diurnal nativities endows the sign with larger-than-life perspective, optimism and generosity. However, exaggeration and wastefulness can be problems. I attribute the stroke of luck, impulsiveness and a penchant for risk taking to this triplicity ruler.

For Leos born at night, Jupiter, the planet of temperance, will be the primary triplicity ruler of their Sun sign thus this mellows the traits listed above. With the influence of the Moon as the luminary in-charge, these Leos are moody, attentive, creative, romantic and considerate. These Leos are nurturing, careful, private and secretive than their diurnal counterparts. Leos of nocturnal nativities have rich private lives, but are more likely needing constant validation.

Saturn as the participating triplicity ruler and in detriment in Leo brings about mix significations. On one end, it endows the sign with a potent will power. However, taken to the extreme, Leos can be accused of being selfish, tyrannical and over-stepping other people’s boundaries regardless of the intention. For Leos born at night, Saturn being the sect malefic dampens the fire thus creating an identity crisis and self-esteem issues.

Regardless of one’s Sun sign, this Moon sign adds color and depth to the personality of the native. We associate the Moon and its condition with the native’s mind and emotional well-being. The influence of the Moon will be apparent for nocturnal nativities.

The Moon in Leo highlights the need for validation and recognition to get emotional satisfaction. We can say that the natives’ identity and confidence are their security. Depending on what planet the Moon aspects, the house placement of the Moon and what sign and house the Sun is in, either bolsters or depresses and is where one can find this sense of identity or confidence.

Unlike the Sun that shines bright in its own right, the Moon gets illuminated from the reflected light. With this, people born with Moon in Leo are more reliant and sensitive to what others think. When people are confident in their abilities, the Moon in Leo natives shine. The opposite also holds credence and because of this, the natives may suffer the lack of self-worth and other self-esteem issues. In this manner, people born with Moon in Leo are alike with those Sun in Leos born at night.

In Leo, the Moon is peregrine or it does not have an essential dignity so we have to look into its ruler, the Sun to interpret how the Moon expresses itself. Below is a list of the Sun sign – Moon in Leo combinations.

  1. Sun in Aries with Moon in Leo: For those born during the day, the Sun is powerful in its exaltation, and its triplicity in Aries. We expect natives of this Sun-Moon combination to display leadership qualities. Natives with this combination are very lucky, confident, ambitious and driven. Since Mars, the ruler of Aries influences the personality, natives are impatient, impulsive and hot-tempered. While those born at night appears to be even-tempered, spiritual, mysterious and alluring.
  2. Sun in Taurus with Moon in Leo: We expect natives with this placement base their emotional security in acquiring material wealth especially for natives of this placement born at night. These people are hardworking and focused in building a financially stable and comfortable life. With Venus ruling the Sun, natives like to be surrounded with luxurious and beautiful things. Romance and sex is of utmost priority. If there is a lack of security, this placement portends possessiveness and jealousy. These people can be very stubborn.
  3. Sun in Gemini with Moon in Leo: With Mercury ruling the Sun, these natives are the ultimate networkers and consummate marketing strategists. People born with this combination have an instinct of what one wants to see and hear. The ability to communicate, socialize, entertain, and create are the roots of the natives’ emotional security.
  4. Sun in Cancer with Moon in Leo: The Sun and Moon exchange signs and this is called “Generosity” in Traditional Astrology. Unlike mutual reception, generosity does not have any applying aspect. The family dynamics as experienced by the native is the core of their being and source of security. Therefore, these natives may be close or distant to their families and this will strongly influence their personalities. People of this placement like to nurture and entertain. However, these people can be moody, clingy and needs constant reassurance. Natives are prone to drama and petulance.
  5. Sun in Leo with Moon in Leo: Natives born with this placement are Leos inside and out. These people love grandeur, the limelight and are confident in their own skin. Natives’ emotional security come from a powerful desire to be recognized and acknowledged. While those born at night prefers to things to be low key.
  6. Sun in Virgo with Moon in Leo: Competence and efficiency are the foundations of the native’s emotional security. These Virgos are competitive and are likely to be in a leadership position. However, these natives love to take charge behind the scenes. Performance for these natives have to be perfect. People born under this placement are hardworking, methodical and strives for the best.
  7. Sun in Libra with Moon in Leo: Harmony and peace are the source of the natives’ emotional security. Since the Sun suffers its fall in Libra, natives learned early in their life that to get what they want they have to compromise. Therefore, natives with these placements are born diplomats and negotiators. With Venus as the ruler of the Sun, people born under this Sun-Moon combination are excellent hosts and entertainers. An iron-fist under the velvet glove, perhaps.
  8. Sun in Scorpio with Moon in Leo: Since the Moon falls in Scorpio and as the other sign ruled by Mars, the planet of instability and disputes, natives with this placement needs more reassurance and validation than any other signs. Security comes from feeling that someone will always be with them and everything will be all right. These people are possessive so they will fight to death to protect of what is theirs. These natives are intense, focused, ambitious, hardworking, persistent and exudes animal magnetism.
  9. Sun in Sagittarius with Moon in Leo: Freedom is the native’s source of emotional security. People with this placement don’t like to be possessed or held back. These natives love to explore, travel and learn. Natives are blunt and don’t beat around the bush.
  10. Sun in Capricorn with Moon in Leo: What Capricorn and Leo have in common is the desire to achieve and succeed, so this combination portends that natives born with this placement crave recognition. These people like to be seen as competent. Natives of this Sun – Moon combination have excellent executive and leadership abilities. With the Sun in the detriment of the Moon and Saturn ruling the Sun, people with this placement can be ruthless, bossy perfectionists, with the penchant to micromanage.
  11. Sun in Aquarius with Moon in Leo: The Sun, the planet of the self is in detriment in Aquarius so the native’s emotional needs can be contrary. As the other Saturn ruled sign, the needs of these natives craves stability at the same time excitement. Natives of this sign are brilliant but quirky and this makes them standout. These people both like and disdain the limelight.
  12. Sun in Pisces with Moon in Leo: People born with this combination need to be loved and liked. Natives with this placement are likely to be selfless and empathetic. These natives are talented in visual artists, music and are excellent theater actors. However, natives with these placements can be too idealistic and gullible. Reality for these natives can be hard to swallow.

Modern Astrology assigns the Ascendant sign as the facade of the native to the world. However, with Traditional Astrology, the Ascendant sign is your actual zodiac sign and the ruler’s placement will dictate how one looks like and behave. With the Sun as the ruler of the Ascendant, I will detail the placement of the Sun throughout out the signs and houses. However, we have to remember that the placement of Mercury and the Moon will add color and depth to the psychological make-up of the native.

  1. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Leo: Using whole sign houses, the Sun is in the first house signifying the body and the traits of the person itself. Natives with this placement have a strong and healthy constitution unless otherwise afflicted. These people have a sunny disposition and comfortable on their own skin. A planet in its own home is comfortable thus it is in its natural state. Contrary to modern descriptions of Leo, this placement does not brag too much because natives shine even without trying! People born with Leo Ascendant with the Sun in Leo commands respect, are noble-minded, principled, and spiritual. They are transparent of which can be an asset or a liability and don’t beat around the bush. These people get into trouble because of envy so the natives have to learn to at least dampen its natural brilliance. These people have an instinct for leadership and are drawn towards executive roles.
  2. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Virgo: The Sun is in the second sign from the Ascendant and its unable to manage the affairs of its home. Since the Ascendant rules the body and mind and in a sign ruled by Mercury, people born with this placement are body and health-conscious. Depending on the condition of Mercury, these natives are prone to hypochondria and anxiety. With the Sun in the second house of finances and its ruler Mercury ruling commerce, these people are excellent with money and astute business people. These people also excel in banking and sales with Leo Ascendant having a flare for showmanship.
  3. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Libra: Since the Sun is fallen in Libra, the natives’ well-being born with this placement will depend on the condition of Venus and Saturn. We see people with this combination as calm and docile than the usual fierce Leonine traits because of the influence of friendly Venus and stabilizing Saturn. Natives have an inclination to arts and music. With the Sun in the third sign from the Ascendant signifying communication, people with these placements have the gift of gab and make excellent orators, diplomats, arbiters, judges, and lawyers.
  4. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Scorpio: The Sun is in the fourth sign from the Ascendant so natives with this combination are secretive and territorial. With Mars ruling the Sun, these natives are intimidating, have nerves and will-of-steel, and are courageous. These folks are highly perceptive and nothing can escape their probing eye. People with this placement don’t back down without a good fight. Natives with this placement excel as psychiatrists, real estate investors, criminal investigators, secret service agents, forensic scientists, high-risk executives, firefighters, and the military.
  5. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Sagittarius: With the Sun ruled by the greater benefic and fun-loving Jupiter, natives with this placement wants to experience and enjoy life! These natives love to learn, explore, and are carefree. Impulsiveness and tactlessness can bring troubles to the native. Since the Sun is in the fifth sign from the Ascendant, concerns, and issues regarding romance and children will follow the natives. There is a strong inclination to gambling and risk-taking. People with this placement excel as pediatricians, child psychologists, politicians, traders, and professional gamblers.
  6. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Capricorn: Unlike the brightness emanating from natives with Leo Ascendant with Sun in Leo, people with this placement ruled by Saturn endows the native with apparently dull exterior, serious and sober disposition. With the Sun in the Sixth House averse from the Ascendant, the natives struggle to shine. However, these natives are workaholics and they have endless energy thanks to Mars as the exaltation ruler of the Sun and rejoicing in the Sixth House! The influence of Saturn makes the natives persistent, organized, and methodical. Once these natives set their eyes on the prize, they work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Since the Sun is in the Sixth House and averse from its home, people with this placement need to rest and take a break as this can give rise to health issues in particular with the heart and bones. Natives make excellent accountants, nurses, doctors, policemen, military personnel, and other service-oriented professionals.
  7. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Aquarius: The Sun, our hero, opposite or in the seventh sign from its home, will act contrary to its nature. As the antihero, natives’ intentions are apparently noble, but the motivation might not always be reasonable. People with this placement are prone to playing the devil’s advocate. Natives with this placement shine in unorthodox ways. Saturn ruling the Sun endows the natives’ interest in mathematics and the sciences. These natives make excellent disputants, debaters, lawyers, politicians, innovators, and inventors.
  8. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Pisces: Júpiter and Venus color the personality of the native with this placement. The influence of Venus lends artistic talents to the native. They also have an inclination towards the paranormal and the occult with the spiritual Jupiter ruled Sun in the Eighth House of Occult and Death. These people are alluring, mysterious, and may convey an aura of otherworldliness. With the Eighth House ruling taxes and debt, people with this placement display talents in handling other people’s money. Natives have also to be careful in handling their own finances. These natives make excellent credit analysts, investment bankers, insurance agents, tax collectors, paranormal investigators, forensic scientists, medical doctors, and other professions involving death and money.
  9. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Aries: The Sun not only is exalted in Aries but it is also in the Ninth House, the house of its joy! With Mars ruling the Sun, these natives are brave trailblazers. The Sun in the Ninth House, the house of higher learning, laws, and spirituality, endows the natives with the love for learning and teaching, and are likely to be spiritual. As the house associated with divination, natives may be gifted astrologers, seers, or psychics. However, natives are prone to impatience, impulsiveness, and hotheadedness. These natives excel as university professors, researchers, lawyers, judges, counselors, priests or nuns, politicians, political advisers/strategists, astrologers, and administrators.
  10. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Taurus: With the Venus and the Moon ruling the Sun in the Tenth House, the house of career and public image, these natives look pleasant and posh regardless of the socioeconomic status. People with these placements can easily climb the corporate and social ladder by sheer elegance and charm especially if the Sun is unimpeded and supported by Venus. They are also talented in the visual and performing arts, and from these, the public recognizes them. Venus ruling the Sun augurs the natives’ desire for luxury, wealth, or at least financial stability. With Moon as the exaltation ruler of the Sun, natives want to build a comfortable and safe home. These natives excel as architects, entrepreneurs, chefs, beauticians, jewelers, fashion designers, fashion models, and performers.
  11. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Gemini: With the Mercury ruling the Sun in the Eleventh House, these natives are friendly and have a wide social circle. These natives exude vivacious wit that draws people towards them. Depending on where Mercury is, these natives are eloquent. These natives excel as coaches, teachers, lawyers, debaters, journalists, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, socialites, and politicians.
  12. Leo Ascendant with Sun in Cancer: The Moon and Jupiter ruling the Sun and in the Twelfth House makes these natives emotional and dreamy. Being averse from its home and depending on where the Moon is, the natives with this placement are prone to psychosomatic disorders. Natives are introverted, secretive, intuitive, and moody. Unlike the usual Leo Ascendant traits, these people hate the spotlight but need to be needed. Like the Sun in Cancer with Moon in Leo combination, the family dynamics will strongly influence the native. These natives excel as delivery room and pediatric nurses, OB-GYN specialists, pediatricians, child psychologists, chefs, and writers.

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